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Inside Pitch 2003 Credits (Xbox)

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Inside Pitch 2003 Credits

Art Lead

MGS Technical Art DirectorScott Swan
MGS Texturing Lead (advisory role)Kamal Siegel

Inside Pitch 2003 Credits

Program ManagerRich Reagan
Art LeadBrian Johnson
ArtTom Angus, Paul Johnson, Fraser Sunderland, Brandon Voeller, Neil Yamamoto, Karl Hepworth, Ryan Neider, Glenn Hammer, Ben Jarvis, Randy Stuart, Stephanie Welch
Additional ArtRoger Chamberlain, Steve Cotton, Richard Taylor (Volt)
Software Development LeadThomas Carbone
Graphics Engine LeadPeter Ivey
Software DevelopersChandler Holbrook, Dave Lang, Jim Young, Christopher Braymen, Dan Silver, John W. Woznack
Product PlannerMark Yamada
Lead Product ManagerJohn Rodman
Associate Product ManagerBrandon Stander
Test LeadRussell Jenkins
TestersMichael Burge, Craig Abo, Dan Aird, Seth Behunin, Matthew Griffith, Devon Hargraves, Jason Humphrey, Ron Jenkins, Ian Morris, Chris Okelberry, Ricardo Godina, Brandon Himes, Jonathon Yurth
Audio LeadBradley Beck
Audio DevelopmentKelly Peterson
Additional Audio SupportJon Clark, Jerry Schroeder, Heather Sowards, Scott Turner
Front End MusicMichael Cozzi
User Testing LeadJun Kim
User TestingEric Schuh
User Experience ManagerAlan Theurer
User Experience LeadAaron Conners
EditorsBrent Metcalfe, Shannon Topalovich
PrintJeannie Voirin-Gerde, Doug Startzel, Amy Farrington
Release Program ManagerThorsten Moeckel
Commentary ScriptDavid L. McLean
Special ThanksDeclan McMullen, Chip Pedersen, Kevin Verboort, Tom Youtsey, Karen Wadsworth, Angela Blue, Josh Moore, John Butkus, Bonnie Chong-Panek, Jon Dean, Dustin Hansen, Mark Henrichsen, Dennis M. Miller, David Murrant, Mary Qian, Ken Rogers, Kevin Kralian, Mike Burton, Robin Huff, Chris Sehy

MGS Motion Capture Service

Studio DirectorBruce Gil
Production CoordinatorSteven Wynn
Shoot SpecialistBill Biggs
Technical DirectorDavid F. Brown
Studio SpecialistJim Slade
Mocap OperatorBrandon Woolsey

Salt Lake Games Management

Studio ManagerDavid Curtin
Lead PlannerChris Jones
Art DirectorNathan Larsen
Group Program ManagerSteven D. ZoBell
Design ManagerCarl Schnurr
Test ManagerDaryl Welsh
Development ManagerRussell Almond
Audio DirectorHeather Sowards

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Credits for this game were contributed by Umwell the Beast (608) and Kamal Siegel (4)