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One of the Xbox's best Sam Vicchrilli (17) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars
A Fun If Somewhat Overrated Game MasterMegid (902) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
Great game, but has its flaws Jason Wilkinson (7) 2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.4
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
(required for every game entry that isn't a compilation)
Overall User Score (37 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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X-Power (May 11, 2004)
Met zijn omvangrijke assortiment aan wapens en moves steekt Ninja Gaiden hoog boven de andere games in zijn genre uit, en tel daarbij nog eens de feilloze grafische presentatie van het geheel op en je hebt een toptitel. Unlockables, zoals de originele Ninja Gaiden games van de NES en allerlei Fiend Challenges (voor extra items), geven het spel nog eens die extra herspeelbaarheidsfactor mee die elke toptitel kenmerkt. Alsof het zwaard van Ryu hanteren op zich al niet genoeg reden was om het spel gewoon te blijven herspelen.. En binnenkort kunnen de Live-gamers onder ons zich ook registreren voor een Master Ninja Tournament online, dat de beste scores in het spel zal verzamelen en eens en voor altijd moet duidelijk maken wie de straftste onder de virtuele ninja's is ! Dit spel is een absolute aanrader en de beste reden op dit ogenblik om een Xbox te bezitten.
Retroage (Jul 23, 2010)
Rezurekcja Ryu Hayabusy jest dla Tomonobu Itagakiego tym samym czym Metal Gear dla Hideo Kojimy, Zelda dla Shigeru Miyamoto, czy Shenmue dla Yu Suzukiego – to pokaz jego talentu, kreatywności, stanowczości oraz umiłowania dla elektronicznej rozgrywki. Geniusz jaki wylewa się z Ninja Gaiden zapewnia jego ojcu miejsce w panteonie wraz z wcześniej wymienionymi osobistościami, gdzie na zawsze zasiądzie jako człowiek odpowiedzialny za stworzenie najwspanialszej gry o sianiu destrukcji przy pomocy broni białej, a zarazem najlepszej o wojownikach ninja w ogóle.
G4 TV: X-Play (Apr 10, 2006)
As difficult as it can be, "Ninja Gaiden" does an excellent job of taking you to the edge of toleration and yanking you back by the shirt collar at the very last second. The sense of accomplishment is strong with this one, as if the frenetic gameplay, incredible bosses, and awe-inspiring graphics aren't enough already.
Game Shark (Mar 22, 2004)
When you combine all the features you can find in this game like being able show you are the best player this side of the dojo, the option to unlock the three original Ninja Gaiden games, the rather challenging gameplay and the overall length of the game itself, mix that in with being the best looking game on the Xbox to date and you have yourself a sure fire hit. Other than the odd time that the camera misbehaves on you, Ninja Gaiden is without a doubt going to be in the running for game of the year.
Gaming Nexus (Apr 12, 2004)
I'm a hard person to impress but Tecmo's action title left my jaw on the floor from the opening moments and kept it there for about 20 hours. Probably the first true jaw-dropper of the new year and a worthy purchase for all Xbox owners.
Gameplanet (Jun 02, 2004)
Is Ninja Gaiden everything it was hyped up to be? You bet. Tomonobu Itagaki and his team at Tecmo have delivered everything as promised. Ninja Gaiden is an intense, action adventure game that delivers on all levels. This game deserves a place in your collection as much as Halo. Truly a masterpiece.
Thunderbolt Games (Apr 30, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden nestles snugly between Halo and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as the second best game on the Xbox system. All fans of the action genre should consider it absolutely mandatory to have this game in their collection, and even those who have shied away from traditional linear action titles in the past should go pick it up. Hell, if you are seventy years old and your idea of gaming is a trip down to the local casino to hit the slots, you should still go out immediately and purchase Ninja Gaiden. Games like this only come out once every blue moon and there is no telling when something comparable will be released.
1UP (May 09, 2004)
By any measure, there's no shortage of quality videogame here to be savored, and at 16 taxing "levels" in length, Gaiden more than justifies its sticker price in both satisfaction and man-hours. It completely captures the core of that oft-revered 2D console gameplay and rerealizes it almost flawlessly. It's appropriate then that it's up there with the most grueling and least forgiving of games. But it's rarely unfair: Success is quite simply every bit as reliant on concentration, discipline, and patience as it is on dexterity and timing. It is, as the kids are fond of saying, old school. If Gaiden isn't the "perfect" action game, it's pretty damn close.
The bottom line is that Ninja Gaiden, despite the difficulty, is still what we would consider a system seller. It's the reason to go out buy an Xbox. Ninja Gaiden is easily one of the best looking games to date, and while hard, has almost endless gameplay potential, thanks to the replay value with the Master Ninja Tournament. This is a must have for any gamer.
