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TeamXbox (Mar 29, 2005)
The only question I have is why this game wasn’t pushed forward by the developers and fully created to its potential as a regularly priced title. This game really could have benefited from a more in depth visual and audio presentation that would have only helped to drive the great action. Toss in a bit of multiplayer fun and the replay value would have been given a boost that could have put this one on every gamers’ hot list. Even still, Nemesis Strike is a great game with a lot of action, much more than your average budget title, and its price tag is impossible to beat for what’s offered. Fans of combat shooters looking for a game that puts their trigger fingers as well as their minds to the test would be hard pressed to find a better deal on the shelf. If you have an extra $20 burning a hole in your pocket, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to head to the store and pick up a copy of Special Forces: Nemesis Strike, which should prove to be a valued addition to any gamer’s collection.
games xtreme (Apr 21, 2005)
This game caters for most people in the fact that some missions are stealthy, some are all gun blazing, there are driving sections as well and some parachuting sections where you have to dodge flak, shoot enemies and you can do acrobatics whilst doing these to give it a little flair. So as you can see this game contains something for every one.
XBox Front (Mar 27, 2005)
Wer mit "Stolen" und "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" nichts anfangen kann, luftige Action liebt und einen knackigen Schwierigkeitsgrad bevorzugt, darf zugreifen. Dank eines vorhandenen Quick-Save greifen Anfänger lieber zu Kollege Fisher. Zwar wurde die Gameboy-Vorlage ordentlich in ein 3D-Gewand umgesetzt, aber einige Schnitzer -gerade auch in der KI- werten 'CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect' ab.
GameZone (May 31, 2005)
The best low-priced third-person shooter? If not the best, it’s pretty close. Nemesis Strike holds no commitment. It isn’t overly long, difficult to learn, or bombarded with frustrating missions that don’t have a point. It’s a shooter weapons to load and enemies to kill. Grab some ammo and fire away!
At the end of the day, Nemesis Strike proves to be a longer than expected, and better than expected, third-person shooter. I praise the developers for their first attempt at a 3D Special Forces console game. Sure, some of the game's aspects might not be up to a level of excellence, but every department, be it graphics, gameplay, or game length, gets the job done well. If you're looking for a quality third-person shooter for a budget price, look no further than Special Forces: Nemesis Strike.
60 (May 12, 2005)
Nach Lesen des vollmundigen Packungstextes und dem Spielen der ersten Missionen, war meine spontane Beschreibung für Fire for Effect „der schlechte Snowblind-Clone”. Der Titel spielt trotz der guten Ideen in einer ganz anderen Liga als die aktuelle Konkurrenz. Es handelt es sich klar um einen Midprice-Spiel für Gelegenheitsspieler, die sich an Shootern nur kurz abreagieren wollen. Insofern hat Fire for Effect auf meinem Notebook ein Zuhause gefunden, da es wenig Ressourcen frisst und mancher Pause die nötige Würze verleiht – mehr aber auch nicht. Wer dagegen konkurrenzfähige, abendfüllende Unterhaltung sucht, der sollte die Finger davon lassen.
54 (Apr 05, 2005)
With so many superior contenders already fighting for pride of place in the bargain bin, there doesn't seem to be a good reason why someone would buy Nemesis Strike over Brute Force, Hitman 2, or any other like-priced shooter. After all the bodies have long hit the floor, Nemesis Strike tries to accomplish more than it can handle. Maybe with some refocusing and extra time it could have been a more formidable soldier in the war for your cash but, for now, it's back to base for Nemesis Strike.
MS Xbox World (Apr 26, 2005)
Well from this review at least it seems like I have very much slated the game and may have created an impression that CT and me just didn’t get along. In some respects you would be correct in thinking this; however at its heart there is a game here that some players will find rewarding and highly challenging. With its budget price being a lure I suppose you might not feel so bad spending your money on this game. All I can really say is Owl is cool “ish”, Raptor is generic and if more time was spent polishing up the levels and game play then you could have a semi decent game here. As it stands CT Special Forces will take a certain type of games player to really get into the game and enjoy it for what it is, sadly that games player is not me.
GameSpot (May 31, 2005)
Nemesis Strike features a reasonably lengthy single-player adventure, but it offers no multiplayer of any kind to bring you back to the game once you're done with it. And, for that matter, length is about the only thing the single-player mode has going for it to begin with, since it certainly isn't much fun. If the developers at Asobo Studio had found a way to massage the wildly different elements that make up this game into something more cohesive, then Nemesis Strike might have been something worthwhile. As it is, it's just a clunky, uneven, ugly mess of an action adventure game that's devoid of any real redeeming qualities. Regardless of its cheap price tag, it isn't worth your time.
X-Power (Apr 28, 2005)
Neen, terroristen schieten kan zeker beter als in deze game. De moordende (snap je 'm; wat een woordspeling!) concurrentie in het anti-moslim-genre is vandaag de dag scherper als ooit, en het belooft er enkel nog maar drukker op te worden. Vandaar mijn advies: laten liggen dit spel.