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Largo Winch: Empire Under Threat Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Main Title
Main Menu
A prelude showing how the main protagonist became so rich in the first place
Largo is a good samaritan, funding huge charity missions
Someone seemed to enter the private meeting uninvited and it's time to find out who
At the bar, but not a big selection of drinks, though
Browsing the inventory, you can combine things there as well
Hey, whatever happened on the balcony here?
Largo doesn't go anywhere without his trusty notepad
Largo and Joy coming at the house of one of his employees in search for some clues
Notepad icon indicates new clues or informations are revealed
Good thing Largo knows the right friends when he's into breaking someone's apartment
Now this is no-win situation, or... what if I try to burn all this money on the table, huh
Maybe this car could be pushed, I wonder if handbrake is on
Questioning the hacker that hacked into W group's mainframe
All the fights are turn-based, you select attacking method and watch your HP doesn't reach zero
With all the danger around, Largo can still find the time for romance
Largo's headquarters, main W building
Running past your secretary
Largo's office has a nice view
Checking out your emails and other files