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Men of Valor Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

The title screen!
This screen is were you can select new games and setup online multiplayer
Each stage has a "straight from Nam" video
Loading screens have a quote or fact from Nam
Each stage also has a letter from your mum & dad or a letter you've written to them
A letter from the top brass outlines a mission your about to embark on
when you die this sad letter is sent out to your family
Cutscenes are funny, horrific & brutal or all three
Its not just the us army you fight with
Traps litter the jungle roads
Searching the dead is one way to find weapons and health
Claymores need to be placed in ambush missions
The amount of swearing that comes out of this guys mouth is unbelievable!
The shooting range is were you practice with your weapons
The V.C is very well hidden in this game
That bridge will be swarming with V.C shortly!
I had a lucky escape there!
Its going to be a nightmare trying to get across that bridge!
Big pitched battles can be very difficult
Semi Auto on the Thompson can deliver one accurate shot
The pistol is a good close range weapon
a V.C is hiding behind that wall!
V.C weapons can be used against them!
But it's not just guns you're good with!
Field of Battle
Taking Cover