Deeko (2004)
Some might consider the camera system to be a pain in the ass and at first, it certainly feels that way, but once you've played through the game for a while, you become accustomed to it and you'll find that it is actually a very well designed system that simply makes the game that much better. In the end, Ninja Gaiden serves as an example of how a game should be created. The time and effort spent by Tecmo and Team Ninja has paid off and the end product is as good as you're going to get. It is one of the best games I've ever played in the genre, if not one of the best games I have ever played... in my life. A 10 should never be an unattainable score and in my opinion, Ninja Gaiden deserve it.
Video Game Talk (Mar 19, 2004)
So the real question still remains, should you purchase this game right now at full price or wait until used copies start showing up in the stores, or the inevitable price drop one year from now. My answer to this is “it depends on the type of gamer you are.” If you enjoy the challenge of taking on a game that will frustrate you purely for the joy of making it to the next level, and also to see just how beautiful this game plays and looks in motion, then yes, purchase this game now. But if you were raised on games released in recent times, games that are meant only to kill some time before taking you to the end without any real challenge, then I say either wait for this to be cheap and buy yourself a guide or better yet, skip this because it is hard. For those who choose to accept its challenge, I guarantee that the sense of accomplishment will be worth the heartache. Plus it will finally give you the chance to actually beat Ninja Gaiden 1, 2 & 3.
Extreme Gamer (May 31, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden is everything you could want from an action game and more. The repetitions in gameplay can be slightly annoying and the difficulty could put you off but don't let it. Buy a copy, no, buy two copies so you can hang one on your wall.
GamePro (US) (Mar 01, 2004)
The mysterious, black-clothed assassins have been making a video-game comeback recently, but the results have been lackluster so far. Ninja Gaiden changes all of that with a kick-ass effort that redefines the classic franchise.
GameSpy (Feb 27, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden is simply the most polished and responsive action game we have seen so far this generation, and it's my belief it will likely remain so till the end. It fulfills the half-forgotten promise of the Xbox: to provide a gaming experience you can't get anywhere else. Sure, there are some games that you can point at and say, "That wouldn't be easy to do on PS2," but Ninja Gaiden is something the PS2 never even dreamt of. It would be coughing up blood trying to run a game with graphics this good, that moves this fast, at a constant 60 frames per second. And the gameplay backs that promise up, too; rarely have I felt so deeply engaged by an action game, no matter how much I'd been enjoying it. Castlevania had atmosphere, Rygar had level design, and Devil May Cry had cool. Only Ninja Gaiden has the whole package.
Ninja Gaiden is the first must-buy of 2004. For those that will have the patience to learn the nuances of the game, a rewarding experience awaits. This is the highest score I have ever given to a console game, and I can?t imagine that there will be many others worthy of the moniker ?timeless classic?.
Darkstation (Mar 05, 2004)
With Ninja Gaiden you are looking at a title that has a great chance of making the top three best games for the Xbox this year. I don’t usually give games perfect scores unless they truly deserve it, and this is a game that really has the total package. Anyone looking for a solid action title, will surely be satisfied with Ninja Gaiden it truly has everything that makes a great game.
PGNx Media (Mar 22, 2004)
Tecmo promised to deliver the ultimate Ninja game. Ever. They have certainly done so. Ninja Gaiden looks awesome, plays great and pushes the Xbox to the max. I, like everyone else, was rather upset with each delay, but I’m not complaining anymore. This is a masterpiece.
GamersMark (Mar 27, 2004)
At the end of the day, Ninja Gaiden won’t leave you feeling like you’ve experienced a gaming revolution, but it will certainly give you a damn fine gaming experience.
XboxAddict (Mar 06, 2004)
Like I said before, cross-console game sequels are hit or miss. Well, Tecmo has hit one clear out of the park with Ninja Gaiden. Amazing move physics, button-meshing hit combos, Ninpo, a deadly arsenal of weapons, challenging opponents, downloadable content, classic Ninja Gaiden games can be unlocked, etc. All of these elements add up to a game that is the best of 2004 so far. Very rarely does a game get as much hype as this one did and lived up to it. Thankfully, Ninja Gaiden not only lived up to the hype, the hype did the game no justice. So do yourself a favor, throw up an away message right now, leave your residence, get to a game store and buy this game immediately. You won’t be disappointed.
Game Chronicles (May 03, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden is a worthy contender for Xbox game of the year and possibly overall game of the year. It’s not very often I can recommend a game with virtually no reservation, but Ninja Gaiden is one of those few titles that everyone with an Xbox should at least play and probably own. And if you don’t own an Xbox and need a reason to get one, I know at least four people who now have one just for this game alone and I doubt they have any regrets.
TeamXbox (Feb 27, 2004)
The camera system is ultimately the best it can be for a game like this, but there are still a few minor areas in which it becomes troublesome. The game clocks in at over 20 hours, and will be even longer for most gamers. Throw in 2 additional difficulty levels, the original 3 NES games, and the upcoming Master Ninja Tournament, and most gamers don’t have enough time to complete everything Ninja Gaiden has to offer. Ninja Gaiden is a prime example of what great work can be accomplished when priority is placed on putting out a game when it’s finished, rather than when the projected deadline states. Even Sho Kosugi would be jealous of Ryu Hayabusa’s skills. This should be an instant addition to your Xbox library.
