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Gaming Age (2005)
The original MotoGP was one of the first games available for XBox live and frankly an awesome game. THQ has not strayed from their original formula and as a result have developed a similarly awesome game for the third time in a row. This of course creates some level of difficulty in reviewing it because when the prior games are so brilliantly executed it’s hard not to treat it like a Madden update with essentially just a roster change. There are improvements, but no radical game play design changes. So if you aren’t a genre fan or if you’re a gamer on a budget and you have one of the prior games you may decide to pass this one by. If either of the prior cases is untrue, your game collection deserves the addition of MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology.
1UP (Sep 02, 2005)
In closing, while you either "get" motorcycles or you don't, MotoGP3 Ultimate Racing Technology offers a wealth of options for both die-hard veterans of the series and complete novices alike. Gamers looking to simply replicate the trials and tribulations of the GP circuit will be in heaven with the new online options, and motorcycle enthusiasts merely looking to take it to the streets have finally had their prayers answered. It's an amazingly thoughtful upgrading of the finest motorcycling game series on the market, and with the addition of the Extreme mode, Climax and THQ have upgraded their stock standard GP sim and taken it into a realm of its own.
TeamXbox (Aug 29, 2005)
Climax has put together a finely crafted motorbike racer that not only challenges players to win but to learn the physics of bike racing itself. This isn’t a game anyone is going to simply pick up, press the gas and work their way through. MotoGP 3 is a game that will test a player’s ability to balance speed, physics and raw skill in order to work their way to the championship. While the game may prove to be a bit daunting to newcomers to the series or anyone unfamiliar with the MotoGP series, diehard fans will most likely be thrilled to see the level of detail and attention to recreating the motorbike racing experience. MotoGP 3 further supports Climax’s hold on the motorbike racing world as they have established themselves at the forefront of the competition, continuing to push the limits of their adrenaline pumping speed-fueled racer.
GameDaily (Dec 14, 2006)
How Climax manages to make each new chapter of MotoGP better and better is beyond me. Maybe it's the way that they comprehend the sport and put it together in digital form so elegantly. Or maybe they just know how kick-ass motorcycle racing is supposed to be, making it a straightforward rush instead of trying to sugarcoat it with arcade frills. MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology is the best yet, and I can't wait to see where the series races from here.
AceGamez (2005)
MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3 is a classy, challenging and engrossing game, providing worthy competition for the best racers that Xbox has to offer. Graphically it's stunning, with a blisteringly fast sense of speed and excellent handling for the bikes, at least once you've upgraded your stats a little. It takes a bit of patience and perseverance at first, but once you're over the hump in the learning curve, there are few games that can satisfy and thrill like this one. With plenty to do offline and on, you'll be lapping this up for months to come.
Yahoo! Games (Oct 02, 2005)
All told, there's little to dislike about MotoGP 3 -- it's a fine addition to an already strong series. It's no arcade racer, but if you're looking for that sort of thing there's thousands of them on the market already. Extreme mode might be horribly named, but it's a great addition. Online, it's excellent, and the only things that move faster than MotoGP's visuals are the real bikes themselves. MotoGP 3 is another win for Climax.
GotNext (Nov 22, 2005)
The changes made to season mode, though seemingly minor, are sure to please the MotoGP faithful, and I'm sure purists will appreciate the strict attention to realism. Climax's star racing franchise has always been of the highest quality, and even the slightest of fans will find himself working each track for the pleasure of adding points to his bike. The new option to play career mode online is great, and while the emphasis on simulation this time around may be a bit too much for the casual racer, diehard racing fans will find themselves in two-wheeled heaven.
GameSpot (Aug 31, 2005)
MotoGP 3 is the best yet in a series of great motorcycle racing games. With an expanded track roster, excellent online support, and tight racing mechanics, this is the game to get if you're a racing fan, no matter what your level of interest may be.
IGN (Aug 26, 2005)
Re-creating the popular European sport of Moto Grand Prix in the videogame arena is a challenge Climax has approached and met now three times with each effort displaying incremental success. This third title is a more streamlined, more intelligent affair. It's faster, more realistic, and you're now able to expand the racing far deeper into the online realm.
