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Pariah Reviews (Xbox)

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The most enjoyable first-person shooter since Halo 2. Spartan_234 (460) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.4
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
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Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
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Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.3

Critic Reviews

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games xtreme (May 05, 2005)
Pariah is a good solid game that I feel has come under a lot of harsh pressure to beat the established FPS: When it’s actually about telling the story of a doomed world, a broken man and someone that has more secrets than they’d care to tell. Pariah should not be compared to the other games out there, it should be played on its own and enjoyed for the sturdy experience it is, it’s not going to ever overshadow the market leaders but as long as you enjoy it, can play it and experience no show-stopping bugs from it – it’s a game that deserves your attention. I found the game dragged me into the world the script-writers and developers had created, and I wanted to find out more rather than just slogging through the enemies, for me it became a personal vendetta against the bad-guys as they were preventing me from uncovering the truth – a truth that I knew would lead to more questions. If a game can do that with me, then it’s well worth my time.
Game Chronicles (Jun 01, 2005)
Pariah is a worthy contender in the FPS marketplace, and while I personally enjoyed it more than Halo I’m not delusional enough to think that it would ever replace it. But there is enough quality content and challenging gameplay to earn this title a spot on your gaming shelf.
Even with this major drawback hindering the experience, Pariah's high-caliber gameplay is hard to deny. You'll tip your hat toward Digital Extremes every time you see a gas tank mounted on the back of an adversary catch fire and explode, and you'll have a hard time setting the controller down once you hop online. Digital Extremes provided a rip-roaring play, but neglected to make it mean something.
TeamXbox (May 03, 2005)
Pariah may not be the next step in FPS gaming, but it holds its own against any shooter in the Xbox library. The single-player campaign is mindless, action-packed fun, with a few setbacks in the way of enemy AI and issues in tying the story together. The upgradeable weapons are a blast (wow, bad pun), and the online multiplayer may not have the depth of Halo 2, but it’s just as fun. With only a handful of FPS games left on the current Xbox platform, Pariah should be remembered for being one of the better ones.
Console Obsession (May 31, 2010)
It’s these physics coupled with satisfying weaponry that makes Pariah in to such a wonderful shooter. The single player may be short, but the multiplayer does give the game much needed legs and the mapmaker whilst not perfect is a powerful tool, that is amazingly easy to use. Did we mention that we particularly liked the death animations?
IC-Games (May 25, 2005)
Sadly Pariah isn’t quite the Halo beater we had hoped for though, but it still stands head and shoulders above most of the other shooters released on the Xbox this year. The single player mode may well be a short (but equally enjoyable experience) but once you sign into Xbox Live and start creating and downloading those user created maps, Pariah soon evolves into one of the most enthralling multiplayer experiences in the Xbox Catalogue.
MS Xbox World (Jun, 2005)
Pariah seems to have had a lot to live up to, what with comparisons being made with other games and the like. On its own merits, Pariah is a fairly standard first person shooter that plays pretty good despite some minor flaws here and there. The weapons upgrades are a cool feature (although maybe this is just another way of limiting the amount of weapons in the game) and the map making is a welcome addition if you have access to Xbox Live. On the whole I can recommend Pariah as a decent rental that you might wish to purchase after checking it out first. If you are not grabbed in the first hour or so of play then maybe it’s not for you. As it stands Pariah is a welcome addition to the Xbox library of games and with its fun multiplayer will no doubt keep you entertained for some time.
Beyond the great game types and numerous maps, the simple but extremely powerful map maker gives Pariah some long legs to run on. I'm a sucker for a great story, which is why this game left a little sour in my mouth, but don't miss out on its other great features because you share that same disappointment.
IGN (May 02, 2005)
Gamer's opinion of Pariah will probably change vastly with their expectations. While the game promises many of the same features of the best shooters on Xbox, it doesn't quite meet them terms of quality. The single player game is enjoyable but it is over quickly and the driving and rail shooting elements are substandard. The online modes and map editor will provide gamers with a ton of content, but I don't see this game replacing my current Xbox Live standbys. FPS junkies who are wowed by pretty visuals should give this game a spin.
GameZone (May 23, 2005)
Pariah is a decent game that I believe would have been better if it was released before Halo 2 hit the world. Another thing that would have made this game better is if the developers took another month to thoroughly polish the game or at least make sure there was no framerate drop. All in all if you are in the need for a FPS then check this game out at your local videogame rental store.
Wham! gaming (May 10, 2005)
When push comes to shove, Pariah is a solid FPS. Everything it does, though not done expansively, is done very well. Most importantly, it has the all-important replayability that can sometimes make or break a game. This game stands up to any FPS out right now, and surpasses some.