TalkXbox (Mar 09, 2004)
This is easily one of the best games on Xbox, and one of the best games that has been released this generation. The graphics and sound are at the very top of the line of what we’ve seen yet in an Xbox game. The action is fast paced and fluid on every character model, boss, and Ryu himself. The difficulty in the game is pretty tough, yet fair and very enjoyable. The controls are responsive, including the camera once you get the hang of them. I recommend this game to all Xbox owners, and would recommend to anyone that is on the fence about purchasing an Xbox to finally go out and do so. Ninja Gaiden is a prime example of what a talented development studio can accomplish, and that even a console as powerful as Xbox has a lot left to be tapped into.
95 (Jun 03, 2014)
Playing the role of a Ninja is exhilarating stuff and Tecmo have conquered that feeling. Ninja Gaiden feels like it has been constructed with endless attention to detail and hasn't been rushed for release in any way. As far as action adventure titles go I believe Ninja Gaiden is setting a new standard. If this is your kind of game I suggest you go out and buy a copy because you will not find a more compelling or exciting adventure this side of Ancient Kyoto.
The bottom line is that the modern Ninja Gaiden does what everyone hoped it would do, and it's everything that you could ever ask for in an action title. It distills everything that made the originals such classics and re-forges them into a polished, relentless title that doesn't disappoint. If you consider yourself a fan of the old-school style of action games, then consider this a mandatory purchase.
You hate wasting time and money on really bad games. Well, stop buying them and buy just one. Buy Ninja Gaiden. I repeat, buy Ninja Gaiden! You won't be disappointed and you'll thank me for telling you to pick it up. Basically you'll see that the Xbox is capable of creating games that are way more advanced than what we've seen so far. Ninja Gaiden was the first to revolutionize things in 1989, and now it's set to do it again in 2004! Long live Ryu Hayabusa.
MS Xbox World (Mar 09, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden is an excellent game where the player becomes the ninja. With its deep fighting system which can be played on many levels to its impressive graphics this game should be played by all fans of this style of game. The few camera issues that you may have are merely teething troubles and will soon make way to pure unadulterated ninja killing with style and flair. This game has Xbox classic written all over it and although many may be overwhelmed by its seeming simplicity and difficulty what we have here is a game that does everything it sets out to do and then some. The wait was definitely worth it.
Worth Playing (Mar 11, 2004)
If there is one complaint I have it is totally preferential as it has to do with the save system. Personally, I hate it when I die just before the next save point and have to go through fifteen minutes of what I just played. Usually I curse the TV out and toss the controller and turn the console off. I found myself doing a few times in the middle of NG after dying. Also, there are times when I have to put the controller down and get something done right now, such as walk my dog before he explodes with urine and feces and leaving my system and TV on for an hour or so while I walk him is hardly a solution. If anything, it's wasteful. So, there you have it, Ninja Gaiden's biggest flaw is that it is not ecologically sound. In all other regards, it rocks.
GameZone (Mar 03, 2004)
Gorgeous graphical elements, outstanding animation and a solid storyline with strong challenge – what more is there to say? If you are a fan of martial arts-driven stories, have decent reflexes coupled with a flair for solving minor puzzles, then get this game.
Game Over Online (Mar 18, 2004)
Complaints aside, Ninja Gaiden is a great taste of old school, hardcore gaming wrapped in a beautiful package with solid control and combat mechanics. This isn’t counting the number of secret unlockable items found within the game, the additional difficulty levels and inclusion of Xbox Live support for future downloadable content. What’s more, the inclusion of the Master Ninja Tournament will allow an even grander worldwide tournament of competition with those gamers who’ve honed their skills with Ryu’s considerable abilities. Even though details are still rough, it’s good to know that Tecmo placed so much thought into this masterpiece. If you own an Xbox, go out and slash your way through game store lines to get a copy of this game if you haven’t already. It’s well worth the price.
95 (Apr 26, 2004)
The bottom line is that Ninja Gaiden is game that no Xbox owner should be caught dead without. It should also lead owners of other consoles to seriously consider the purchase of an Xbox. It is beautiful, challenging, rewarding and fun. It’s a game that you could play through several times just for the hell of it, and that’s before you actively try going after the many, very cool extras. It is a game that encompasses your thoughts in all walks of life. Students will think about it in class, paid professionals will think about it at work, and both will dream of it when they sleep. This game is a great reminder of why we all play games, and an even better reminder of why the Ninja Gaiden franchise is held in such high regard. Hopefully we won’t have to wait so long for the next sequel. I had an insane amount of fun with this game. Regardless of how punishing and frustrating it may seem at points, it is an insanely rewarding experience that I recommend to every Xbox owner.
