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81 (Jan 02, 2004)
Zwar ist Mission: Impossible Operation Surma ein gutes Stückchen davon entfernt, Sam Fisher oder Solid Snake Feuer unterm Hintern zu machen, doch im Gegensatz zum Lizenzmüll Terminator 3 hat Atari hier einen nette, wenngleich nicht zwingend notwendige Ergänzung für die Stealth-Bibliothek aus dem Hut gezaubert. Etwas actionlastiger als die Kollegen Splinter Cell und Metal Gear Solid und unter dem Strich auch grafisch nicht so aufwändig wie die beiden Schwergewichte, entfaltet Operation Surma bereits nach kurzer Zeit seinen Reiz und bietet sogar einige Features, die man sich in weiteren Stealth-Spielen wünschen würde. Dass die Weltrettung sich allerdings als streng lineares Abenteuer entpuppt, bei dem man nur den von den Entwicklern gewünschten Weg gehen sollte, ist schade. Trotzdem: Wer die Wartezeit auf die Fortsetzungen oben genannter Stealth-Vorreiter verkürzen möchte, wird mit Mission: Impossible Operation Surma bestens bedient.
games xtreme (Jan 06, 2004)
Someone should take the best bits of MI, combine them with the power of the SC engine and perhaps throw in Hideo Kojima’s sense of direction to the whole thing. Now that would be a game made in the dreams of rabid reviewers like me, MI comes so close to being one of the best games but a slightly fiddly camera, a simple combat system and a few minor niggles with the game’s engine let it down. However, don’t let this put you off if you’re a fan of this genre and the movies or old TV show, this is a worthy addition to the franchise, it’s just not a ground breaking game by a long shot.
Thunderbolt Games (Dec 27, 2003)
Whilst little niggles like questionable guard AI and the occasional clipping occurring in the scenery, MIOS is a very enjoyable title which hands out tons of fun along with plenty of challenge, both physically (stealth etc) and mentally (finding ways of how to get past trip lasers and locked gates) without cranking up the difficulty too much. The kids will love foiling yet another mad mans plans to take over the world, and oldies will revel in the rocked-up title music and 'impossible' difficulty mode.
GamePro (US) (Dec 02, 2003)
Atari's previous M:I games came out so long ago that the company was just settling into the Infogrames name, but this Mission soars head and shoulders above those PlayStation turkeys. Expect Sam Fisher to smoke Ethan Hunt like the Hollywood fop he is when Pandora Tomorrow comes out, but until then, Operation Surma is a great way to keep your stealth skills sharp.
79 (Jan 07, 2004)
Ethan Hunt schlägt sich bei seinem Einsatz recht wacker. Plagiatsvorwürfe wird sich Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma aber wohl oder übel gefallen lassen müssen. Zu stark ist die Ähnlichkeit zum Ubisoft-Hit Splinter Cell. Beim direkten Vergleich mit dem großen Vorbild muß sich der Titel aufgrund der Blickwinkel-Problematik und der schlechteren Grafik zwar klar geschlagen geben, das Agentenabenteuer aus dem Hause Atari bietet aber genügend Kurzweil und Herausforderungen, um Fans des Genres trotzdem vor dem Bildschirm zu fesseln.
GameZone (Dec 22, 2003)
M:I Operation Surma doesn’t quite reach the same height as Splinter Cell but it follows closely in its footsteps to the point of offering a pretty decent stealth-action game. While there are a number of cool gizmos and action-packed sequences true to the Mission: Impossible theme, its imperfections will leave gamers just a bit disappointed. This one is worth the rental so pick this one up if you’re a fan of the genre or enjoy a game that faithfully tries to recreate Splinter Cell’s most addictive qualities.
Game Chronicles (Feb 08, 2004)
If you found Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Substance too hard then Mission Impossible: Operation Surma is likely going to be the game for you. You have all the wonderful toys from the genre along with some impressive combat abilities, a great story, excellent (albeit linear) levels and creative mission objectives that keep you interested. There are plenty of great moments, but unfortunately they don’t add up to a great game.
Daily Game (Feb 03, 2004)
To sum it all up, MI: Operation Surma may be a Splinter Cell clone, but for my money, it’s a very good Splinter Cell clone. For those of you who thought Splinter Cell was way too difficult, you may want to give this game a try.
Game Shark (Jan 15, 2004)
For those of you who are fans of run and gun games like Freedom Fighters, then you may want to steer clear of this title for the want of such missions. New comers to the Mission: Impossible universe may be a little hesitant to pick up this game with its lack luster graphics and game play. However, if you are a fan of the Mission: Impossible movies and of stealth games such as Splinter Cell and in general, then you will want to check this out if for nothing more than seeing what the IMF team is up to nowadays.
Worth Playing (Jan 06, 2004)
I have mixed feelings about the game. While Operation Surma has definitely "borrowed" more than a few ideas from Splinter Cell, I still think that the game does a good job of adding on to previous ideas and expanding them. In this way, the game creates an experience that I believe is unique. If you were a fan of Splinter Cell, I think you should check this one out. It may be just what you need to stop your stealth cravings.
GameSpot (Dec 09, 2003)
Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma is a game with a clear-cut audience. If you've played and enjoyed games like Splinter Cell and find yourself hungering for more, you'll find exactly what you're looking for with Operation Surma. Then again, if you loathe the very idea of stealth action, stay far away from this one. It's a good, solid game that doesn't take any chances whatsoever, and though it only contains a core single-player campaign that's good for one or two plays, it's a fun game while you're playing it. Just don't expect any genre-bending innovations and you'll be fine with Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma.