Armchair Empire, The (Jun 27, 2005)
There are a few flaws that fracture Pariah as a game, but a better-than-you’d-expect single-player mode coupled with a very good online setup give Pariah enough of an advantage over other Halo wannabes as a perfect alternative to the mass contingent of Xbox FPS online gamers that play Halo 2.
1UP (May 02, 2005)
Pariah's virtues, ultimately, are adult virtues: it's a solid, serious, deeply competent game. This competence may not prove an adequate substitute for the moment-to-moment buzz of the mindless FPS in its terminally adolescent pomp. But if you have to grow up sometime, there are vastly worse ways to go.
MAN!AC (Jun 03, 2005)
Grafik ist nicht alles: Um bei der Fülle an Xbox-Shootern herauszustechen, muss ein Spiel schon etwas Besonderes bieten. Digital Extremes versucht bei "Pariah" augenscheinlich über die ansehnliche Optik Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen. Doch hinter der hübschen Fassade verstecken sich unschöne Mängel: unorigineller Spielverlauf, dümmliche KI-Gegner, heftige Ruckelattacken sowie eine nur halbherzig erzählte Story werfen den Shooter im Konkurrenzkampf zurück. Warum "Pariah" trotz technischen Schwächen für Unterhaltung sorgt, liegt an der tadellosen, wenn auch standardisierten Action-Atmosphäre und dem aufrüstbaren Waffenarsenal. Zudem gefällt der Multiplayermodus durch eine Vielzahl an Spielmodi und den gelungenen Karteneditor.
72 (Jun 01, 2005)
Pariah ist für mich eine klare Enttäuschung – obwohl ich das Spiel als Unreal 2-Fan nicht gleich als Totalpleite werten würde, hat Digital Extremes einfach Potenzial verschenkt. Gute Ideen und eine solide Technik reichen eben nicht für einen Hit, wenn auf der anderen Seite grundlegende Designmängel den Spielspaß trüben. Das unlogische Leveldesign und die ungeschickte Platzierung der Waffen sind nur die Spitze des Eisbergs, sollten aber einem Top-Titel nicht passieren. Ähnlich geht es auch der Story: Kündigte Digital Extremes im Vorfeld an, Pariah werde vor allem durch eine erwachsene, spannende Geschichte fesseln, so ist das Ergebnis leider ein schlechter Witz. Im Ergebnis ist Pariah also ein durchweg durchschnittlicher Shooter, auf den höchstens Unreal-Fans ohne aktuelles Futter oder Freunde von Mehrspielerpartien einen Blick werfen sollten.
Worth Playing (May 09, 2005)
Fresh out of the box, Pariah not worth looking into. If it catches on and gamers start putting together some interesting custom maps, it may eventually mature into a decent multiplayer shooter. In the meantime, there are tons of great action games on the Xbox, and you probably haven’t played them all. Go check out one of them instead.
70 (May 06, 2005)
Si Pariah a de quoi distraire ceux qui apprécient les FPS en général, notamment grâce à l'intervention de divers engins à piloter et d'un éditeur de niveaux, le jeu déçoit en contrepartie au niveau technique avec une réalisation qui n'exploite pas vraiment les capacités de la console et une IA défaillante. De plus, l'action est un peu trop basique et dépourvue d'une once de réflexion, ce qui l'obligera à rester un cran en-dessous de ce que l'on a vu de mieux jusqu'à présent dans ce domaine.
70 (May 12, 2005)
On a console over populated with first person shooters, there's nothing exceptionally special or unique about Pariah. If you really want to play it, give the game a rental. However, if you can envision spending hours constructing maps of genious design, then go ahead and pick the game up.
Game Over Online (Jun 03, 2005)
I can see ambition in the eyes of Pariah, but the sci-fi shooter falls short of its mark and as a result, the gaming experience is average at best. The upgradeable weapons and map editor are solid gold features, but a confusing plot, uninspiring indoor environments, predictable AI and occasional visual quirks hinder its best intentions. There are just too many good shooters available on the Xbox to really recommend Pariah. If your curiosity is peaked, a rental should be the cure.
Jolt (UK) (May 09, 2005)
When playing Pariah you may find yourself pausing to scratch your head either because the story doesn’t make much sense, or because you’re simply wondering why the game was so blatantly pushed out the door without even half of the polish it needed to live up to the hype that has been created – and we’ll be the first to admit our own share of responsibility. In the end all it boils down to is the fact that Pariah just isn’t all that much fun to play.
