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Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat Screenshots (Xbox)

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Xbox version

Main Title
Company Logo
Main Menu
Opening cinematic starts the storytelling of game's events.
Loading screens vary of numerous pre-rendered and hand-drawn artwork.
Your very first ship battle, more like an easy tutorial.
Sometimes ramming the enemy ship can cause a massive damage.
Your father confronting Hawke... though chances are rather slim.
Katarina de Leon, the main protagonist, ready to follow her mother's footsteps and become a pirate.
World map, though in order to travel to other places you must find map for each.
Zooming in on the Kat, looking rather crystal if you compare it to the effect you get of PlayStation 2.
Finding some buried treasure.
Fighting against giant crabs.
Teleport Ring has a power to teleport you on any place on the world map, but you never know what all sorts or danger lurks there.
Performing special sword attack against two pirates.
It is only fair to take the gold of defeated pirates since that was their intention to start with.
A parrot is a symbol for savegame spots, they are pretty much on every island to be found.
The docks are the only places where you can in or out of the ship.
You can zoom enough to see Katarina and her crew on the ship.
Gunfight in a small cove.
Fight in the open sea.
Enemy ship in flames.