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Jacked Credits

Sproing Interactive Media GmbH

ProducerJohanna Schober
Executive ProducerHarald Riegler
Technical DirectorGerhard Seiler
Lead ProgrammerGeorgina Kwei
Lead Game DesignerMarkus Friedl
ProgrammersMatt Cloy, Andrew Graham, Gerhard Seiler, Christian Steinbauer
Graphic ArtistsEmanuel Amler, Mason Doran, Johannes Graf
Additional Game DesignHarald Riegler
Additional Content CreationMirek Havelka, Henrik Jakoby, Werner Nemetz
Game MusicRobbie Ost (go!EASTstudios), Eddie Siblik (go!EASTstudios)
Sound EffectsHenrik Jakoby
Additional Sound EffectsRobbie Ost (go!EASTstudios), Johannes Heilig (go!EASTstudios)
Quality AssuranceAlbert Kropf
TestersGeorg Heckermann, Manfred Blazek, Wolfgang Breyha, Gunter Gloeckner, Mirek Havelka, Werner Nemetz, Martin Fucik
Additional Graphics supplied byBleick Bleicken (Pixel-Storm), Tidbit Images, Johannes Muecke
Voice Overs byVioletmedia, Binari Sonori, Pink Noise, Gorgone Productions
Athena SystemGerhard Seiler, Georgina Kwei

Empire Interactive Entertainment

Executive ProducerSteven Metcalf
General ManagerJames Spice
Acquisition & Development ManagerEd Woolf
MarketingPaul Benjamin
Product ManagerJoanne Fawell
PRLaura West
ProductionAnthony J. Bond Jr.
Studio & Localisation ManagerJayshree Mistry
StudioAndrew Philp, Nicole Smith
QA ManagerDavid Cleaveley
QAPhillip Octave, Clifford Ramsey
Empire EuropePhilippe Dao (France), Stephanie Müller (Germany), Alison Ryan (Spain), Laura Maestri (Italy)

Additional Graphics supplied by RABCAT entertainment

LeadsArnold Blüml, Christof Stanits, Thomas Schleischitz
ArtistsAlexander Fukari, Christian Haas, Robert Kist, Ronald Kalchhauser, Simon Kaiser, Steffen Goelles

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Credits for this game were contributed by Markus Friedl (72)