Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green Credits (Xbox)

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Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green Credits

Brainbox Games

Executive ProducerJosh Druckman
CodeJesse LaChapelle (XBOX Lead), Neil Gower (PC Lead), Tod Baudais, Seelan Vamatheva
Level DesignRyan Mole, Alexander Ahilov, Josh Druckman
Modeling & Texture ArtJoe Grant, Todd McCullough, Michael Towse, Jared Smith
Game DesignJosh Druckman
Character ArtJared Smith, Michael Towse, Todd McCullough
AnimationJared Smith
Sound DesignJared Smith, Nayan Williams
Music CompositionNayan Williams
CinematicsRyan Mole, Jared Smith, Todd McCullough
Voice ActingYszan Harriott, Nathalie Baudais
Sound EngineerJohan Mannerheim
Audio EngineerSeth Mercille
Sound DesignerMarc Koecher
Game TestersAndrew Cosby, Jake LaChapelle, Matthew Carvery
Special ThanksJames Schmalz, Meridith Braun, Mike Horgan (AI co-author)

Groove Games

CEOJon Walsh
COOMichael James Haines
PresidentTrevor Fencott
Executive ProducersJon Walsh, Trevor Fencott
ProducerChristopher Locke
Game DesignChristopher Locke
QA LeadNelson Pavao
QALaura Evans, Erica Gregory, Oliver Kutnik, Justin Kwok, Melissa Maduro, Luke Marshall, Robert McCowan, Fran├žois Messier, Colin Sullivan, Stephen Sutton, Christopher Turner, David Waisglass
Director of MarketingMichael James Haines
Marketing ManagerYolanda Ridley
Art DirectorMatthew Hollingshead
Operations ManagerBenjamin Huxley
U.S. Sales ManagerLisa McGrath
Canadian Sales ManagerTrevor Parkes
Special ThanksGeorge A. Romero, William F. Kispert, Jennifer Kobayashi-Westerlund, Kim Locke, Zandro Chan

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