87 (Sep 08, 2005)
Im direkten Vergleich zu Namcos MotoGP4 fällt auf, dass die Japaner beim Spielgefühl zwar aufgeholt haben, aber THQ in Sachen Simulation noch nicht ganz das Wasser reichen können. Die Motorräder unterschiedlicher Leistungsklassen lassen sich nach einer gewissen Eingewöhnungszeit kontrolliert über den Asphalt scheuchen, sehen dabei prima aus und hören sich gut an. Nur die triste Umgebung der GP-Strecken ist nicht unbedingt auf der Höhe der Zeit, was die mitunter wunderschönen Straßenkurse aber ausgleichen. Auch die Multiplayer-Möglichkeiten lassen kaum Wünsche offen und werden hoffentlich für volle Server sorgen. Was MotoGP – Ultimate Racing Technology 3 letztlich doch die Hit-Auszeichnung kostet, ist die Gummiband-KI, die mit der unausgereiften Kollisionsabfrage mehr durch frustrierende Rammbock-Aktionen als fahrerischer Finesse auffällt.
86 (Sep 13, 2005)
Mit Moto GP 3 liefern die Entwickler von Climax eine wirklich gelungene Neuauflage der Motorradrennspiel Referenz ab. Der neue Extrem Modus sorgt für ein erfrischend anderes Spielgefühl – statt trister Grand Prix Strecken, dürfen hier echte Straßenkurse befahren werden. Dies sorgt für Abwechslung und rundet das umfangreiche Lizenzspiel, mit samt seinen 16 offiziellen Strecken und dem bekannten Fahrerfeld optimal ab. Motorradfans sollten unbedingt zugreifen – auch wenn sie bereits den Vorgänger besitzen.
85 (Aug 26, 2005)
Voici un titre qu'il faudra retenir, et, finalement, on préfère attendre deux ans pour ce type de résultat même si le jeu n'est pas révolutionnaire. On apprécie nettement l'effort qui a été fait au niveau du moteur physique pour rendre les courses le plus réaliste possible. Quelques défauts et un pilotage parfois trop arcade font que Moto GP : Ultimate Racing Technology 3 reste perfectible et que l'on attend d'ores et déjà le prochain volet de pied ferme.
Console Obsession (May 31, 2010)
Moto GP 3 is a fast and authentic racing title with a fantastic new extreme mode, which introduces a lovely set of road tracks. It’s also an unforgiving title with a large emphasis on skill. If simulation racing is your cup of tea then Moto GP 3 should complement your four-wheeled TOCA: Race Driver’s and Forza Motorsport’s perfectly.
This game is the Ninja Gaiden of racers. It's as deadly as it is beautiful; but if you can tame her, she'll purr like a kitten. The online options are vast, the two single-player modes will have you playing for months, and you get an actual sense of accomplishment when (or if) you win a race. Get out of that four-wheeled heap and wrap your legs around what MotoGP 3 has to offer.
X-Power (Sep 08, 2005)
Zij die de vorige games wél reeds bezitten hebben weinig reden om de nieuwste telg tegen volle prijs aan te schaffen. Ik hoop dat Climax de gelegenheid te baat neemt om eens rustig na te denken over de toekomst van de reeks . Geef mij maar fictieve circuit races in deel 4 als vernieuwing, mét simulatie gameplay!
Extreme Gamer (Oct 15, 2005)
If you are into racing games this is definitely a game to pick up. You won't get tired of the action. But, just don't play the game on rookie for long, its way too easy in this mode. I would suggest going right to a higher level. If you hate racing games then obviously this isn't the choice for you! I think most people will really enjoy this game. It is a lot of fun and fairly easy to learn to ride. You don't have to spend too much time tuning the bike so it is a little easier for the casual fans of racing. But, pure simulation fans will find this a problem. So, I would say that depending on your tastes you have to give it a go! I found myself racing for hours and hours without a break to try to memorize all the tracks and turns to shave off those extra seconds. What are you waiting for? Try it already!
66 (Oct 17, 2005)
MotoGP 3 is a game designed pretty much exclusively for die-hard fans of the series that like MotoGP so much that more of the same would be just fine for them. Although that’s fine for them, the rest of us are left with a game too difficult to learn for newbies, too little off-the-track detail for fans of other high quality racing simulations, and too much of the same for those MotoGP players who are tired of the same old thing. If future MotoGPs follow this route, die-hard fans will shrink in number.
360 Magazine (Aug, 2005)
This is a fantastic sequel with some good additions. However, this is still a bike game and we really can't recommend it unless it's your thing.