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Hunter: The Reckoning Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Title Screen
The papers tell a grim story.
The start screen
One of the many loading screens
Each character has different strengths and weaknesses.
The pause screen lets you see your current weapons and how much exp points you have earned so far.
The pause screen also allows you to view your objectives for that level.
Glyphs show you tips, tricks and vital game info from
Nathaniel Arkady. His execution caused the ghosts & monsters to awaken!.
Who is this demon, is he a friend or foe?
Some glyphs can restore either your health.conviction, strength or accuracy!
Green glyphs are the exit for that level.
Each character has an edge (this one is burden).
The double barreled shotgun makes short work of zombies.
Dodgy camera angles make the killing hard at times.
Monster Teddie bear vs Father Cortez. Who will win?
The flame thrower works like a treat on zombie kids!
Chainsaws are great for close combat.
This graveyard is quiet. Too quiet!
You can chop zombies up into pieces but they never give up!
What a way to die!