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Written by  :  Todd Bello (32)
Written on  :  May 27, 2006
Platform  :  Xbox
Rating  :  1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars1.83 Stars

3 out of 5 people found this review helpful

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This game was definitely not good.

The Good

The co op game play was great, but this is one of the few good things in this game.

Also, graphics were Okay.

The various spells and weapons made the game a bit fun but didn't really make it as good as it could have been.

The Bad

First of all: I am not sure if this is just the disc that I have or something along those lines, but the Audio and Video were off (you see the person move their mouth and around ten minutes later you actually hear what they say).

Second: I felt that there was truly no point in the experience gaining system since you would just have basically the same spell when you leveled up.

Third: There wasn't a lot of spells in the beginning of the game so if you friend comes along and wants to play, they have to start off at a lower level (if you havn't been playing with that character that you friend wants to play as).

Also (while I am still on the topic of weapons), some moves were really not helpful (sometimes didn't work). For example, some combos worked at one point but not at another. This led to some problems when I was facing the stone creatures which wouldn't die unless I used the spell and without the mana for the spell, I couldn't kill it since I use up all my mana on the other creatures.

While I am on the topic of creatures, some creatures are sometimes way to powerful (some bosses are to powerful). Example: When I was facing one boss, the creatures that came up before it just wasted my bullets so i had to use my other weapons (the ones with infinite fire but really with REALLY low damage), which took WAY to long of a time.

Further more, there is the problem with the camera angles.

The Bottom Line

If you are thinking of buying this game DON'T, borrow it from a friend if you really want to. Or, get it from the library (that is where i got it from. This would only be if you library near you contains games). To truly sum it up, don't get it at all.