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Written on  :  Oct 16, 2003
Rating  :  4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars

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The best game for Xbox I've played!

The Good

This game is better than any simulation arcade game I've played. This game is the ultimate achievement in gaming if you want to feel like you're really driving a war machine into battle. The controller makes the game very unique as lights flicker on when certain functions need to be activated. The dual control sticks offer a feeling which no other game can match.

The Bad

Retail price: $200+ can be a big turn off for some people.

The game can be quite difficult at times, and if you fail too many times or don't eject in time you must start the game over.

The Bottom Line

With 23 missions, not 10, this game has a lot to offer. Missions range from about 5 to about 40 minutes. I can't remember but I believe there are six difficulty modes. If you enjoy Mech Assault, or Gunmetal then this is the game for you. Not to say other games of the genre are bad, but they really don't compare to this game in the same way that a Honda Civic does not compare to a Ferrari. You'll have to pay at least $200 dollars plus shipping to get a copy from ebay or some other source, but you will definitely be getting your money's worth. I just got my own Xbox about a week ago, and I'm trying to get my own copy of this game. I've logged at least 25 hours (the game keeps a roster of all pilots active, retired and lost) on this game and want to keep playing.