Next Level Gaming (Feb 27, 2004)
I’ve noticed somewhat of a trend in videogames lately. The more reviews I write, the more I talk about the past. More and more games these days are taking their queue from their earlier origins. And so we head back in time once again to grand old 1988. Video games were just starting to hit the giant stride that would take the industry to where it is today. Just one year ago in 1987 Sega had released a Ninja fighting game called Shinobi. Then a couple more companies stated getting into the Ninja video game kick. Then along came a young Tecmo with an arcade Ninja game of their own. Ninja Gaiden was really in gameplay terms the best of the bunch. While Shinobi could run, jump and slash, Ninja Gaiden’s character Ryu Hayabusa could hang on lamp posts and kick, grab and throw enemies across the screen and flip off of walls.
IGN (Feb 27, 2004)
Hype is tough to live up to and it seems whenever Team Ninja and Tomonobu Itagaki create a game for Xbox, the expectations go off the charts. With Ninja Gaiden, Itagaki pledged to create a game with incredible graphics, lightning-fast gameplay, an ocean of blood, and an experience to remember. Throughout the long development process, numerous things could have gone wrong to foil those lofty promises. With the wrong type of enemy AI, combat could have become a derivative experience. Had Team Ninja gone for cookie-cutter level design, a long game could have felt a whole lot longer. If the controls weren't perfect, the Prince of Persia-like platforming would have been a nightmare. However, none of these horrible things happened. If you've been tootin' the horn of the hype train, keep on chuggin', because Ninja Gaiden is one of the best action games around, filled with innovative design, a deep combat system, tons of secrets and oh yes, enough blood to satisfy Carrie on Prom Night.
GameSpot (Feb 26, 2004)
This is one of the best, most challenging action adventure games ever made. Ninja Gaiden originally debuted as a great two-player arcade beat-'em-up back in 1988. But the Nintendo Entertainment System version, which was released about a year later, was completely different--and was even better. It was a very challenging action game in which you'd fight your way through many diverse stages and tough bosses while playing as the vengeful young ninja Ryu Hayabusa. The game spawned a couple of solid sequels, and Ryu Hayabusa has since appeared in Tecmo's Dead or Alive series of fighting games. However, it's been years since a great Ninja Gaiden game has come around. So apparently, Tecmo is making up for lost time, because the new Ninja Gaiden is easily the best in the series.
Ninja games are usually fairly standard fare, but with the infusion of high-speed weapons, wall running, triangle-jumping, bows, shurikens, and the ability to block bullets, Ninja Gaiden will easily be found standing on top when the day is done. Some of the issues with the demo have been resolved, and the ones that remain are minor...put simply, this may be the first contender for game of the year, and its only March.
Video Games Daily (Mar 11, 2004)
There are great games, and then there are "measuring stick" games - games that will be the stepping-stone for future titles of the genre. Ninja Gaiden makes it into this generation's elite group easily. Final Fantasy X, Gran Turismo 3, Halo, Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando, Metroid Prime, Devil May Cry; these are all some of the very best games available. If you hadn't already guessed, it's time to make room on that list for one more.
A welcome return to the no nonsense do-or-die school of games. You have to battle for every inch, but around every corner there's something amazing!
93 (Jun 18, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden is a great game, it boasts fantastic and deep gameplay, some of the best looking graphics on the Xbox, an involving setting and superb action. It’s a game you will fall in love with if you like action games but also one you will have to invest some considerable time, patience and exercise in if you want to reach the end of it. When you are prepared to do this, you will be rewarded with the best the Xbox has to offer and every gamer will admit this is a must-have classic.
Wham! gaming (Apr 25, 2004)
Whether you're an old fan, like an intense new challenge or just appreciate a well-done video game, Ninja Gaiden has what you're looking for.
91 (Jun 10, 2004)
Sure, it won't suit everyone and some people will walk away because the difficulty is set so high. It also takes over 20 hours to finish! However, if you consider yourself a true gamer (as well as a closet ninja) and enjoy a challenge then you will do well to track down a copy with Godspeed.
Während Sega mit Shinobi und Nightshade krampfhaft versucht an glorreiche 16-Bit Zeiten anzuknüpfen, ist Tecmo mit Ninja Gaiden der Konkurrenz mehr als eine Schwertlänge voraus. Ninja Gaiden ist ein optischer Hochgenuss, der vor allem mit seinen durchdachten Levels fasziniert: Anspruchsvolle Kämpfe, leichtgängige Hüpfpassagen und reizvolle Puzzles motivieren für Wochen. Die extrem harten - aber fairen - Bosskämpfe sind eine enorme Herausforderung, bei denen sogar Joypad-Profis Selbstzweifel plagen. Seit dem Mega Drive Shinobi warte ich auf einen würdigen Nachfolger - Tecmo hat mir diesen Wunsch mit Ninja Gaiden erfüllt.
91 (May 14, 2003)
Der NES-Klassiker Ninja Gaiden ist zurück, aufpoliert mit 3D-Effekten, coolen Moves und einer neuen Story erwacht Ninja Gaiden auf der XBOX wieder zum Leben. Nach dem wir die NTSC-Demo schon angetestet haben, hat es sich unser Tester mistral nicht nehmen lassen seine alte Ninjakluft aus dem Schrank zu holen um Tecmos neuestes Meisterwerk genau unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Wie uns der Titel gefallen hat und ob die Kampferfahrung unseres Testers ausgereicht hat um die Welt von dem Bösen zu retten könnt ihr jetzt gleich hier lesen!
