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GameZone (Feb 03, 2002)
This is a very well done, incredible foray into the world of professional NBA games. While some games include other elements (like a three-point shootout and other all-star competitions), NBA 2002 Inside Drive goes straight to the heart of the professional sport – season and playoffs. Some of those other elements can allow you to get a better grip on some control elements, but because the AI feeds off individual player’s abilities and brings those to rich life, those side games are not really necessary. This game is an absolute joy to play.
Operation Sports (Feb 03, 2002)
High Voltage Software has delivered a very strong product in its first outing on the Xbox. I've gone on record saying that ID2002 looks and plays sort of how I envisioned a meld of NBA Live and NBA2k2, and I stand by that statement. It is apparent that HVS has done their homework and done their best in delivering what gamers have been demanding of a basketball title. ID2002 plays a very nice game of basketball, gets an A+ in fun factor, and is standing on a great foundation for future iterations of the game. So if you own an Xbox and you're a basketball fan, GET THIS GAME NOW. If it doesn't suit your tastes, you can either wait 'til next year for NBA Inside Drive 2003 or NBA2k2 which is headed for the Xbox in March.
89 (Jun 14, 2002)
Microsoft lässt es krachen und dunkt mit NBA Inside Live 2002 einen Basketballhammer in den Xbox-Korb, der Shaq alle Ehre machen würde: Das Spiel ist packend, prickelnd und sorgt für Adrenalinschübe auf höchstem Grafikniveau - Animationen vom Feinsten, spektakuläre Szenen in Zeitlupe und massig Moves. Vor allem die Vielfalt an Regeleinstellungen hat es mir angetan, denn so kann sich jeder für das Gameplay entscheiden, das ihm liegt: von strengster NBA-Regelauslegung bis hin zum anarchischen Arcade-Feeling. Das Sahnehäubchen bilden die abwechselnd kompetenten und urkomischen Kommentare. Und trotzdem kein Award? Ja, denn man muss neben der optisch und akustisch durchschnittlichen Publikumskulisse insbesondere die magere Spielmodi-Ausbeute kritisieren, bei der man Training und einen Karrieremodus mit freispielbaren Features vermisst. Trotzdem: Microsoft hat den Genre-Thron mit einem höchst überzeugendem First-Generation-Titel eingenommen, der Basketballspaß auf höchstem Niveau bietet!
Gaming Target (Feb 04, 2002)
Every kid grows up wanting to be a professional athlete, or an astronaut. As of yet, there aren’t many good astronaut simulations out, so children all around have taken to videogame sports simulations to live out their dreams for the future. Sports series are extremely popular and there is a ton of competition in the market. On the Xbox alone there are five companies making sports games. All that competition should lead to better looking and more realistic games. Thankfully, this is the case with Microsoft’s Inside Drive.
ActionTrip (Feb 18, 2002)
This is a good game. Not a great game, but a good one. With most sports games, the only real distinguishing feature with any of them is the graphics engines and the ease of play, and NBA Inside Drive 2002 has that in spades. It's a fine addition to any sports game library.
NBA 2K2 is the best basketball game of the year, and Inside Drive has a ways to go to catch it, but come next season, I can easily see these two titles knocking each other senseless in the pain. Basketball fanatics should check it out.
I know my scoring for basketball games is really cluttered around the 8 range, but much like both conferences this year, it really is a tight race. NBA Inside Drive does well as a newcomer. It's got the goods to compete with Live 2002, but plays totally different.
81 (Jun 17, 2002)
NBA Inside Drive 2002 ist die momentan beste Basketball-Simulation für Microsofts Xbox. Während die kanadischen All-Stars aus dem Hause EA Sports die Saison offensichtlich verschlafen haben, erringt Microsoft mit diesem Titel ganz klar den Gesamtsieg.
GamersMark (Feb 13, 2002)
While the gameplay and graphics are on par and in some cases better than the competition, Inside Drives almost complete lack of replay value leaves me no choice but to recomment this one for only a rental. Next year, if High Voltage adds a franchise mode and custom features, along with a tuned AI and defense, they will have a sure winner on their hands.
GameSpot (Feb 04, 2002)
NBA Inside Drive 2002 marks Microsoft's first attempt at making a dent in a basketball market dominated by the likes of EA and Sega. Unfortunately, Microsoft is going to have to wait another year or so before that will happen, as Inside Drive seems to be a year or so behind what the competition offers. That's not to say that Inside Drive is a horrible basketball game, because it has all the necessary fundamentals intact, but a general lack of polish and a long list of annoying quirks make it difficult to recommend when there might be a better alternative on the horizon.
GamePro (US) (Feb 20, 2002)
NBA Inside Drive isn’t bad, but it’s not as good as it could be. The usual stuff’s here but it’s all just a little off. The game is full of real teams and arenas, but the courts seem small, or the players seem too large it might seem like a minor scale issue, but it will definitely throw off your game.