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The Thing Credits (Xbox)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
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The Thing Credits

Black Label Games

Production CoordinatorIan Stevens
Production AssistantSean Mountain
Additional Production SupportDylan Bromley, Carlos Schulte, Jeffrey Karl Barnhart, Chris Taylor
Original Game ConceptRicci Rukavina
PresidentJim Wilson
VP Product DevelopmentNeal Robison
Senior ProducerJonathan Eubanks
Director of Product MarketingJeffery L. Nuzzi
Associate Product ManagerLauren Faccidomo-Evans
Marketing CoordinatorAnson Sowby
Creative Services SupervisorMichael Sequeira
Booklet DesignLauren Azeltine
Promotions TeamChandra Hill, Virginia Fout, Jason Subia
Public Relations TeamAlex Skillman, Sandra Shagat, Erica Dart
VO DirectionLisa Riznikove, Absinthe Pictures LLC
VO Recording & SweeteningJohn Frost, Michael Keeley, Sonic Pool
Additional SFXSonic Pool
Voice Over TalentPer Solli, Michael Shea, Kevin Moore, Jesse O'Connell, Chris Chase, Ty Rushing, Kalan Strauss, Michael Sequeira, Ian Stevens, Kat Cressida, William Davis
Project ManagerFiona Wilson
Additional Localization SupportBarry Kehoe, Lawrence Moran
Sr. Lead EngineerAnthony Fitzgerald
Asst. QA ManagerDavid Hickey
QA LeadIvan McCloskey
QA TestersSarah Brennan, Sinead Nolan, Fabrice Peltier, Aymeric Guemas, Stephen Caulfield, Niall Hogan, Hernan Taffarelli, Marco Bizzaro
Very Special Thanks ToMiriam Bishay, Susannah Bergon, John Carpenter, David Christensen, Nabil Debira, Megan Hadley-Hill, Scott M. Johnson, Nicholas Longano, Cédric Maréchal, Jason Nicol, Niles Plante, Nancy Rinehart, Suzan Rude, Marcus Sanford, Nick Torchia, Charles Yam, VUG Sales Team, Hope Karlin, Marie Wanat

Computer Artworks

ProducerChristopher Hadley
Lead Game DesignerAndrew Curtis
Lead ArtistJoel Smith
Lead Technology ProgrammerMichael Braithwaite
Lead Game ProgrammerDiarmid Campbell
Level DesignersToby Stenberg, Toby Woolley
ArtistsCumron Ashtiani, Paul Catling, Sigbjørn Remi Galåen, Jeff Goslan, Paul Herbert, Mark Smith, Tero Takalo, Dominic Wright
ProgrammersAndy Bigos, Pascal Gane, Dave Griffiths, Geraint Johnson, Chris Jones, Sam Kuhn, Malcolm Lansell, Vincent Penquerch, Scott Rowlands, Alex Tait, David Wall
Sound & MusicKeith Tinman
Pre‑Production ProducerJon Robinson
Additional ProgrammingThomas Szirtes, Alan Hinton
Additional Game DesignAlex Scarrow
Motion CaptureBob Keen
Technical Director and DirectorMark Atkinson
CEO and Creative DirectorWilliam Latham
Administrative SupportVicky Morris, Mary Dunn
Special Thanks ToJamie Ingram, Frank Jennings, Danny

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76447) and ehushagen (228)