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GameSpy (Apr 05, 2003)
NBA Street Vol. 2 represents the very best in over-the-top basketball action. Play games, earn reward points, unlock stuff -- and kick your friend's asses with plenty of showy, sneaky moves. NBA Street Vol. 2 never gets complicated, it never gets boring, and it will probably remain the best sports game of the year -- especially in the eyes of those gamers not necessary obsessed with stats and realism. Shaq versus Larry Bird? Not a problem.
IGN (Apr 24, 2003)
NBA Street Vol. 2 has quickly become one of my favorite games of 2003. The tons of single player game modes along with the automatic fun of head-to-head matches with your buddies make Street 2 one of the best values on any system. EA usually has top notch production elements regardless of genre, but the development team in Canada has set a new standard for keeping a consistent theme running through every element of a game. This is one of the main reasons why Street 2 will appeal to casual hoop fans who don't know their triple threat positions from their baselines. Even fans of basketball sims won't be able to resist the flat-out fun with NBA trappings that Street represents.
Game Over Online (May 01, 2003)
Even with some of the problems that I've raised, NBA Street 2 is a huge leap forward in the evolution of street basketball. It has numerous options, solid control, and engaging gameplay that will appease hardcore fans and casual ballers alike. Even better, it's incredibly easy to pick up and learn how to play, meaning that just about anyone can grab a controller and throw up a challenge to the resident king of the courts. So lace up your sneakers, grab your squad and get ready to throw down, because if you play games, you should slam this title into your system as soon as you can.
91 (May 11, 2003)
Wer auf schnelle Basketball-Action abfährt, bei der man mit Dutzenden Tricks um sich schmeißen kann, liegt mit NBA Street Vol. 2 genau richtig. Egal, ob einzeln oder mit Freunden, sorgen die Spielmodi und Regeloptionen für Spaß ohne Ende. Kleinere Mankos wie fehlendes „Drei-Menschliche-Gegner-gegen-CPU“ nimmt man dabei genau so in Kauf wie die Steuerung, die zwar deutlich intuitiver gelöst wurde als beim GameCube-Kollegen, aber nicht ganz an die exzellente PS2-Kontrolle heran reicht. Dafür liegt die Xbox grafisch und in Punkto Ladezeiten vor den beiden Familienmitgliedern. Doch unter dem Strich zählt nur eines: die Spielbarkeit. Und die ist schlichtweg phänomenal. Die Balance zwischen Abwehr und Angriff wurde klasse gelöst und dürfte immer wieder für spannende Duelle sorgen. NBA Street ist und bleibt der Basketball-König - und das voraussichtlich für lange Zeit.
Game Revolution (May, 2003)
NBA Street Vol. 2 does what any good sequel should do - it betters the original. A burly single-player, exciting multiplayer and plenty of nifty additions makes for a Hall of Famer in only its second outing.
X-Power (Jun 01, 2003)
NBA Street Vol.2 is niet het meest innovatieve spel ooit, en ook zeker niet het beste spel ooit. Maar wat het doet, doet het goed, en het is ongetwijfeld naast Kung Fu Chaos één van de puurste "fun" releases van dit jaar, totnogtoe !
There is no denying that NBA Street owes its very existence to NBA Jam; but when you look at what EA BIG has done to the original blueprint, you can’t help but feel that this is a completely different game. Vol. 2 – which marks Street’s Xbox debut – makes the differences even more pronounced by adding the ability to pass the ball off opponents’ heads or the backboard, and you can call for a pick or double-team when extra help is needed.
GamerDad (Jul 06, 2003)
Crazy basketball action is the name of the game in NBA Street Vol. 2, the follow-up to an impressive series debut. The game is all about lightning-fast basketball action played three on three with hard slam dunks, no fouls and plenty of trash talk. If you played NBA Jam years ago, you've got a good idea what this game's all about, but it adds to that formula in plenty of ways to provide a desirable upgrade to both that ancient series and the first NBA Street.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 03, 2003)
Step one - Turn off your computer.... Step two - Get outta your skippies and go to the store... Step three - Pick up this game and love it... Step four - Get home! Don't shower! Don't Eat! Play the game! Play the game! Play the game! Needless to say i recommend this game. Even if you don't enjoy basketball all that much, the game is different then TV.. You can enjoy this without being a fan because of one simple reason, it is fun. Pick this sucka up!
Still, given its overall high quality in every other area, most gamers will overlook these problems and champion Vol. 2 as the best b-ball product on the market.
87 (May 21, 2003)
NBA Street Vol. 2 schafft auf nahezu perfekte Art und Weise, Spaß und Realismus zu vereinen, weshalb auch Fans "seriöser" Basketball-Simulationen auf ihre Kosten kommen. Dank der tollen Optik, der spektakulären Aktionen, der 1A-Steuerung und nicht zuletzt des fetten Karriere-Modus' will man den Controller gar nicht mehr aus der Hand legen. Und als Multiplayer-Titel ist die Korbhatz sowieso der ultimative Spaßbringer. Wer sich als Sportspiel-Fan bezeichnet, muss zugreifen!
85 (Jun 06, 2003)
Pour la première fois sur Xbox, la série des NBA Street fait très fort en proposant dans ce NBA Street Vol.2 tout ce que l'on peut attendre d'un jeu de basket arcade convivial, fun et spectaculaire. Un titre qui ne risque pas de passer inaperçu et complète parfaitement le NBA Live 2003 réaliste du même éditeur.
Netjak (May 23, 2003)
As much as I loved the game, it still lacked that special "something" to make it a "10". It seemed many times (especially later in the game) that gameplay relied too heavy on two things: blocking and dunking. On defense the offense will score; unless you block their dunk. And when on offense any shot you took would be blocked unless you pulled off a powerful dunk. In all reality, the "street" sense of the game was perfect, except for the over-jumping abilities in regards to goaltending. I think if the goaltending was dumbed down a bit; players could experience more of the actual strategy surrounding basketball itself. Maybe in volume three, EA Canada will see how absurd the goaltending actually is and pull off the inevitable slam dunk.
GameSpot (Apr 24, 2003)
While it may have a little too much in common with the previous game in the series for some of the more-casual NBA Street fans to swallow, NBA Street Vol. 2 is a great game. It has a nice variety of options, plays very well, and presents itself in a pretty decent manner. Any fan of basketball who isn't necessarily sold on the complexities of your average NBA simulation will find plenty to love here.
Games TM (Mar, 2003)
With all these refinements, an improved Edit-A-Baller mode, a lengthy Be A Legend single-player game and all-four-player support, NBA Street 2 feels like the game the first one should have been - even though that was great. In fact, it's almost as if EA left out all these improvements the first time round, just so they could justify a sequel. Conspiracy theorists? Us? We don't know what you're talking about.
GamePro (US) (Apr 28, 2003)
Like many sequels, Street is essentially the same game with a slew of slick improvements, and gamers will have an absolute blast throwing down dunks while exploring its new features. True, it could've reached a bit harder to pull off some really impressive innovations, but only players with the most lofty expectations will be let down by Street's awesome Vol. 2.