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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Overall User Score (5 votes) 3.1

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GameZone (Oct 22, 2004)
Almost all of the fighters you would expect (along with a few surprises) are included within the game. Fighting fans should jump at the chance to give the game a try. This is a true test of skills and patience with this game. But it’s also a test to see which side is better, the SNK characters or the Capcom characters. If you’ve always had it easy with Street Fighter then be prepared to see just how much you will need to practice when going against some of the SNK characters. It’s also a great game to play to get acquainted with a series that you might not have played especially the SNK characters. Some of the characters are amazing and offer a great chance to enjoy 2D fighting all over again. Whether you’re a hardcore SNK/Capcom fan or just curious about fighting games, SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom is a great game that will have you screaming for more.
75 (Nov 03, 2004)
SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom can be summed up as being completely standard. It contained all of the elements that it needed to have, solid game play, serviceable sound and graphics, and standard game options. With all that being said, it did not deliver any surprises and failed to wow me at any point. The online feature is a plus and will keep the game interesting for a longer period of time. If you want a solid 2-D fighter, then this game will not disappoint, but it won’t knock your socks off either.
GamersMark (Oct 12, 2004)
SVC Chaos is a traditional 2D fighter. It won’t appeal to anyone other than fans of the genre. It simply does not have the bells a whistles needed to appeal to most modern game players. This is somewhat depressing because the game is enjoyable. It is fun to play, challenging, and polished very well in terms of gameplay. If perhaps it had more variety in terms of single-player modes I would suggest it to a larger group of gamers, but as it is now, it’s only worth the venture if you’re a fan of the classic 2D fighting scene.
Retro Gamer (Mar, 2005)
Overall SVC Chaos is a bit of a mixed bag. Veteran SNK fans will no doubt love it, but the Capcom faithful may find the controls restrictive. For everyone else though, SVC Chaos is a fine one-on-one fighter, and while the single-player mode is a little weak, the multiplayer game is a blast.
PGNx Media (Oct 18, 2004)
SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom isn’t bad. The actual fighting is solid, and the addition of Xbox Live play, oversights and all, is appreciated. However, it's hard to recommend the game when SNK hasn't done much to upgrade the game's engine or battle system in so long. As of right now, SNK fans will love, they probably wouldn't want anything else but everyone else will only find a merely average fighter.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 30, 2004)
If you are a 2D fighting game connoisseur, SVC Chaos will be right up your alley. Behind the poor soundtrack, outdated visuals and general lack of presentation is a beat-em-up with rock-solid gameplay mechanics and ample multiplayer appeal. It’s not Guilty Gear X2, Capcom vs. SNK 2 or Street Fighter III, but, then again, those are some of the best 2D fighters currently on the market. True fans of the genre, especially fans of SNK’s past fighting efforts, will likely find enough here to warrant a purchase, but those who still aren’t sold on the whole 2D fighting thing will still be left wondering what all the fuss is about.
Next Level Gaming (Nov 17, 2004)
SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom is a great game if you love oldschool 2D games. The Xbox Live will keep you happy for a very long time. There are some issues with the Xbox controller. Maybe I just have fat fingers, but I think it is best if you use a larger Arcade controller. The graphics are 32-bit and the Music is 16-bit. So this may turn people off. The gameplay is pure fighting though. SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom is a good fighting game, but it is for the masses who love 2D fighting. You may want to rent this one before you buy it.
Game Over Online (Nov 05, 2004)
The good news is that SNK is back in action, and if they play their cards right, they won't be going away again anytime soon. The bad news is that SVC Chaos, the fourth game in the series of crossovers between Japan's two leading 2D fighting franchises, isn't all that great. It's not that bad, but it's not all that great.
Worth Playing (Oct 26, 2004)
Being a huge fan of fighting games and having grown up on the old school games upon which this one seems to be modeled, I was really expecting to enjoy this title. I enjoyed the game a lot at first, but I feel that the developers could have offered a bit more. Even some of the older games, like Samurai Shodown 3, had more going on with the same quality of graphics and sound. SVC on XBL is most likely the best feature, but it takes more than that to live up to the history of fighting games. The gameplay is solid, if not simple, and there is fun to be had so if you were raised by SNK or Capcom, you will appreciate this title for the historical context, if nothing else. Retro is in.
