Sega GT Online Credits (Xbox)

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Sega GT Online Credits

Sega Europe Limited

President/Chief Operating OfficerNaoya Tsurumi
Executive Vice President - Sales and MarketingMichael Sherlock
Executive Vice President - DevelopmentJin Shimazaki
Senior ProducerMatt O'Driscoll
Technical ProducerElliott Martin
European Marketing DirectorMatthew Woodley
European Product ManagerMark Fisher
European Marketing ManagerGary Knight
Head of PR, EuropeAsam Ahmad
PR ExecutiveStefan McGarry
UK Sales DirectorAlan Pritchard
Export Product ManagerBen Chalmers-Stevens
European Partnerships/Trade Marketing ManagerSuzanne Egleton
Head of Export SalesAlison Gould
SOE QADarius Sadeghian

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