IGN (Dec 10, 2003)
Mission Impossible isn't a bad game but there's no denying that it does very little better than anything that's come before it. Combine that with the fact that another Splinter Cell is just around the corner and EA's next James Bond is going to look and feel a lot like a stealth game and there's just not a lot here for Ethan Hunt to hang on to, let alone gamers. The heavy focus on gadgets is good fun for a little while, but there's just never that immersion that I think has become required for games in this category.
X-Power (Dec 04, 2003)
Al bij al is Mission Impossible: Operation Surma een game geworden dat best gezien mag worden. Doordat er weinig of geen publiciteit rond deze game werd gemaakt en het bovendien verschijnt tijdens een traditioneel overvolle eindejaarsperiode, dreigt de game een beetje in de anonimiteit te verdwijnen. Wat toch wel jammer is. Wie kon genieten van Splinter Cell zal ongetwijfeld deze game naar waarde kunnen schatten en is het een prima bezigheid om de tijd te doden tot Sam Fisher weer in actie komt.
TeamXbox (Dec 17, 2003)
Mission Impossible: Operation Surma does a great job of building upon the storylines of the major motion pictures found in the Mission Impossible series. By combining the authentic look and feel along with a newly created storyline, gamers are presented with an intriguing title that fans of the stealth/action genre should definitely turn an eye to. If games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid are among your favorites, this is a game that would add to that collection. If you are looking for something new to the genre, MI: OS doesn't provide any groundbreaking gameplay, but it is solid nonetheless. Gamers will certainly be entertained as they fine tune their skills at the art of stealth while digging deeper into a world of highly secretive governmental covert operations.
MS Xbox World (Jan 29, 2004)
Very much in the same vein as Splinter Cell but holds it’s own with all the super-spy technology and weaponry. Easy to play as it comes with a tutorial. Unfortunately with no Live or multi-player feature, the game could be finish on a rental.
Game Freaks 365 (Dec 27, 2003)
The game plays like a direct clone of Splinter Cell. The crappy aspects of the game they add make this a joke. What is cool though is that Ethan gets a tranquilizer gun to knock out the enemies. Gadgets like the micro cord, emp gun, and wasp cam are also pretty cool. Despite not being impossible, Operation Surma is just really difficult. The 15 hour game can easily be extended to months if you get pissed at it. If you like Splinter Cell, you could give this game a try, but I would not recommend you buying Operation Surma.
Gaming Target (Jan 16, 2004)
Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma isn't a terrible game by any means, but it just presents absolutely nothing new to a genre already bursting at the seams with titles. Still though, if you're a Mission: Impossible or stealth game nut, then Operation Surma wouldn't be a bad rental option. Everybody else should steer clear and think about accepting missions of other stealth games instead of this one.
XboxAddict (Dec 19, 2003)
There are many fans of the stealth genre and they may love this game. I'm always willing to give new games in this area a try but need more to pull me into the game. I feel like a little more action and a lot less sneak would bring me over to the genre. The game is actually a well done game and can't suggest anything that wouldn't be for my own personal enjoyment.
Maybe I’m being too hard on the game. It’s not a bad game really, it’s just not terribly good. It’s easy to focus on the problems with a game when they are very prevelant, and could have been avoided to make the game something, well, this could have been a great game. As it is, it’s just dissapointingly average.
1UP (Dec 10, 2003)
Like the flicks, Mission: Impossible gives secret agent Ethan Hunt a gun and bagful of gadgets, then sics him on a supervillain. The spy toys are truly useful, and inventory management in Operation Surma is a breeze. Sidekick character Luther provides objectives and advances the story without breaking that cinematic vibe. Excellent.
Gaming Age (Mar 05, 2004)
So that's Mission Impossible: Operation Surma. Its no Splinter Cell 2, but it does survive on its own merit. The game has its problems and is far from a perfect execution. Still, it has enough original game play to keep fans of the stealth action genre sated until Konami and Ubi Soft have a chance to release their newest killer apps.
50 (Dec 09, 2003)
Peut-être qu'avec plus de soins Mission Impossible : Opération Surma aurait pu être un soft sympathique, voire pas mal. Mais vu la tonne de casseroles qu'il se trimballe, il faut une bonne dose d'indulgence pour s'éclater. Enfin ça pourrait être pire, Tom Cruise pourrait être dedans.
GameSpy (Dec 12, 2003)
Mission: Impossible -- Operation Surma isn't a total disaster, but it's the bottom of the stealth-action barrel, and only those gamers who've played literally everything else in the genre should bother with this one. Here's hoping Paradigm manages to snap out of its cold streak.
Det är en lam Metal Gear Solid-kopia där agentsmygning blandas med fotografering och prickskytte. Egentligen har jag inget problem med att Atari vill göra spel av Mission Impossible. Och trots att upplägget känns allt annat änspännande skulle jag väl i princip kunna ägna det lite tid i väntan på nästa trailer från Konami. Men det gör jag alltså inte. För trots licensen blir handlingen aldrig nervkittlande. Att Melbourne House dessutom inte klarar av att kopiera ett fem år gammalt kontrollsystem kan inte gärna ses som någonting annat än ett stort misslyckande.