GamingTrend (Oct 29, 2005)
If it's not clear to you by now, SVC: Chaos was not an enjoyable experience for me. As a fan of both companies and the characters they've refined for years, this felt like little more than a missed opportunity. Even stepping outside of my expectations, there's no denying that SVC: Chaos is a sloppy, lackluster effort looking to cash in on nostalgia and familiarity rather than build a fan base with a quality product. Stay away from this one at all costs.
Diehard GameFan (Oct 27, 2004)
A decent SNK creation, but nowhere near the best they have done. The PS2 offers KoF 2001 and KOF:MI if you want a truly good SNK fighter from this generation, but SVC is still a fun (albeit flawed) game where Xbox Live and a more balanced engine increases the enjoyment. I have a strange attachment and love for this game. Hopefully you will too.
With other exceptional titles out there like Street Fighter Anniversary Collection and Guilty Gear X2, I just don't see a reason to waste your time with this jumble of problems.
TeamXbox (Oct 12, 2004)
SVC Chaos is one of those games that you’ll either love or hate. There’s not a lot of room for a middle ground here. Some players, particularly the hardcore fans, may find the stripped down feel and presentation a cheap reflection of the franchise while others may find the more streamlined gameplay easier to jump into. Retro gamers will most likely get a kick out of spending more time with some old favorites as well as a few characters that might have been forgotten. The Xbox Live support is a lot of fun when challenging friends, but the lack of a rematch option had me grinding my teeth more than once. However, despite it’s limitations, flaws, and an overall feel of being rushed, SVC Chaos is still the type of game that players can’t seem to get enough of. There’s definitely something about the classic style arcade fighters that has stood the test of time, and SVC Chaos is another example that retro gaming is a solid part of today’s advanced gaming industry.
Armchair Empire, The (Dec 28, 2004)
Fans of fighter genre should be all over this, as long as their standards aren't too high.
GameSpot (Oct 11, 2004)
An incredible Who's Who of fighting game superstars is largely squandered on SVC Chaos for the Xbox, which is an Xbox Live-enabled port of a NeoGeo fighting game. Much like the Capcom-developed Capcom vs. SNK games, SVC Chaos combines tons of different characters from each publisher's respective decades-old fighting game franchises, and lets them (and you) have at it in traditional one-on-one martial arts matches. The results really should have been great, especially since SNK really tends to do a much better job of putting together fast-paced, responsive, and complex fighting action than what's on display here. Diehard fans of some of these characters will find some redeeming value in this game just from seeing some of their old favorites with updated appearances and voices, but even they won't escape disappointment. Not only does SVC Chaos simply not play particularly well by the standards of 2D fighting games, but also the game's implementation of Xbox Live support is flawed.
62 (Oct 16, 2004)
When all is said and done, against other 2D fighters, there is simply no comparison; this title pales in the face of the competition. There is very little to unlock, XBox Live play is merely functional and lacks features, and there are very few extras. Then there is the poor presentation and lack of any innovative gameplay features. What you are left with is a basic 2D fighter with a large character list and a big name slapped on the front of its packaging. SVC: Chaos brings nothing new to the fighting genre and arrives about eight years too late. So, to all gamers looking for a dose of good, wholesome, 2D fighting action - look elsewhere and leave this one to the hard-core SNK fans.
DarkZero (Dec 08, 2004)
SVC Chaos shouldn’t be avoided by those who follow SNK or Capcom as it still is a solid game to collect. The online is the saving grace for this title as it’s the best part of the game that kept me from putting it on the rack with other dusty games that were never picked up again to play. If you are a true hardcore fan, I recommend you pick it up but with caution as it will fork out some moments of frustration wondering why you ever decided to buy this game.
