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Innovative, funny, and undeniably enjoyable, Outlaw Golf 2 is a total shock. The first game was a blast, and nothing can bring this sequel down. This isn't only one of the greatest golf games ever, it's also one of the best budget titles ever shoveled out onto to the market too. The few minor quirks cannot possibly detract from the enjoyment you'll receive from this one (assuming you understand the sport's basics).
89 (Oct 25, 2004)
For 19.99$ New you cannot go wrong with this game, if you’re a fan of golf or just want a game you can laugh at you will want to at the very least give this game a rent. With downloadable content, 12 playable modes, TONS of unlockables as well as character stat customization, custom sound tracks, Dave attel’s voice, tournaments and a tracking system with so much details I’m almost ashamed that people can view my stats. Overall: 8.9 out of 10. I must say though, you might want to avoid playing this game around kids, while it has no nudity it can still inspire some very perverted images.
Next Level Gaming (Oct 25, 2004)
Golf has to be one of the most boring sports to watch on TV or even play. There is little action going besides a group of well-dressed guys standing around hitting balls all day. I won't take away the fact that they are skilled athletes because I know how hard it is to play the game, but I just can't make myself sit down to watch it on TV. I always wonder what it would be like to add some exciting surprises and elements to golf, kind of like the Caddyshack movies or you local putt-putt course. You want to experience a little bit of excitement instead of those dull boring crowds that keep quiet while a golfer is hitting the ball.
XBox Front (Jan 07, 2005)
Was ist das: Männer und Frauen mit Schlägern rennen hinter einem Ball her und schlagen ihn hunderte von Metern durch die Botanik. Wenn sie ihn abgeschlagen haben, verbringen sie Stunden damit, in der Hitze den Ball wieder zu suchen, nur um ihn danach abermals durch die Gegend zu dreschen? Antwort: Der wohl schnarchiste Sport neben Hallenhalma und Beamtenmikado: GOLF! Dabei muss es ja gar nicht so langweilig sein, wie die zweite Ausgabe des legendären „Outlaw Golf“ beweisen will.
GameSpy (Oct 25, 2004)
Outlaw Golf 2 is the wildest golf game on the market. It takes the "gentleman's sport" and turns it on its ear with a collection of the most unique characters to ever hit the greens. And while its raunchy sense of humor may make things initially fun, it's the actual golf itself that makes the game worthy of being called one of the best.
79 (Feb 16, 2005)
Mit Outlaw Golf 2 liefern die Entwickler ein gleichermaßen witziges wie forderndes Golfspiel ab. Zwar bietet es längst nicht den Umfang und die grafische Qualität einer Tiger Woods Sim, doch dafür ist es deutlich humorvoller und partytauglicher. Ein äußerst fairer Preis nimmt allen Interessenten letztendlich die Entscheidung ab - das Preis/Leistungsverhältnis ist viel zu gut, um beim Kauf etwas falsch machen zu können!
GameZone (Oct 31, 2004)
There is a common trend in sports games now days and many different developers are doing it. The new “concept” is to take an ordinary sport and make it as extreme as possible. First there was Outlaw Golf, NBA Street, then NFL Street, Outlaw Volleyball, and many more. The idea is to do things that you normally wouldn’t see in an average game, such as major hits, strippers, and drinking alcohol during the course of the game. The developers of Outlaw Golf are back at it again in their sequel that tries to “one up” its competitors in the extreme area. Does it work out? Read on to find out!
What the game really boils down to is this: The humor is certainly there, but Hypnotix really needs to get the polish onto this simulation before people will revere its hilarity. Well, most people that is. I'm still going to hit these links, but it won't be my only weapon of golfing choice.
