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Atari Fossil

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GameSpot (Jun 28, 2004)
When speaking of the genesis of futuristic racing games as we know them, the obvious jumping-off point is Nintendo's 1990 SNES classic, F-Zero. But, on the other side of the globe, UK developer Argonaut lays some claim to genre husbandry with its older, more obscure 1989 Atari ST/Amiga racing game, Powerdrome. This sort of gives Argonaut's 2004 version of Powerdrome some old-school credibility, and it has turned out as a surprisingly accomplished, by-the-books, futuristic racing game.
TeamXbox (Jul 15, 2004)
In a racing world full of standard titles such as Project Gotham Racing 2 and Gran Turismo, lives a genre of racing aimed at those looking for all out speed. Not the simple 80 mph kind of speed, I’m talking about the blasting around a corner, going 1,000 mph, praying to the videogame gods that you make it around the turn alive, kind of speed. This type of futuristic racing has always been limited to a select group of titles, the most memorable being the Wipeout and F-Zero series. Well, adding a new title to that list, is the UK developing team Argonaut games, with the budget priced ($30) Xbox title, Powerdrome.
XBox Front (Jun 02, 2005)
'Powerdrome' ist ein durchweg solider Titel geworden, der neben einiger Schwächen auch deutliche Stärken besitzt. Zwar trüben einzelne technische Mängel das optische Gesamtbild, dennoch überzeugt das durchweg gelungene Streckendesign in Verbindung mit der atemberaubenden Geschwindigkeit. Genrepartner wie 'Quantum Redshift' sind dem Titel zwar überlegen und eine fehlende Story macht die Innovationsarmut deutlich, wer allerdings neues futuristisches Rennspielfutter für seine Xbox sucht, darf einen Blick auf das Spiel werfen.
Bordersdown (Nov, 2004)
Despite all its imperfections, of which it has many, Powerdrome still remains an enjoyable racer, which is quite unique amongst its peers due to its more realistic standpoint. Its initially brutal learning curve might deter a lot of people, but those who invest time to master it will find it to be a very satisfying and rewarding game. An entertaining title that could have been a classic.
Worth Playing (Jul 21, 2004)
In the racing genre, there are a few permutations to be seen. Some of the notable ones are the "battle racers" where you race around wielding a veritable armory while attempting to outrace or obliterate the competition; there are the street racers, where you race pimped out street legal cars speeding along empty or sometimes populated streets. There are the slightly more authentic racers, where you are driving your typical race car across a typical race track. Then you have the futuristic racers. The most famed of this last type would likely be F-Zero; when it made its debut on the SNES, it provided a springboard for a proliferation of other futuristic racing titles. Argonaut's budget-minded Powerdrome Racing falls without question into that last category.
Games TM (May 20, 2004)
While Powerdrome initially engages with its unique look, impressive sounds and the promise of deeply engrossing gameplay, it soon reveals itself to be a little more than yet another adequate futuristic racer. Kudos to Powell and Argonaut for updating such a classic, but times have moved on and Powerdrome has been left on the starting line.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 15, 2004)
A côté des monstres ludiques et surtout artistiques que sont F-Zero GX et Wipeout, il est certain que Powerdrome subit une ombre castratrice le reléguant juste au-dessus des ténébreuses abîmes des productions vidéoludiques. Malgré cela, le dernier titre publié par Xicat, s'il n'est bien entendu pas une révolution, conserve de bonnes idées, et un gameplay intéressant sur le court terme. Sa durée de vie dans l'absolu se révèle convenable pour un produit du genre et pourra vous occuper quelques après-midi, si tant est que vous trouviez le soft en occasion.

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