Edge (Mar 18, 2004)
To applaud Ninja Gaiden for being hard is to miss the point – not least because there are portions of the game that aren’t. The point is that the fluidity of movement that felt so ground-breaking in Prince of Persia only a few months ago is something which Gaiden supplies with almost contemptuous ease. The point is the dozens of things that are done so well you don’t notice them happening – the perfectly judged auto-aim, the sound design packed with information and atmosphere. The point is that while it could be argued that no game has the right to demand of you what Gaiden does, few other games offer such exceptional riches in return.
Factornews (May 21, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden est simplement la référence ultime en matière de jeu d’action old school et rayonne là où des jeux comme Devil May Cry semblent n’être que d’obscurs brouillons. Une réussite totale, éclatante et définitive. Qui osera se mesurer à lui ?
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 02, 2004)
Jag älskar verkligen Ninja Gaiden. Det är vansinnigt kul att spela, utmaningen ger något att bita i och det är så läskigt snyggt att man tappar hakan. Kameraproblemen till trots, detta är det absolut roligaste jag haft med min Xbox på mycket länge. Ryu gör vansinniga attacker, pratar med storbystade blondiner, slåss med gigantiska cyborger, löser kluriga problem och tar sig an horder av fiender medan han studsar mellan väggar och hustak i jakten på hämnd. Är du beredd på en lika underhållande som tuff utmaning finns inget att tveka över, Ninja Gaiden får man bara inte missa.
90 (GAF) (Apr 30, 2004)
Still, overall Ninja Gaiden is simply an incredible game. Even more incredible when we remember that the same people who brought us the tech-demo-disguised-as-a-game, Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball, are responsible for it. Fans of the NES series should definitely look into Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. It really is worthy of the series' name.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (May 19, 2004)
Certainly Ninja Gaiden is the most impressive game we've seen on the Xbox in some time, making it one of the best looking games to date yet. Every character model has been created with a great sense of care and displays a level of detail not seen in many games, whilst the animation of Ryu quite simply needs to be seen to be believed and lends a level of visual quality to the overall combat system. Although not quite as striking as the character models, the 15 different stages you'll come across also offer a level of creativity and sophistication way beyond everything else, although sadly we'd have liked to have seen a little more interaction featured throughout them, as just placing a few destructible objects just doesn't cut it. The frame-rate remains blisteringly high throughout the entire game and rarely slows down, despite what action may be occurring on-screen.
Overall Ninja Gaiden is a great game. Despite the minor camera problems, this is one of the best games on Xbox and the best game of its kind since the original Devil May Cry. I strongly recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t mind putting 15-20 hours into a game and not worrying about restarting if you die a few times. Ninja Gaiden is not a game for casual gamer or those that get easily frustrated. The graphics are amazing with gameplay equally as impressive. I can't say that I'm too happy about Microsoft's decision to remove the many decapitations you can pull off in this US version for the PAL market (after all, an 18 certificate never did any harm to the GTA series now did it?!) but nevertheless, Gaiden delivers in just about every other department. With a completion time of 15+ hours and loads of replayability value, Ninja Gaiden is a game that should be given a place in every gamer's collection.
Boomtown (Jun 02, 2004)
Ultimately, Tecmo have created a game that recreates, and in a none too shallow way, the martial arts action movie experience. Everything from the cut scenes to the gameplay show that a great amount of effort and care has been put into producing what has turned out to be one of the best games for the Xbox to date.
NZGamer (Jun 13, 2004)
The controls in this game are very responsive, and with the level of difficulty this game is at, they have to be. Pressing Y and B together will perform a magic attack once you have them. X is used for primary attack, pressing X a few times will form a combo move much like pressing punch in the Dead or Alive games, X can also be used with Y in combo moves. Pressing B will use your selected projectile weapon e.g. throwing Shurikens. Running on walls is easy enough to do; just run at the wall, jump on it and keep pushing forward and to the left or right depending on which way you want to run. To display the level maps you just press the black button. Pressing the Clear button will show how much Karma you have. You can press Y in the pause screen to see a list of the combos for the primary weapon you are holding much like in Dead or Alive. Ninja Gaiden can also be played on Xbox Live via Master Ninja Tournament mode where players can get their ninja on in a multiplayer swordfest.
90 (Aug 16, 2004)
As if all that weren't enough, this game offers a boatload of challenge and replay. You'll have two difficulty levels to choose from at the start, Normal and Hard - I recommend Hard simply because this is a game you'll want to savor for as long as possible, and working your way through the battles will be so much more rewarding and will foster a more comprehensive appreciation of Ryu's many, many talents. Beyond these a Very Hard difficulty can be unlocked, the completion of which will in turn unlock a nice little goodie; expect to have put in forty hours at the very least by this point. There are also the Golden Scarabs to find, and discovering all of them - no easy task - will result in a very notable reward indeed. Don't forget to earn Master Ninja ranking for each chapter, too. Oh yeah - did I mention that all three of the original Ninja Gaidens could be unlocked as well? Bravo, Tecmo…and thank you.
