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Outlaw Golf Credits (Xbox)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Outlaw Golf Credits

Hypnotix, Inc.

Executive ProducerMichael Taramykin
Project DirectorMichael Cayado
ProgrammingThomas L. Kirchner, Joe Mayer, Andrew Grabish, Charles S. Roberts, Richard O'Grady, Frank Force, Colin Byrne
3D ModelingJohn Sousa, Richard Diamant, Stuart E. Zissu, Brandon Yanez
3D AnimationPaul Diaz, Peter Devlin, Michael Yosh, Jim Sinerco, Steven Rivera, Jason Vaughn
2D ArtJohn Gaertner, Adam Hreha, Sue McLoughlin, Nick Laing, John Trumbull, Joe Miller, Adam Ansorge

Simon & Schuster Interactive

PublisherGilles Dana
Vice President, Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
Vice President, Sales, Marketing & New BusinessPeter von Schlossberg
Business ManagerJohn Crowe
Publicity DirectorPeter Binazeski
Art DirectorDavid S. Rheinhardt
Senior DesignerStephen A. Ganade
Executive ProducerJeffrey Siegel
ProducerBill Mooney
Production ManagerMeng Meng Lim
Sales & Marketing ManagerChristina Kuzma
Marketing Services ManagerEllen Goldberg
Online ManagerStephen Hughes
And the rest of the team at Simon & Schuster InteractiveMichael Wallis, Diane Strack, Dewanda Howard, Kim Kindya
Written byBrian Kahn, David Pitlik
MusicRob Warren, Sky Productions/Lemon Cello Music
Sound EffectsRob Warren, Sky Productions/Lemon Cello Music
Game AnnouncerSteve Carell
Voice ActorsMax Koch, Lailah Caron, Kay Christianson, Michele Mais, Jackie Maruschak
Voice Recording and additional Sound EffectsStudio 3p
This game was developed usingRenderware
Special ThanksRAD, Gametools, Zack Smith, Taylor Made Golf, Cleveland Golf, Titleist Golf, Peter Nussbaum, David Watkins, Matt Kutrik, AQ Inc., All the fine folks at Microsoft

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