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87 (Jan 19, 2004)
SWAT - Global Strike Force bietet zwar nur "Taktik light" und richtet sich demnach eher an die Anhänger geradlinigerer Ego-Shooter, für genügend Abwechslung ist aber dennoch gesorgt. Die 21 Missionen der Kampagne halten Spieler sicher eine Weile lang in Atem. Abgerundet wird das Spielvergnügen durch schicke Grafik, Headset-Unterstützung sowie Koop- und Deatchmatch-Modi via Splitscreen. Wer Online-Gaming und taktische Tiefe sucht, der wird auch in Zukunft zu Rainbow Six 3 greifen; allen Liebhabern gut gemachter Action-Titel sei die Verbrecherjagd von Vivendi Universal jedoch wärmstens empfohlen.
GamingTrend (Oct, 2005)
I had fun playing SWAT: Global Strike Force and though it may not look as hot as some other games out there, it's worth your time if you prefer strategy over straight action.
Game Chronicles (Jan 02, 2004)
SWAT: Global Strike Team is a great game that may end up being too little to late. Anyone interested in this genre will likely already be playing SOCOM II on the PS2 or Rainbow Six 3 on the Xbox. And since SWAT doesn’t really offer anything new to the formula and in fact, comes in a bit short with the lack of online multiplayer this could be a tough sell. What SWAT does have going for it is solid game design and gameplay that isn’t quite as critical or unforgiving as those other military sims. There is a good game with plenty of exciting content to be had here if you give it the chance. It’s great for newcomers to the genre or veterans just looking for a new take on the classic tactical FPS formula.
GameSpot (Nov 06, 2003)
SWAT: Global Strike Team is an impressive and successful effort to bring the old series into the 21st century. Fans of other tactical shooters will definitely find more of their favorite genre to like here, and the new police-style mechanics give the missions a differently paced feel from games that encourage you to always shoot first and ask questions later. The presentation and setting aren't always quite up to par, but that's forgivable when the game's underlying action is so solid.
Game Over Online (Mar 01, 2004)
Global Strike Team is an entertaining title. Its campaign is long enough that you won't finish if you're renting it in one sitting. The game is literally begging for a random scenario generator. Truth be told, creating one shouldn't be too hard either. It is by no means anywhere close to the police work done by real SWAT organizations. However, ceteris paribus, Global Strike Team's liberties with the source material are forgivable, and the result is a game that is not too shabby.
GameCell UK (Dec, 2003)
So, if you're stood in a games shop with Rainbow Six 3 in one hand, and SWAT in the other, which one do you buy? - Well, as playable as SWAT is, the lack of Xbox Live multiplayer support is a real shame, but if you don't have Live then SWAT gives you the better multiplayer options. SWAT is a polished and enjoyable arcade-like title when compared to R63's more serious experience (and the best thing Argonaut have done for some time), and deserves a place in any FPS addict's collection.
71 (Jan 08, 2004)
Wäre SWAT –wie vor Urzeiten geplant- Ende 2002/Anfang 2003 erschienen, wären sowohl Spracherkennung als auch Taktikshooter-Gameplay wesentlich besser weggekommen – von der Grafik ganz zu schweigen. Denn trotz aller guten Ideen (z.B. das gelungene Festnahmefeature) ist SWAT nur noch ein schwacher Rainbow Six 3-Abklatsch. Zudem kommt die Taktik viel zu kurz, so dass man im Endeffekt vor einem einfach gestrickten, aber letzten Endes dennoch unterhaltsamen Ego-Shooter sitzt, in dem ab und an ein Teamkamerad mitläuft und einem Arbeit abnimmt. Für Spieler, die keine Lust mehr auf Rainbow Six 3 haben oder die auf der PS2 eine Übergangslösung bis Socom 2 brauchen und auch mit bestenfalls durchschnittlicher Grafik leben können, durchaus einen Blick wert. Aber definitiv kein Pflichttitel.
GameZone (Nov 09, 2003)
Unfortunately, SWAT: Global Strike Team doesn’t quite capture the true essence of the tactical squad-based action genre in ways other games before it does. While the game does possess the right amount of elements that make up the genre, the overall execution just doesn’t make the first-person action interesting enough to hold our attention. Thanks to the option to play this one co-op and to use the Xbox Communicator headset during the single player mode, this does make for a great weekend rental.
XboxAddict (Feb 24, 2004)
SWAT: Global Strike Team gets the users into tactical based action with a little more realistic ways of handling the terrorists. This makes the game different from the other tactical first person shooters out there. Several similarities still remain with this game and the others. Overall the game has fun gameplay, graphics that aren't amazing but aren't lacking and a great job done on audio. I will go into detail on each of these aspects of the game and give everyone a heads up on the game SWAT: Global Strike Team.
Worth Playing (Nov 16, 2003)
In the end, SWAT is just another mediocre fps trying to be something unique. This game still does have a certain level of enjoyment however, and I would recommend that all of those who are interested rent it. Overall this game just does not have much replayability. But if you just need something to keep you busy for a while, SWAT may be just the game to do it. However, just don’t be looking for a game with hours of playability. You may be disappointed. But if you’ve always wanted to feel the thrill of being “one of the team”, then give SWAT a chance.
TeamXbox (Nov 18, 2003)
SWAT: GST is a title that unfortunately will be passed over as soon as a customer looks on the back of the box and notices no multiplayer online gameplay. With titles such as Rainbow Six 3 and Ghost Recon having dynamic gameplay and online capabilities, SWAT doesn’t stand a chance. It is worth a gander due to the awesome lighting effects, but lighting effects alone shouldn’t justify a purchase. Rent this one and take not of the Iris Effect, since it is impressive enough to carry over into other first-person shooters. It’s almost a shame to see such a unique graphics engine go into a game with such a generic feel. SWAT: GST may be a success on the PC, but as far as consoles go, it misses the target in a big way.
GameSpy (Nov 29, 2003)
SWAT: Global Strike Team should have been better than it is. The combination of the team-based strategy element and voice recognition capability should have resulted in a novel and intense, thinking-person's action game. As it is, the headset is a gimmick, you and your team aren't always on the same page, and the whole thing plays like just another forgettable first-person shooter. Check the game out for the two-person co-op mode, but otherwise, you're better off Rainbow Sixing it.
60 (UK) (Dec 09, 2003)
Nevertheless, despite the crushing averageness that SWAT displays in the visuals and the by the numbers level design, it's a strange experience to reflect on how much we enjoyed it. Was that because we were rarely frustrated and could just play all the way to the end? Possibly, but we'll almost certainly never go back to it, so that's not a selling point. Closer to the mark is the superb control system that makes fire fights much more enjoyable, combined with the addictive reward mechanic that had us cuffing everyone in sight, trying to earn all those medals on offer. In a sense, this reward system and the speed with which you can plough through each level does lend a perverse degree of replayability to SWAT, but you still can't help feel a bit cheated that Argonaut didn't go all out in creating something special.
50 (Dec 15, 2003)
Ce SWAT n'est pas franchement une extase ludique. Acheté d'occasion il pourra distraire un petit moment, mais le truc le plus amusant qu'on trouve à faire reste bien de faire peur aux bad guys et de les menotter. Moche et pas très stimulant, il sera facilement remplacé par d'autres softs bien meilleurs.