GameSpot (Oct 27, 2004)
Outlaw Golf 2 offers a tight, challenging game of golf with some unique gameplay ideas, and it comes at a price that makes it a terrific value. Hypnotix's Outlaw sports series, which thus far has included Outlaw Golf and Outlaw Volleyball, has labored under the notion that sports with relatively limited appeal would be more engaging if they had strippers, extreme violence, and heaping helpings of dirty humor. This formula certainly has a way of tickling some of the more base impulses, but Hypnotix has been wise enough not to rely on naughty pubescent thrills entirely, and the resulting games themselves have been pretty well crafted.
IGN (Oct 22, 2004)
Golfing is a fantastic thing. It gives new meaning to those who are in search of lawns that seem to go forever, gently beautified with sand pits and watery pools. It's a serene zen thing and it gets better when whacking a little white ball all over it in search of an itty bitty hole. With the real-life thing convincing some to plunk down tens of thousands a year in pursuit of the perfect excuse to drink scotch in the morning with some friends it's a definite must for a videogame version. This leads us, naturally, right into Outlaw Golf 2, Global Star's sequel to the original, and only, bad boy golf sim.
X-Power (Mar 15, 2005)
Al bij al is Outlaw Golf 2 een erg goede subtopper geworden, als sequel zijnde is ie natuurlijk een stuk uitgebreider dan z'n voorganger. Erg simpele maar doeltreffende gameplay met gevarieerde spelmodi. Grafisch dik in orde, alleen jammer van de ondermaatse toeschouwers. Met z'n 70 Tourevents en 25 Skill events alleen al is de levensduur zeer bevredigend en met de splinternieuwe Xbox Live! ondersteuning heb je zeker waar voor je centen gekregen. De moeilijkheidsgraad is goed uitgebalanceerd en soms zelfs pittig te noemen. Kortom een uitstekende, ietwat aparte golfgame!
Even though my golf game is in the 120s, and for me a double bogey on a par three is shooting an eight (four times two - get it?), the unpredictable results in Outlaw Golf 2 are more wild than than when I take to the links in real life.
65 (Feb 03, 2005)
Voici l'exemple typique d'un titre ne payant pas forcément de mine, ne possédant pas un habillage accrocheur, ni un magnétisme particulier, mais parvenant tout de même à déclencher un intérêt certain de par son parti-pris arcade sans abus de confiance, et une longévité assez conséquente. Divertissant seul et à plusieurs tout en exposant son gameplay intuitif et son ambiance délirante, Outlaw Golf 2 n'est certainement pas le jeu de l'année, mais reste quand même idéal pour quelques après-midi.
60 (Feb 08, 2005)
What makes this silly presentation even more irritating is the fact that underneath it all is a pretty decent golf engine. So decent in fact, that if the designers hadn't spent half their time writing tit jokes and drawing bums they might have actually crafted a very good golf engine - good enough to try to wrestle some market share from Links and Tiger if they'd timed it right, especially with the included online play. As it is, rather than an Outlaw as promised, we end up with a somewhat errant teenager who looks like a nice boy underneath but is too busy mimicking the unfunny bits of South Park and stealing sweets to take his GCSEs with the big boys. Or something equally ridiculous.
GamePro (US) (Oct 30, 2004)
Certainly, the goofy premise has warranted a sequel, but don't mistake Outlaw Golf 2 as an outstanding golf game. There's something to be said for games aimed solely at guys. Maybe it's the scantily clad women, or the juvenile antics that you perform, or even the wackiness injected into a sport that's normally seen as reserved.
59 (Mar 16, 2005)
Outlaw Golf 2 looked to be a cool arcade golf game that likes to break the traditional golfing rules. But see through the sex and violence and you’ll be left with a mediocre golf game with an identity crisis. They have chosen the path of arcade gameplay with too little convincing. A hefty amount of busty women and an occasional fight here and there doesn’t make a game fun to play. If there is a third instalment coming up, and let’s hope not, I can only hope for better gameplay abilities in stead of boring minigames that don’t offer any surplus to the game. Until that day I’ll try to get into the high society so I can scare away those happy ducks and leave a nice doodle in the bunkers.