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    Hunter: The Reckoning — There is evil everywhere… most people just can't see it. Monsters are hiding among us. They are our babysitters, our policemen, our bartenders, even our friends. Once you realise it's around you there's no way for you to ignore it, messages are sent, magical powers are received forcing you to realise that your only job now is to take back the world from the monsters that seek to destroy it. You have become a Hunter! Set in White Wolf's World of Darkness, Hunter: The Reckoning is a third-person action-shooter where players take the role of one of four unique hunters – Deuce, a biker ex-con, Father Cortez, a prison chaplain, Kassandra, a raver chick and Samantha, a tough ex-cop. Armed with a variety of fearsome weaponry, players will battle it out with a plethora of supernatural enemies. Non-stop heart-pumping action, combined with outstanding graphics bring the true spirit of Hunter: The Reckoning to life, and give players a taste of the World of Darkness.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22211) on Sep 17, 2010. – Nintendo GameCube:
    In the seemingly normal town of Ashcroft, all manner of monsters and evil spirits have begun roaming the streets. Now, playing as one of four mysteriously gifted characters, you must fight your way through hordes of enemies in this dark and gory action game that is best enjoyed with friends.

    Hunt or Be Hunted

    Based on the White Wolf pen and paper role-playing game, Hunter: The Reckoning starts with the familiar premise. It seems that beneath the placid surface of small town U.S.A. lurk unspeakable evils. After a lengthy slumber in an abandoned prison, the assorted zombies and vampires are roused when unwary teens hold an all-night rave.

    The chosen four who are equipped to battle monsters are called Hunters. The Avenger, Defender, Judge and Martyr are each rated in five categories: Strength, Accuracy, Speed, Conviction and Stamina. Attributes increase RPG-style as you progress, eventually making each character quite formidable.

    The Avenger is a leather-clad biker armed with a shotgun and axe. His tough exterior is backed up by his even tougher firepower. The Defender is a female ex-cop. Armed with a revolver and a katana (a Japanese sword), she is the most balanced character. Father Estaban Cortez, AKA the Judge, comes armed with a crossbow and a sword, but his real strength lies in his magic powers. Goth grrl Kassandra Cheyung is the Martyr, packing double pistols and daggers for fast and furious attacks.

    In addition to melee and long-range weapons, each character possesses magic attacks called Edge powers. These are governed by the Hunter's Conviction attribute. Magic attacks display some of the game's most dazzling visual effects.


    In single-player mode, the camera is wisely placed behind and over your character to reveal oncoming enemies. You move with the Control Stick, while the C-Stick is for aiming. This dual-analog setup is tricky to learn, but gives you maximum freedom to aim in one direction and walk in another.

    This game certainly earns its M Rating with dark themes and visceral action. The moody environments include the prison, abandoned streets and a sewer system. Wave after wave of grotesque enemies will materialize out of the gloom. You'll need to exterminate them in particularly gory fashion.

    The gameplay is reminiscent of games like Gauntlet, but the refined character building and steady pacing make Hunter: The Reckoning stand on its own. As you proceed you'll garner new Edge abilities and weapons. The gripping boss-battles break up the action nicely.

    Group Grand Guignol

    Going alone is fun, but the game's greatest fun comes from group ghoul-busting. As many as four players can take on the forces of evil in the cooperative multiplayer mode. Because each Hunter has unique traits, careful coordination is a must. For example, if you confront a pack of zombies, you can send the Avenger in first for hand-to-hand combat, while the Defender picks off stragglers from a distance.


    This dark game is designed with older gamers in mind and its themes come to life in a moody and disturbing imagery. The well-animated zombies limp ominously as they advance on you, then flail like so many rag dolls when blasted in the gut.

    Hunter: The Reckoning is a welcome addition for those who have a penchant for creepy atmospherics. Battling the evil minions is most fun when you play cooperatively with friends. The experience is too short-lived to be considered a top-notch single-player game.

    This game supports Dolby Pro Logic II on compatible receivers.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65738) on Jul 14, 2005.

Back of Box (Canada/U.S.):
    Survive the unthinkable!

    You have been chosen to join the reckoning -- to step into the World of Darkness where humanity is ravaged by vampires and marauding monsters. As a Hunter, you are immune to these beasts' illusions, but with your power comes a daunting destiny; to destroy these evil beings before mankind is massacred. Prey for your life.

    Play cooperatively with up to 4 Hunters on a single screen.

    Face up to 30 enemies at once in single- and multi-player action.

    Hunt evil in 23 huge areas; a prison, gothic church, cemetery, more.

    Battle 20 unique monster types, including zombies and vampires.

    Unleash 20 lethal weapons -- from axes to swords and flamethrowers.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9541) on Oct 31, 2002.