Ninja Gaiden is one of the greatest action games we've ever had the joy of playing, it's also the hardest we've played since Sega was a giant and games were far less attractive, this is a good thing when the game offers a stiff challenge but is at the same time pretty huge, as all majestically present here. Decapitations may have been removed for us unfortunate Europeans, but who cares when the game is as "stunningly good as this" and this coming from a bunch of people who enjoy seeing the odd head roll too, must be good then.
90 (Nov 11, 2004)
I was, admittedly, only ten, and my Atari ST was just about in need of its twelfth joystick in two years, but the game was just one step beyond my reflexes and patience. A similar thing happened recently with Ikaruga - I kept going back, but the game was just beyond what my brain can cope with.
Netjak (Apr 07, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden, prevails as an amazing game whose play hearkens back to the vintage days of gaming, though not without a few hindrances. With beautiful graphics, animations, sound effects, and controls, this game is a must play for any gamer. Ninja Gaiden touts roughly 30 hours of gameplay (not counting time spent using multiple continues), making for a large task to complete in the span of a one-week rental. With the added ability to unlock the three original Ninja Gaiden games, gamers have no reason not to purchase this game.
AceGamez (2004)
Ninja Gaiden is a gleaming triumph of a game that truly redefines the action genre. There is nothing here that hasn't been done before in some form or another, but no other game has mixed so many fine ingredients together in such a stylish and well-designed fashion. This is to the action genre what Halo is to first person shooters - a game that excels in every area and makes the genre more fun and compelling than it has ever been before. And it looks simply fantastic. I really struggled to choose the final mark and the only reason this isn't getting a 10 is because it's so tough. Nevertheless, it is a landmark title and one that every Xbox owner should experience - just rent it first if you're not a very patient gamer.
SwankWorld (2004)
Regardless, Ninja Gaiden was the only game that ever made me cry out of frustration. Needless to say, it was quite nostalgic meeting that cruel old mistress again. I can honestly say that Team Ninja gave the remake the same old feeling as the original game and with the challenge to boot. The unlockable NES games only add to the experience. Here's to another great remake and let's hope Capcom can take a lesson from this and bring us a 3D version of Stider!
90 (Jun 11, 2008)
Un titolo consigliato solo ai veri hard core game e professionisti dell’action game poiché l’elevata difficoltà e tecnicismo del gioco potrebbe scoraggiare i più. Un’avventura molto lunga e appagante che fa si che Ninja Gaiden sia il degno erede di quel The Last Ninja 3 che ci fece sognare su c64 anni or sono. Ora tocca solo a voi uscire allo scoperto con il più potente ninja al mondo e sconfiggere i più impossibili nemici
Team Ninja är världsmästare i realtidsgrafik. Underbar ljudbild, för att inte tala om ljudeffekterna. Kameran kan spela en spratt, annars oklanderlig kontroll. För att vara ett äventyrsspel har det ett otroligt djup. Världens bästa ninjaspel!
90 (Aug 07, 2004)
Team Ninja’s goal when making Ninja Gaiden was to craft the greatest action game ever, and it’s very possible they did. With controls that are flawless, Team Ninja’s creation is right up there with Halo as Xbox’s most enjoyable game. The game is challenging but at the same time I never felt stuck at a certain part of the game. And yes the game camera does get funky in several boss fights but isn’t too hard to adjust and get under control. One thing the game needs more of is bosses that have a purpose in the story. Of the many bosses and sub-bosses you’ll fight only a handful are actually characters introduced before the fight or further developed after. The rest just show up and die without ever letting you know why they were there. Still, these are small imperfections that don’t take away from the big picture. Ninja Gaiden is a must-own for Xbox owners.
90 (UK) (Mar 16, 2004)
If you were to clone John Holmes one hundred times, and then park your creations at the business end of some of the porn industry's finest, you'd still fail to recreate the ferocity of genital eruption that greeted the first promo trailer for Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball in May 2002.
Armchair Empire, The (Mar 15, 2004)
If you like your action challenging, lightening fast, and highlighted with great graphics, Ninja Gaiden should find a place in permanent rotation on your play list.
87 (May 19, 2004)
Für die einen wird Ninja Gaiden das derzeit beste Action-Adventure für die Xbox sein, für die anderen eine hübsche 2-Level-Grafikdemo. Soweit werden nämlich lediglich diejenigen kommen, die sich nicht intensiv mit der Steuerung und den Kampfkombos beschäftigen möchten. Ninja Gaiden ist kein Spiel, das man abends in Ruhe ein paar Stunden zocken kann, der bockschwere und teilweise durch ungünstige Speicherpunkte und schlechte Kamerawinkel frustrierende Schwierigkeitsgrad wird den Grossteil der Spielergemeinde zur Verzweiflung führen. Wer die Arbeit nicht scheut, erlebt dafür ein packendes und perfekt inszeniertes Actionspektakel, dasdas in vielen Bereichen neue Maßstäbe setzt.
