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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Reviews (Xbox)

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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed
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Overall User Score (5 votes) 2.6

Critic Reviews

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Game Chronicles (Jun 12, 2003)
This is the ultimate version of Clone Wars you can play. Thankfully, the power of the Xbox has eliminated all of the serious problems and gameplay issues with the title and the Xbox Live is just icing on the cake. I suspect that this game was being used by Lucasarts as a "testing grounds" for their upcoming Xbox titles and if this is any indication of what's to come it's going to be a great year for Star Wars games.
The Xbox version is the fastest ship in the Clone Wars fleet. Not only have the graphics been enhanced to include self-shadowing, bump-mapping, and a steady framerate, the multiplayer component now features online play that supports up to eight players per map. The diversification in gameplay styles, which switches between a hovertank, dropship, speeder, and more, creates a fairly enthralling single-player package, but the Xbox Live material makes it look meek in comparison and steals the show. The online festivities include amazingly addictive base-versus-base battles, and all-out human versus CPU wars. Even if you’ve already played the GameCube or PlayStation 2 incarnations, this late bloomer is worth investing in.
XBox Solution (XBS) (Oct 28, 2003)
You’ll be finished with the single player campaign in a few short days, make it a week or two if you decide to pound out all the difficulty levels as well, but Xbox Live will keep you going for months to come with downloadable maps and an endless supply of ‘wet behind the ears’ gamers to smack down on Xbox Live.
IGN (Apr 22, 2003)
Clone Wars has the ultimate upgrade to differentiate it from its PS2 and GameCube predecessors, but not even Xbox Live can make a decent game great. Weaving your way through the single player and multiplayer campaigns to arrive at the Conquest mode will deliver that freshness and enjoyable experience you want out of any new Xbox game. Being a one-trick pony through Xbox Live works for MechAssault, but this first Xbox Live Star Wars game doesn't have the same impact as that first party launch title.
GameZone (May 19, 2003)
The Clone Wars has definitely begun and the action is even more intense online, but the game lacks a few things that this keep it from being an instant classic. Still, fans of the much loved Star Wars franchise will find plenty of things to love about a game that tries hard to be faithful to the intense action seen in Episode Two. For the most part, it does a good job but it’s not enough to really be anything more than light diversion until Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or Star Wars: Galaxies comes out.
GameSpot (Apr 24, 2003)
Convincing is a good word for The Clone Wars, which ultimately succeeds at making you feel like you're on the front lines of a big Star Wars ground battle. Despite some strategic elements, it really is a pure action game at heart, filled with plenty of targets to shoot at, plenty of power-ups to collect, and a good variety of tough missions to accomplish. The online multiplayer mode does a fine job of extending the game's mileage, making The Clone Wars suitable at least for a rental by the casual Star Wars fan, but worth keeping for those who really enjoyed Episode II.
70 (Jun 04, 2003)
Même si cette version Xbox ne souffre pas directement de la concurrence avec l'excellent Rogue Leader sur GameCube, le fossé qui sépare ces deux titres en termes de sensations de jeu n'en est pas moins évident et seuls ceux qui n'auront pas eu la chance de découvrir le soft de Factor 5 auront une chance de se laisser séduire quelques minutes par le contenu peu original de The Clone Wars. Le manque de surprise dans la mise en scène s'accorde avec la médiocrité du gameplay pour conférer au titre un potentiel ludique très faible et à l'intérêt franchement limité. Reste cela dit les parties en ligne qui pourront intéresser quelques joueurs...
Next Level Gaming (May 10, 2003)
I would recommend this game for any Star Wars fan that does not have the patience for a flight/race simulator or a single first person shooter. This is a mixed bag, a little of everything for the want-be-Jedi’s appetite. But it might be worth a rental just to see if you like the Xbox Live portion better than me. It just wasn't there for me.
Video Game Talk (Jul 19, 2003)
At the very least, "The Clone Wars" would seem to be an essential rental for XBox Live subscribers, assuming they have better luck finding opponents than I did. At a lower price point, I'd have recommended it as a purchase, but the game's flaws make it difficult to suggest plunking down fifty bucks sight-unseen. I still recommend "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", primarily to subscribers to Microsoft's online service, though I'd either wait for a substantial price drop or swinging by the video store for a rental first. A borderline recommendation.
GamePro (US) (May 02, 2003)
Once again, however, the multiplayer modes will make you completely forget about all this. There are the usual deathmatch and king-of-the-hill modes, of course, but the real highlight here is still Conquest, which plays out like a miniature RTS on steroids. Everything runs smoothly online, too, even with eight players lightsabering each other at once.
GameSpy (Apr 25, 2003)
The Clone Wars isn't quite up to the spectacular standards of LucasArts' Rogue Leader and Starfighter shoot-'em-up franchises, but it supplies plenty of Star Wars-themed shooting action, and the Live support considerably boosts the replay value, more than making up for the brevity of the one-player campaign.