X-Power (Aug 11, 2005)
SNK vs Capcom: Chaos is zeker en vast geen slecht spel alhoewel het toch een aantal problemen heeft. Deze fighter biedt weinig nieuwe dingen aan. Fans van SNK of Capcom zullen in de wolken zijn. Anderen die eens een fighter willen proberen gaan best voor Guilty Gear X2 Reload of het fantastische Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Gamers die in het dagelijkse leven hun neus ophalen voor alles wat 2D is, laten deze kelk ook maar best aan zich voorbij passeren.
The Next Level (Oct 17, 2004)
Color me jaded, but SVC Chaos totally let me down. Given the lack of quality the title offers, $50 bucks is a steep investment. Unless you’re a fighting fanatic, there’s little reason to pick this game up (even renting it would be a stretch). In the meantime, I’ll stick to CVS2 for my 2D melee indulgences. Hopefully SNK Playmore’s next 2D offering will offer more brilliance and innovation.
GotNext (Oct 17, 2004)
Color me jaded, but SVC Chaos totally let me down. Given the lack of quality the title offers, $50 bucks is a steep investment. Unless you're a fighting fanatic, there's little reason to pick this game up (even renting it would be a stretch). In the meantime, I'll stick to CVS2 for my 2D melee indulgences. Hopefully SNK Playmore's next 2D offering will offer more brilliance and innovation.
Game Vortex (Nov 03, 2004)
The game isn’t without a few charms of its own. I’ve already mentioned the exceeds and new super bar, but there are also a few new special characters worth mentioning. Characters like Mars People and Zero add quite a high novelty value to the game. But even Zero and state titles like “nude place” just aren’t enough to win me over. I’d have to call SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos a big disappointment.
Game Critics (Jan 26, 2005)
When I took a good look at the sub-par graphics and the wasted potential, I found myself studying a decidedly mediocre game. There's nothing really new here, and nothing that hasn't been done better elsewhere. While it's nowhere near being a blot on the history of either franchise, it's nowhere near being a high point either. There are better fighting games available at the moment, relegating the interest level of this game to fighting game completists or people obsessively collecting every game appearance of Final Fight's Andore. Everyone else can take a pass without worrying about missing anything special.
Game Chronicles (May 07, 2005)
Considering the various lackluster 3D attempts over the years at the different series represented here, I can understand why SNK NeoGeo and Capcom both stick with the formula that's kept them afloat all of this time. Truth be told, consider renting this one before buying it, even at the budget price.
60 (Oct 28, 2004)
SVC Chaos is an average old school 2D fighter, but with its steep $49.99 price tag and with better games on the market I can’t find any reason to recommend anyone buy this. I also couldn’t find a match online so I can’t really say anything about that aspect of the game, but I am sure it is just as barebones as the rest of the packaged. I can only recommend SVC Chaos as a rental at best for the time being, and a potential buy when the price inevitably drops.
IGN (Oct 08, 2004)
After the demise of SNK a few years back, a bit of wind was taken out of the sails of 2D fighting fans who longed for greater improvements and upgrades to the 2D fighting games they sharpened their teeth on in the arcades, on Dreamcast, or wherever they could. Now that SNK has reformed, the new and interesting things it's doing aren't exactly all that new or interesting. But at least there are some new games in circulation. To wit, SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom is the company's newest 2D fighter on Xbox pitting classic SNK characters against the most popular lineup from Capcom's huge library of characters.
Netjak (Jan 08, 2005)
This is a solidly mediocre crossover fighting game. Hardcore fans of SNK's works may enjoy this one, as may folks who have no fighting games on their XBox. As for the average gamer, pass. There isn't anything to see here that you can't see done better in every sense for the same price elsewhere.
Defunct Games (Nov 16, 2004)
At the end of the day, SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom really confuses me. Here's a game by a company that knows a thing or two about making fighting games, but you'd never know it by this product. The game just doesn't feel like it's finished, and lacks any of the appeal that made these characters popular in the first place. If you're going to pick up one battle between these two companies, make sure it's Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO and not this dud.
