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Mortal Kombat: Deception Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Raiden breaks up the Deadly Alliance in the intro cinema.
Main menu
Unlock new items, characters, and arenas in the Krypt.
Some of the unlockable arenas.
Unlockable bios for each character.
Portal hub in Konquest mode.
Roaming around the RPG-like Konquest mode.
Another of the six realms in Konquest.
Character select screen for Puzzle Fig... err "Puzzle Kombat."
Stack up the blocks by color. The mini-fight reflects who's winning.
Chess Kombat mode. It's... well, chess.
Move pieces similar to chess rules.
A light and a dark bishop on each side gets four spells per game.
You fight to claim or defend a square, with board bonuses applied.
Main game character select screen.
Fighting in the Beetle Lair arena.
Zombie Liu Kang is an unlockable fighter.
Some arenas have ring-outs. Get them close to the edge...
... and knock 'em over for a quick kill.
Baraka's back.
New look and old powers for Sub-Zero.
Many levels are 3-D remakes of previous levels in the series.
Each character has two martial arts and a weapon mode.
Raiden delivers a shock.
Bo Rai Cho's slippery barf attack.