66 (Jun 17, 2005)
Digital Extremes tut mir wirklich Leid: Die UTs dieser Welt sind spitze, an Unreal 2 habe ich auch noch größtenteils schöne Erinnerungen – aber Pariah wirkt einfach hingeschludert! Das uninspirierte Leveldesign, die langweilige Story, die immergleichen Gegner, die unsympathischen Helden, die maue Kollisionsabfrage, das lästige Speichersystem; all das sieht nach dem »Och, lasst uns einfach mal einen Shooter basteln, wird schon super werden!«-Motto aus. Es fehlt einfach die Liebe, die Zuckerstücke, die cleveren Ideen; einfach alles, was einen Oberklasse-Shooter ausmacht! Pariah orientiert sich offensichtlich an Unreal 2 und Halo, ohne jedoch an eines der beiden Spiele ranzukommen. Es ist beileibe kein schlechter Shooter – oh nein, da gibt es viel schlimmere Auswüchse! Aber man wird beim Zocken nie das Gefühl los, dass die Entwickler einfach mal Urlaub gemacht haben, und die Programmierpraktikanten ran durften.
Despite its many flaws, Pariah is a solid FPS. It’ll never go down as one of the greats, but any FPS fan looking for something to occupy them in this barren time of year should give this a go. But given its length and lack of online activity, I’d certainly advise to shop around first.
Daily Game (Jun 22, 2005)
There's nothing we having seen here that wasn't done better almost eight years ago
Thunderbolt Games (May 11, 2005)
When it comes down to it, Pariah is nothing more than just another shooter. While its map maker is excellent, the rest of the game lags behind in mediocrity. The singleplayer is hampered by poor attention to detail and a story which confuses the player right from the beginning. Get together with some friends and you'll probably have a lot of fun in multiplayer, but at the end of the day, you'll be wondering why you didn't choose something better to play. Halo 2 features superior single- and multiplayer modes, better visuals and audio, tighter gameplay and all for the same price as Pariah. This is by no means a bad game, it just doesn't give you a good enough reason to play it, let alone buy it.
Darkstation (Jun 14, 2005)
Pariah is what I would call an average first person shooter on a console that is full and rich of these sorts of games. The game has some nice touches, like the map editor, but in the long run it's just not a good enough FPS to stand out against the rest of the Xbox library. If you really need a FPS, then this makes a good rental, but it doesn't deserve anything more than that.
Boomtown (Jun 14, 2005)
It's by no means a bad game, not at all. Those of you that love a sci-fi shooter may actually really enjoy playing it. As I said though, it tries too hard to be Halo rather than finding its own niche in the market and comes across as a game that doesn't try hard enough. There are moments of enjoyment, but not enough to recommend this to the average game. In the word's of the legendary Roy Walker, "It's good, but it's not right."
Game Critics (Jan 25, 2006)
Had Pariah been released five or six years ago, it would have been at the forefront of its genre. However, it's ended as merely another forgettable entry in the overcrowded first-person shooter genre. While competent enough to satisfy hardcore fans between better games, Pariah never really takes off and brings its ideas to fruition. It is at best at second-tier shooter that rides the waves of its peers instead of making them.
GameSpot (May 04, 2005)
Pariah seems to be built on the concept of "if you liked Halo, then try this one out." But the game simply can't make the act of firing a weapon interesting, and this plagues every mode in it. When you toss in cutscenes that don't move the story along in a useful way, you've got a game that doesn't live up to the standards of the genre in any way whatsoever. The Xbox has certainly done better than Pariah, so there's no need to spend time trudging through its uninteresting adventure.
Diehard GameFan (May 20, 2005)
This game is probably going to end up collecting dust on your shelf within two weeks at the most just due to the fact that there are much better FPS’s out there. Granted, multiplayer mode supported by the mapmaker helps with the games replayability, but I seriously doubt anyone is going to become so absorbed in this game that they will find themselves playing it for hours at a time. To top it all off, I literally had to fight with myself to make it through the single player mode. I would play for a half hour or so, get bored, and go find something else to do. If I didn’t have to write a review, chances are I would have played it for two hours max and then returned it to the video store. Once again, there is nothing here that hasn’t been done better before… and because of that there is really nothing that will keep you coming back for more.
GameSpy (May 09, 2005)
I'd hoped for more from Pariah. But in the cold light of day it's simply another FPS that falls halfway between memorable extremes.
50 (UK) (May 12, 2005)
Well, enough of you have bought it anyway that it's already been propelled into the UK Top 10, but if you were biding your time for a few more reviews to appear our advice is to check it out first. Get a demo, or rent it to find out if you thought it was as uninspiring as we did. Pariah certainly isn't committing any real gaming crimes in what it's doing, but suffers a harsh fate for coming out just on the cusp of the next generation and looking like a tired me-too effort that does virtually nothing that half a dozen other similar games haven't already done far better.
XboxAddict (Jun 19, 2005)
An open note to ALL game developers, not just Pariah's: Give us something new and revolutionary! Being in tight spots and having to fight armies of (insert any warm blooded mammal here)is getting tiresome. It's time to give buyers of $50-$60 games the content that we're paying for. It was fun for awhile but we want your best and newest now!