Jolt (UK) (May 27, 2004)
There’s no doubt that in spite of its annoyances (intentional and otherwise), Ninja Gaiden is a pretty special game. Few spin-off games manage to capture the essence of their early-90’s arcade counterparts while being so completely different, but (and I say this having spend many a 10p on the arcade original) I really feel that this is the case here. The game looks and sounds great, even more so in the explosive cut-scenes, and control is fluid and responsive. This is not a game for the casual action-adventure gamer though, because it requires patience and the ability to be deal with being repeatedly killed, fair-and-square or otherwise – be warned.
86 (Jun 10, 2004)
There are one or two other minor issues with the game, but if this saving situation was rectified then NG would rank as one of the most compete and well thought out games ever to grace the Xbox. The fights are spectacular, varied and immensely fun. The cut-scenes are tremendous and rival those of Blizzard, the inventory is a breeze to work and the controls are as responsive as a wino to free booze. It looks better then this year's Glastonbury line-up and sounds pretty damn tasty too. And it is amazing value for money, with the first run through guaranteed to last at least twenty hours, with two more difficulty levels to work through after that, and the lure of finding all the scarabs to unlock each of the original three ninja Gaiden games.
Because of the difficulty, Ninja Gaiden will take a long time for people to complete. A Game that should take 15-20 hours could take up to 30-40. The XBL feature will keep people playing till the end of the summer for the tournament, but once it is over, people will stop. It may just take you until summer to complete this for some. Many say this is a good game and yes, it is. It can be fun at times, but it was a case of over-hype and too much delay that did this in. Not as bad of a disappointment as Brute Force or Enter the Matrix, but I was hoping for better.
Gaming Target (Mar 08, 2004)
Make no doubt about it: this is not the kind of game you can push your way through with extra health potions and extra lives. If you don't master the combat system on your own, and that's the only way since the game isn't going to teach you, you won't get far. Don't kid yourself about your mad über gaming skillz here, this game requires more patience and tolerance than reflexes and finesse. Ninja Gaiden is an absolutely amazing action game with tolerable puzzles and fetch quests spoiled slightly by a terrible camera and a difficulty that comes from a lack of guidance. Still a great game? Yes, if you're not the easily frustrated type.
DarkZero (May 31, 2004)
Overall Ninja Gaiden is a flawed masterpiece, mainly due to the camera system. It’s a gorgeous, original title that reeks of quality throughout, in the graphics, sound and design. The combat and control system are among the best ever in a video game, effortlessly allowing you to be absorbed into this game which is necessary for such a hard title. With regards to the difficulty, I enjoyed it, others will not and it is difficult to predict whether or not the inclusion of an easier mode would have made the game more commercial, or simply ruined the great achievement felt when finishing a game. It was a brave move on Tecmo’s behalf, ensuring that this is a gamer’s game. Expect a lot of returned copy’s to Game station however from those who just could not get passed the 1st boss. For those who can cope expect at least 20 hours of great quality gaming.
Game Critics (Mar 31, 2004)
Even now, on my third run through the game, I'm still figuring out new, more effective ways to handle what had formerly seemed like dire situations. No longer do I flee from the Black Spider Clan, a species of lightning-quick ninja that previously left me begging for mercy. No longer do I cower before the fearsome Doku, or any enemy in the game for that matter. With a string of never-ending combos rattling off my fingertips intuitively, without thought, I now stand my ground against one and all, confident in my abilities, quite certain of my power. And it's exhilarating, in the face of such overwhelming adversity, to be able to do so.
Gamezine (Mar 07, 2004)
Dans Ninja Gaiden, il n’y a pas de quoi se prendre la tête, les énigmes sont simplissimes, il suffit juste d'avancer et de trancher en morceaux tous vos ennemis. Tout cela serait parfait si il n’y avait pas ces foutus angles de caméras qui sont venus gâcher mon plaisir. Il est possible, grâce à la gâchette du paddle, de replacer la caméra, mais ça reste quand même assez bordélique lorsqu’il y a beaucoup d’ennemis à l’écran. C'est trop dommage, sans cet inconvénient ce jeu aurait encore eu une meilleure note. Après tant de qualités, on ressent une certaine frustration, surtout que ce défaut très bien pu être réglé avant sa commercialisation. J'en connais qui sauront passer outre et s'éclater avec ce jeu, et ils auront raison. Car Ninja Gaiden, malgré ce défaut de caméras, est un titre fantastique. Sachez que par le biais d'une borne d'arcade présente dans ce jeu, se trouvent en version complète les trois Ninja Gaiden de la NES. Vous aurez donc quatre jeux pour le prix d’un, hé ouais.
