Serious Sam Credits (Xbox)

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Serious Sam Credits


CEORoman Ribarić
ProducerRoman Ribarić
Game DesignDavor Hunski, Roman Ribarić, Davor Tomičić
ProgrammingAlen Ladavac, Davor Hunski, Dean Sekulić, Nikola Mosettig, Darko Martinović, Goran Zoricic
Level DesignDavor Tomičić, Davor Hunski, Ivan Mika, Tomislav Pongrac, Damir Krajnović, Dean Sekulić, Marino Babic, Damjan Mravunac
GameplayDavor Tomičić, Roman Ribarić, Tomislav Pongrac
3D ModelingAdmir Elezović
Additional 3D ModelingTomislav Pongrac, Tomislav Kucko, Dinko Pavicic
3D AnimationAdmir Elezović
Additional 3D AnimationTomislav Pongrac
Skin ArtDinko Pavicic, Petar Ivancek
Level TexturesDinko Pavicic
Additional Level TexturesZeljko Visnjic, Davor Hunski
2D ArtTomislav Kucko
Additional 2D ArtPetar Ivancek, Zeljko Visnjic, Davor Hunski, Dean Sekulić
Cinematics DesignTomislav Pongrac, Admir Elezović, Ivan Mika, Petar Ivancek
CinematicsIvan Mika, Damir Krajnović, Tomislav Pongrac, Marino Babic, Tomislav Kucko, Admir Elezović, Petar Ivancek, Dinko Pavicic, Zeljko Visnjic, Damjan Mravunac
Cinematics EditingTomislav Kucko
Additional Cinematics EditingAdmir Elezović, Damjan Mravunac
Sound FXDamjan Mravunac
MusicDamjan Mravunac
Biz AssistRobert Westmoreland, Helena Hunski
Manual & TestingCroteam


Serious Sam VoiceJohn J. Dick
Skybox ArtPeter Kleiner
Additional Fight MusicUndercode
Motion CapturePerspective Studios
Additional WorkDamir Perovic, Hrvoje Colic, Mladen Tripalo, Aleksandar Vjestica
Additional SupportKSET Computer Division, Avalon, Christian Ghisler
Cinematics ActorsThe Gnaars
Special thanks toall other people who helped making Serious Sam a better game, and a serious thanks to all SERIOUS SAM forum veterans and other world-wide fans, but most importantly our families - wives - girlfirends and friends


PresidentJamie Leece
Senior ProducerDavid Nottingham
Product ManagerAndrew Green
General ManagerGreg Ryan
Business DevelopmentJuan Gutierrez
Creative ServicesMichael Cala, Larry Conti
Production ServicesDaniel Einzig, Jay Fitzloff, Michael Gerard, Jennifer Kolbe, James Pacquing
Box IllustrationDan Lish


Director of QAPhil Santiago
QA SupervisorFrank Kirchner
QA Project LeadLisa Nawrot
QA TestersTom McConlogue, Greg Peeler, Josh Rose, Jonathan Stephan, Scott Vail

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