Meristation (Apr 22, 2005)
Como aficionado a los juegos de lucha, tanto 2D como 3D, y seguidor de la saga versus de Capcom, me esperaba mucho más de este SVC:Chaos. Snka Playmor, no ha conseguido avanzar dentro de la serie, sino todo lo contrario. Parece una precuela. El origen de los Capcom vs SNK I y II.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 16, 2004)
At the end of the day, SVC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom really confuses me. Here’s a game by a company that knows a thing or two about making fighting games, but you’d never know it by this product. The game just doesn’t feel like it’s finished, and lacks any of the appeal that made these characters popular in the first place. If you’re going to pick up one battle between these two companies, make sure it’s Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO and not this dud.
Gaming Age (Nov 22, 2004)
I'll put it right out there. You'd have to be a huge fan of SNK and Capcom fighting games, or completely new to the genre to be interested in this latest entry. As much as I'd like to give the game a lower score to dissuade the developers from continuing to put us through rehash after rehash, it's still an good game on it's own merits. Next head on the chopping block...Capcom Fighting Evolution.
VGPub (Oct 27, 2004)
As much as it pains me (a long-time SNK fighting fan) to say this, SVC Chaos is probably the worst overall fighter I?ve ever played from SNK.? However, as a new release in 2004, this game pales in comparison to everything else on the market in far too many ways.? I respect SNK Playmore for this game and appreciate the effort, the heart, and the soul that went into it, but some of that effort appears to be misguided as the end result just doesn?t hold up to other 2D fighters on the market now.? Guilty Gear X2 #Reload: the Midnight Carnival, for example, gives you better Live play, more involved gameplay, and more impressive visuals for a mere $20, while this game gives you less and asks for $50.? While this is certainly a bargain compared to the $200+ price tag of the Neo-Geo version , this just doesn?t cut it for Xbox owners, especially when Capcom vs. SNK 2 is already on this system, and does a better job of giving folks a Capcom vs. SNK showdown.?
45 (Apr 29, 2005)
Cruelle désillusion que ce SVC Chaos qui semblait pourtant tant prometteur. Possédant un système de combat très intéressant, des personnages de bonne qualité et inclus dans un choix hétérogène, imposant et véritablement sympathique, le titre de SNK commet un énorme faux pas en laissant de côté tout l'aspect spectaculaire et surtout les références aux séries qu'il met en scène. Assez mou, peu équilibré, et possédant une réalisation en dents de scie, il apparaît comme une bien mauvaise surprise de la part d'un studio pourtant synonyme de qualité. Un shoryuken dans la soupe, mais à petit prix sur une console qui compte assez peu de titres de baston. A voir si vous aimez à ce point le monde de SNK.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 27, 2006)
SVC's fighting action is fair, but the fact that each fighter has two meters (one superimposed on the other) really drags things out. Even the graphics are a disappointing. I've come to expect the 2D characters to look pixelated, but those drab, uninteresting backgrounds are unforgivable. As 2D fighters go, this one falls flat.
GameSpy (Oct 27, 2004)
I was in Tokyo not too long ago at a hole-in-the-wall game store, where there was a TV displaying a pirate Genesis (?) cartridge that featured 2D fighting action between the unlikeliest of brawlers: the X-Men's Cyclops vs. Muhammad Ali, Vegeta vs. Michael Jordan, and so on. It was as undeniably awesome an idea as it was unfortunately terrible in execution. Sadly, that cartridge is what sticks in my mind most when I think of SvC Chaos, and for the same reasons.
1UP (Oct 12, 2004)
The basic ideas behind the game are simple enough -- it's a sort of cut-down, reworked version of the old King of Fighters system, with similar desperation-move commands and extra movement controls. There's no team or tag play, strictly one-on-one, or extra gameplay styles like Capcom Vs. SNK 2's profusion of different Groove systems, but there's something to be said for the virtues of simplicity in this context. People still play Super Street Fighter II actively, after all. At least you don't need to run for a FAQ file before even picking a character.
Game Shark (Nov 15, 2004)
Overall SVC Chaos feels almost crude by today’s standards. If the online mode weren’t in it, which in itself is no great shakes, I would swear this was a NeoGeo game from the mid-‘90s. And since this is a full-priced game at $49.99, gamers have a right to expect a little more. It shows potential, but it’s only half-baked for now.