Game Revolution (Mar, 2004)
Ninjas used to be hardcore. They were the top criminals of ancient Japan, expertly trained killers who studied a dangerous, mysterious art. They were feared by lord and samurai alike, acrobatic assassins with little regard for honor or fair play. They’d run around on rooftops under the cover of darkness, often carrying all kinds of nasty poisons and flash bombs in their pockets. One slip up and it was goodbye Iron Monkey, hello Iron Lung.
80 (May 24, 2004)
Auch wenn vergleichsweise wenige Kontrapunkte auftauchen, schrammt Ninja Gaiden ein gutes Stück am Award vorbei, den man nach den überschwänglichen US-Reviews eigentlich für sicher gehalten hätte. Ist das Ninja-Gemetzel ein gutes Spiel? Zweifellos. Doch vom Schwierigkeitsgrad her richtet sich Ryus Rachefeldzug eindeutig an die härtesten der Hardcore-Gamer, denen häufige Frustmomente nichts ausmachen. Casual Gamer können froh sein, wenn sie über den zweiten Level hinauskommen. Doch auch die Freaks werden sich immer wieder über die unausgereifte und nur in Ausnahmefällen die beste Position einnehmende Kameraführung ärgern, die ein ständiges Nachjustieren fordert. Dabei stimmt das technische Umfeld eigentlich von Anfang bis Ende (die magere Story mal ausgenommen): Die Steuerung reagiert gut und sehr direkt, die Grafik gehört mit zum Besten, was die Xbox zu bieten hat und die Akustikkulisse überzeugt ebenfalls.
Daily Game (2004)
Ninja Gaiden is a good game, but it’s far too tough for anyone other than the most hardcore of gamers to truly enjoy. And even then, regardless of his or her skill, no gamer can ignore the horrendous camera, which ends up being the game’s own worst enemy. In the end, in fact, it’s the camera that could knock Ninja Gaiden from a blockbuster game to little more than a cult classic. Unless you play games more than 20 hours per week, do yourself a favor and rent this game first. I have a feeling that 80 percent of you will be glad you did.
Diehard GameFan (Mar 08, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden is a great game, by far one of the best 3D action games on the market today. Although it has some flaws such as camera angles and a difficulty that may turn off a lot of gamers, Team Ninja and Tecmo have given us an excellent game that lives up to a lot of the hype we have heard about it for the past year.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 01, 2006)
You'd think that a game with such high production values would have decent camera system, but you'd be wrong. When fighting in open spaces, you can't even see your opponent half the time! You can pause the game to use items and power-ups, but I wish health elixirs were used automatically, because you often get killed before you get a chance to use your supply. Ninja Gaiden is definitely exciting and addictive, but its glaring flaws cannot be overlooked.
75 (May 10, 2004)
Attendu d'un pied ferme et confiant par tous les utilisateurs de Xbox, Ninja Gaiden comble toutes les attentes des nombreux fans de la série et surtout du très charismatique Hayabusa. Mettant en avant une fantastique ambiance semblable à nulle autre et un gameplay aguicheur à défaut d'être vraiment abouti, ce titre fascinant et prenant fait honneur à sa console hôte et développe un plaisir de jeu réel et jouissif. Malheureusement, des problèmes de caméra récurrents et une absence de fondement profond, tant au niveau du principe que du gameplay, empêchent le soft de parvenir dans les plus hautes sphères des chefs-d'oeuvre vidéoludiques. Un grand jeu, que je ne peux que vous conseiller d'acquérir si les ninjas vous attirent et si l'action touchant à l'artistique vous interpelle.
Overall, Ninja Gaiden is a good game, flawed by technical problems and repetitious gameplay. It has moments of magic when you are battling against a group of ninjas, the camera is holding up well, and you lay some seriously cool moves on them - you almost forget about the annoyances, but then you come across ninjas who have guns! and you try to attack them but the camera gets in the way, and it just gets frustrating and annoying. I really think that certain games do not work very well in 3D and this is a perfect example of a genre that doesn't. Ninja Gaiden certainly has its faults, but can still be an enjoyable game, however it's not the masterpiece we were hoping for.
Ninja Gaiden is a substantial and very challenging game. Not only is it tough but fair, it is intelligent and far more restrained than Team Ninja’s previous work in tone (aside from some buxom, inappropriately dressed eye-candy appearing, that is) and visual design. If not for the bland level construction and an oddly low-slung camera this would be truly outstanding. As it is, Itagaki can simply be proud that he’s made a game built on moments of exciting content, not merely on technical expertise.
Game Critics (Aug 24, 2005)
And rest assured that people who can't be bothered to beat it are not wimps. They simply lack a certain level of masochism.
Gaming Age (Mar 05, 2004)
Ninja Gaiden is just not the Ninja Gaiden I expected. It's overwhelmingly mediocre, not enjoyable to play, and the horrendous camera alone destroys any redeeming factors the game may have. Most PlayStation 2 owners should remember Square's similarly over hyped The Bouncer. I'd almost go as far as proclaiming Ninja Gaiden to be the Xbox equivalent.