ObsCure Credits


Production LeadPierre Leroux
Art TechnicianLionel Fumery
Lead Game DevelopmentEmmanuel Horrent
Game DevelopmentEmmanuel Bernard
Level‑DesignTony Marques
Audio System and PhysicsBruno Carrez
ProgrammingChristian Martin
ScriptTony Marques
Artistic LeadAnthony Lejeune
Scene Painter LeadYann Maheust
Scene PainterJérôme Camprasse, Thibault Courbet, Alexandre Crampon, Benjamin Lucas
PropsmanCatherine Bouchez
Shooting SupervisionLaurent Sauvage
Figures and CinematographicJulien Vanhoenacker
ConceptDavid Bauwens
Lead AnimatorOlivier Feutry
AnimatorNicolas Monier, Yann Vilain
Additional AnimatorsDimitri Dassonneville, Dominique Jouis
ShotGuillaume Colomb

Hydravision Entertainment

Chief Executive OfficerDenis Potentier
Chief Financial OfficerIsabelle Penninck
Administration AssistantJamila Ouahid
Employee & CateringAnnie Michiel
Marketing DirectorJerome Duhamel

MC2 - Microïds

Director of ProductionDaniel Cohen
ProducerCatherine Peyrot
Gameplay AdjustmentEmmanuel Nouaille
QA LeadFranck Quero
Lead TesterMatthieu Cloix

Marketing - International Team MC2

International DirectorOlivier Grassiano
Regional ManagerSevan Kessissian

Local Marketing ATARI Deutschland

Marketing DirectorFrank Holz
Product ManagerStephan Pietsch
Head of PRUdo Lewalter
ManualPhilippe Tihy


Music written, produced and supervised byOlivier Derivière
Music Sound Engine and Script byBruno Carrez
ArtistsLa Maîtrise des Hauts-de-Seine
Conductor of the Children's Choir of the Opera National de ParisGael Darchen

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Emmanuel Bernard, 9 other games
Benjamin Lucas, 8 other games
Anthony Lejeune, 8 other games
Philippe Tihy, 8 other games
Udo Lewalter, 7 other games
Yann Maheust, 7 other games
Isabelle Penninck, 6 other games
Thibault Courbet, 6 other games
Olivier Feutry, 6 other games
Pierre Leroux, 5 other games
Jérôme Camprasse, 5 other games
Lionel Fumery, 5 other games
Christian Martin, 4 other games
Nicolas Monier, 4 other games
Denis Potentier, 4 other games
Dominique Jouis, 4 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66813)