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TimeSplitters 2 Screenshots (Xbox)

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Title Screen. Do it alone or take on your mates!
There are lots of varied mini games in the arcade series.
This portal is where you choose your levels.
The match info screens are always funny!
Characters are numerous yet fit the game well.
Anaconda is one of the games you can find for your Temporal Up Link .
The rain effects are very good in 2019 Tokyo!
Aiming your weapon is just like it was in Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64.
Shotguns are always great for decapitating zombies!
The shotgun reloading animation is excellent!
Sorry! No blood or guts in this game!
Weapons & environments really match the time the levels are set in.
CCTV cameras Will alert enemies to your presence.
Head shots are the only way to go in this game.
Some projectiles can rebound off walls.
Mounted weaponry is great for taking out foes!
But its not just humans you face in this game!
One of the more unusual tasks you will have to perform.
Sometimes a jump button would be handy!
Now that's what I call fungus!