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Spy Hunter Credits

Midway San Diego Production Credits

ProducerMichael Gottlieb
Associate ProducersAndy Kaffka, Edward Tucker
Assistant ProducerAaron Orsak
Technical DirectorPaul D. LeFevre
Music Development ManagerAubrey Hodges
MusicDale Stump, Leonard Rankins, Aubrey Hodges, Leonard Bedoian
Sound EffectsDale Stump, Leonard Rankins, Aubrey Hodges, Leonard Bedoian
Midway Creative ServicesDebra Austin, Erin Shems, Ron White, Conrad W. Rudy, Chris Mowry, Sally Nichols, Jon Mongelluzzo, Patrick Reutz
Test ManagerHans Lo
Test SupervisorJohn Ubalde
Lead TesterShon J. Flannagan
Product Testing AnalystsJim Dunne, Shakir Johnson, Erika Arredondo, Peter Briones, Clint Brown, Steve Carosella, Nick Munford, Raymond Veerkamp
Technical Standards AnalystsRaymond Mitchell, Josh Stacy
Voice of the InterceptorLeonie Choy

Nostra Movie Credits

Lead ArtistMurphy Michaels
Globe FXDave Young
Light and RenderingDavid Menkes
AnimationAaron Carlson, Thomas Tobey
Pyro FXJack Cheng

Midway Marketing Credits

Vice President MarketingHelene Sheeler
Director of Entertainment MarketingLawrence Smith
Product Marketing ManagerDennis Roy
Marketing CoordinatorMay Cam
Music ConsultantMaissa Dauriac

Special Thanks

Special ThanksDarrin Stubbington, Weston Boucher, Lee Jacobson, Susan Gottlieb, Nathan Gottlieb, Noah Gottlieb, Sandi, Chip Burwell, Brandon LaCava, Josh Barth, Donny Hamilton, Ann Denton, Don Knapp, Robert Gustafson, Melani Windham, Ron Ludlow, Diane Barton, Marcelyn Ditter, Jay Boor, Nancy Ramsey, Teri A. Higgins, Everyone else who made sacrifices so that this game could reach its full potential

Point of View Production Credits

Project ManagerAla D. Diaz
Lead ProgrammerAla D. Diaz
ProgrammersHideki A. Ikeda, Allen Jackson, Chris Warner, Hari Khalsa
Lead ArtistKich Thien Ma
ArtistsRuben Garza Jr., Art Wong, Kelly Goodine, Edward Linley
Executive ProducerFrank E. Lucero
ProducersRic Curtis, John Sieker, Bob Cantrell
Special ThanksLea Shifflett, Steven Lashower, Mike Michaels, Christina Reeder, Jessie Fisher

Paradigm Entertainment Production Credits

Game DesignerShawn Wright
Art DirectorShawn Wright
Lead Software EngineerAngus Henderson
Software EngineersDavid Venturini, Matt Schmulen, Mike Petersen, Brad Robnett
ArtistsChris Donelson, Chris Oliver, K. Brad Taylor, Robert Walden, Randy Brown
FMV ArtistWoody Smith
Interface DesignerAaron Wright
Audio DirectorJ. D. Smith
Lead Audio Software EngineerBrenden Tennant
Audio Software EngineerJohn Rogers
Level DesignersShawn Wright, Scott Hansen, Chris Donelson
ProducerJim Galis
Technical DirectorSteve Lotspeich
Core TechnologyRob C. Rossow, Tommy Bean, Michael Bean, Chris Johnson
Original In-Game and Cinematic MusicRobert Daspit
Special ThanksRaymond Arriaga, Robert A. Gaines, Trudi Buchanan, David Krueger, Mahdad G. Ansari, Drew Powers, Richard A. Baker, Dave Gatchel, Everyone else at Paradigm that made this possible

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Marcelyn Ditter, 86 other games
Jon Mongelluzzo, 81 other games
Jay Boor, 78 other games
Robert Gustafson, 75 other games
Debra Austin, 66 other games
Melani Windham, 63 other games
Helene Sheeler, 59 other games
Aubrey Hodges, 53 other games
Hans Lo, 47 other games
Lawrence Smith, 46 other games
Michael Gottlieb, 46 other games
Lee Jacobson, 45 other games
Sally Nichols, 40 other games
Dave Young, 39 other games
Paul D. LeFevre, 35 other games
Darrin Stubbington, 35 other games
John Ubalde, 35 other games
Peter Briones, 31 other games
Raymond Mitchell, 31 other games
Chris Mowry, 31 other games
Erin Shems, 30 other games
Ron White, 27 other games
Josh Stacy, 26 other games
Dale Stump, 25 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (158964) and Sciere (598392)