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GamePro (US) (Jul 07, 2003)
Most amusing of all is the Championship mode winning on the track here lets you negotiate sponsorships, move into better digs, and even find a nicer-looking girlfriend...unless you're female. Hardcore folks will notice the fake bike names and lack of tuning options right off, but the story mode's novelty should keep genre beginners fascinated all by itself.
That particular conclusion also applies the rest of SX Superstar. Labeling any of its elements as anything lower than average would not be fair (apart from the frighteningly bad box art), but calling it anything better would be just as wrong. It succeeds in what it sets out to do and hardcore racing fans may consider that to be enough. For the rest, a distinct lack of anything fresh or even interesting makes the game worth a rental at most.
GameSpot (Jun 30, 2003)
SX Superstar can be an enjoyable game if you're willing to work through some of its flaws. The trick system isn't all that great, but it gets the job done, and while the camera will be a major source of frustration, you'll eventually learn to deal with it once you start to memorize the general layout of certain tracks. In any case, once you get past these flaws, the championship mode provides suitable motivation for continually playing SX Superstar, and the split-screen multiplayer option adds a little more longevity to the game.
65 (Aug 07, 2003)
Le principe de la « gestion » de carrière est plutôt marrant mais le gameplay en course se montre finalement peu intéressant. I.A capricieuse, indications mal faites en Baja et conduite plate gâchent le plaisir. Ni bon ni foncièrement mauvais, SX Superstar pourra toujours vous divertir... un petit peu.
XBox-Zone (Aug 02, 2003)
Juhu! Mit SX Superstar erscheint das erste Motocross-Rennspiel, bei dem ich mir Häuser, Bikes und Ähnliches kaufen kann und damit die Frauen fast schon magisch anziehe. Hätten die Entwickler vielleicht etwas weniger Wert auf solche unnützen „Features“ gelegt und sich mehr mit dem eigentlichen Spiel beschäftigt, wäre das sicherlich für uns alle besser gewesen. Das Rennspiel hat nämlich gravierende Schwächen in den Bereichen Spielbarkeit und Technik und ist wirklich nur den hartgesottenen Fans zu empfehlen, die selbst mit der momentanen Riesenauswahl an Motorradrennspielen noch nicht zufrieden sind. Irgendwie wird man das Gefühl nicht los, dass SX Superstar ein ziemlich schnelles Projekt war und deshalb einfach die Zeit gefehlt hat, um die größten Mankos noch auszubessern.
GameZone (Jul 17, 2003)
SX Superstar works hard to keep gamers interested well beyond the first racing season but fails to maintain the fun and excitement of motocross racing due to its glaring faults. This is too bad, really, since the game does manage to bring a refreshing look at what it’s like to be an upcoming racer trying to make it to the top.
What can you say about yet another extreme dirt biking game? You can say they have now made one too many. Leave this one in the dust.
This wouldn't be such a big deal if it was done well. There is no shortage of games to find one that uses this system to its advantage, but this simple fact was wasted on the developers. The controls are stiff and unresponsive, leaving you with the feeling that this game is still a prototype. This, accompanied by poor graphics and all too linear tracks (sans any shortcuts at all) land SX Superstar at the bottom of the barrel.
Gaming Age (Jul 24, 2003)
All in all, SX Superstar is a rental at best, even with the great game play, not much is there to play around with. Even at the 30-dollar price tag, I suggest you wait for the bargain bin if you really need another Supercross title.
Frictionless Insight (Jul 27, 2003)
Once you complete the Pro tour mode you'll get a splash screen that says, "Game Over – You Must Retire," and that's all. There's no resolution to the stalker messages, no reaction from your parents or girlfriend, and nothing else to do but look around your apartment. There are so many other trick racing games, you are better off looking elsewhere for your entertainment.
Game Chronicles (Jul 28, 2003)
The Xbox certainly isn’t hurting for racing titles so when a new one comes along it had better offer something the others don’t have. In the case of SX Superstar the hook was simulating the life of an SX racer, but if reading faxes, listening to wrong numbers and staring at a picture of my ugly girlfriend is life, please kill me now.
TeamXbox (Aug 01, 2003)
If you cannot tell by now I thought SX Superstar to be horrendous and no where near the $29.99 price tag in worth. For such a cheap game if only one or two aspects of it could have been decent I would instantly recommend it for all those race fans out there. Unfortunately, I cannot do so with a clear conscience. The joke of a campaign mode, horrid controls, laughable graphics, and decent soundtrack all mush together to make one hell of a beer coaster. If you really like those bands mentioned and need an ego boost (available for free by winning each and every race) then go give SX Superstar a rent, otherwise leave the X for your X-Rated DVD’s.
IGN (Jun 24, 2003)
I have little left to say that wasn’t mentioned in this review. Let’s just say this is equivalent to Jeremy McGrath showing up to the party two years later. Theoretically, I should love SX Superstar. It’s an arcade racer that offers lots of air and a stunt system. SX even has a lifestyle simulator, which could have been interesting if you actually made decisions about your lifestyle instead of listening to answering machine messages. The problem is that with so many shortcomings, SX Superstar has to entice you into playing it with, and what little there is just isn’t all that fun.
Gaming Target (Jul 31, 2003)
SX Superstar tries to be the perfect mix of simulation and fast arcade action but thanks to the weird combination here, it ultimately destroys this title. There are not enough options to please sim addicts and the controls are too demanding for all those arcade freaks looking for a quick fix. SX Superstar ends up being nothing revolutionary and this may spell the end of Acclaim’s once promising Motocross franchise.