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PGNx Media (Feb 06, 2003)
“Legends of Wrestling II” is another decent attempt by Acclaim. It doesn’t improve on the original too much, especially in the gameplay. The game is extremely fun in multiplayer mode, and there are many legends included. This is definitely a rental and depending on your experience, maybe a purchase.
Game Shark (Aug 04, 2003)
Overall I think this game is good but before you put down any money, I suggest you rent it and see how you like it. It's not WWE and it's not NWA but it's the people who made those franchises possible. Though I wish Ric Flair was in here so we could have some of the bloody cage matches of yore; but let's hope for Legends of Wrestling 3. Imagine the possibilities with LOW3… A ladder match with Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels or a cage match with Mic Foley and the Undertaker. Hopefully Acclaim makes another installment of this franchise.
71 (Feb 24, 2003)
Legends of Wrestling II ist zwar in jeder Hinsicht seinem Vorgänger überlegen, dennoch kann es nicht vollends überzeugen. Zwar ist die Steuerung sehr gut und auch das überarbeitete Kombo-System erledigt seinen Dienst vollauf zufrieden stellend, doch der Zusammenprall von „Old-School-Wrestling“ mit modernen Komponenten wie Leiter-Matches usw. wirkt anachronistisch und schadet dem Spiel eher. Zudem laufen die Matches dank der im Endeffekt sehr eingeschränkten Move-Auswahl meist nach Schema F ab. Die eigentlich gute grafische „Larger-than-life“-Gestaltung der Charaktere ist zwar ansehnlich, wird jedoch durch übles Clipping und teilweise hölzerne Animationen wieder auf ein Durchschnittsniveau zurückgestuft. Doch trotz aller Mankos kann sich Legends of Wrestling II als kurzweilige Alternative zu dem mittlerweile angestaubten Raw etablieren, erreicht aber nie die Klasse von z.B. der Smackdown-Serie oder den kultigen Wrestling-Spielen auf dem N64.
XBox Solution (XBS) (Jan 02, 2003)
Legends of Wrestling II is a decent game. I’ve never been a huge wrestling fan but it was a lot of fun playing through the title with characters I remember watching when I was younger (painfully enforced by my older brother). For the true wrestling fan, this title may be just what you’re looking for, but if you’re a stickler for the technical side of games, it may not be polished enough to suit your needs. Obviously made by a wrestling fan, for a wrestling fan, besides the technical problems it’s a fun game to play that has more to offer on the up side than the down side!
IGN (Dec 02, 2002)
To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if Legends of Wrestling has chosen a task that its creators could ever accomplish. They have wrestling, and they have legends, but they don't have what made them legends in the first place. If the game were completely solid in every other respect, with unquestionably superior graphics and gameplay, maybe that could make up for its conceptual flaws, but given its technical issues and the bugs that remain in its control scheme, it can't quite make it over the top.
GameZone (Dec 16, 2002)
While the game does showcase slight improvements, Legends of Wresting II doesn’t really bring anything new to the table that will blow gamers and wrestling fans away. With a strong lineup of past wrestling legends of yesteryear and a great multiplayer selection, this is a game worthy of a rental. As for the true wrestling fans, do yourself a favor and stay away from this one.
GameSpot (Dec 06, 2002)
From Hulk Hogan and the Iron Sheik to Owen Hart and Bruno Sanmartino, Legends of Wrestling II's significantly improved roster gives you the chance to play as some of the greatest wrestlers to ever appear in the squared circle, but as enticing as that sounds, the gameplay just doesn't live up to the concept. The action gets repetitive because of the lack of moves and the general sluggishness of the controls, making it difficult to really get into the game. However, Legends of Wrestling II does have some redeeming qualities such as a solid counter system, dozens of unlockable wrestlers, and plenty of extras, including video interviews with many of the wrestlers and managers featured in the game. There really isn't much to choose from in terms of wrestling on the Xbox, so if you absolutely need a wrestling fix, then Legends of Wrestling II is worth a rental.
GameSpy (Jan 02, 2003)
If you played last year's Legends of Wrestling and you really liked it and couldn't wait for a sequel so you could do more of the same with better graphics, then you'll really dig this game. If LoW whet your appetite as you saw great potential for LoW2, you will be disappointed like me. Still, there is a lack of wrestling games for the Xbox, and LoW2 really is worth a rental if only to watch the interviews. Just don't expect a great game.