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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (19 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Originally Splinter Cell was meant to be played solo. The title even suggests that premise. Even though the solo mode makes a great single-player experience a little company is always welcome especially when it's handled as well as this. With so many gameplay options, modes and different strategies to try, Chaos Theory will provide you with an incredible amount of quality replay value.
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is the crown jewel in a trio of AAA titles that has firmly ensconced itself as the gold standard in the genre of stealth action gaming. With an amazing single player campaign that may be Sam Fisher's greatest adventure yet, a fantastic tie-in story four-mission co-op mode, and the return of the award winning online multiplayer game, Chaos Theory is the ultimate package. Quite probably the best visual presentation of this generation, coupled with an intense story and pitch perfect control and gameplay mechanics, SC: CT no doubt deserves a place in the Xbox hall of fame. Whether it's the special collector's edition with loads of cool extras, or the regular version, I urge you not to miss what's likely the finest adventure yet for the Xbox, and a standing achievement of this generation. Get it now...
GameSpy (Mar 24, 2005)
I normally wouldn't care about changing people's view of a franchise or a genre, but this game should be enjoyed by every type of gamer. You can play it however you'd like: stealthily or aggressively, smartly or stupidly, alone or with friends. It's worth checking out, even if you just want to see the most impressive graphics of this console generation. The team from Montreal has shown us that they can deliver the goods. They've also given us a glimpse into the future of gaming, and it's looking brighter than ever.
1UP (Mar 25, 2005)
Which is a pretty good summary of the game itself. Ubisoft's obvious dedication and purity of vision shines through in every single minute that you're playing. It never seems to get old, it's rarely frustrating, and delivers its payload of stealth, action, strategy and exploration right on target. If there's a more complete gaming experience on Xbox, I've yet to see it.
Chaos Theory also ups the ante with a huge range of multiplayer modes, and the macho military plot is more engaging than before as your actions can change the direction the story takes — kill the person you’re meant to interrogate, for example, and you’ll have to clean up your mess — making this Tom Clancy spin-off one of the most electrifying games on the shelves.
100 (Apr 26, 2005)
What can I say other than to pick this game up? It's the best of the series, and the Co-Op and Versus modes are two reasons alone to get this game. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory gets a Choice Award as one of the most satisfying gaming experiences to be had on the Xbox. Pick up your copy for some stealthy ass-kicking and meet some of the crew on Live for some Versus mode.
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory takes the stealth FPS to the next level. It is obvious that Ubi Soft put a lot of time and effort into every aspect of this game and it shows at every level. For me it is very rare to give a game top marks in every category, but in the case of SC Chaos Theory it is well deserved, and I knew it from the moment I started playing the first mission, and I was never disappointed from start to finish.
Gaming Age (2005)
The only question I still have is, if Ubisoft continues this revolutionary trend of development, what could possibly be in store for the next generation console systems. At this point, I can't even imagine what the future will hold. One thing is absolutely certain, and that is Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is one of the best games I have ever played.
AceGamez (2005)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is three brilliant games rolled into one that could all easily be sold separately. The single player is incredibly satisfying, co-op is one of a kind and adds a fresh and very compelling face to the underused online co-op genre and the adversarial mode is simply brilliant once again; an online experience no person with high speed internet should miss
Darkstation (Mar 29, 2005)
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is by far the best game that the series has produced, which is not an easy task. The game just combines both great single and multiplayer experience, which really makes your $50, go along way. If you’re a fan of the series I really think this is a must have and I can guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed.
TalkXbox (Apr 05, 2005)
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a blockbuster. If you don’t buy this game you don’t deserve to own an Xbox; it’s that good. Everything about this game is top-notch, from the gameplay, to the graphics, to the sound; it’s all tremendously well done. This might very well be one of the Xbox’s last AAA titles, and by far the best. So, run out to your nearest retailer and pick this one up; you better hurry though, it’s going to go fast. Fan of the series? Pick up the Collector's Edition. It includes a ‘’Making Of’’ and some other cool goodies such as music from the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Soundtrack, Penny Arcade Comics, and a whole lot more! This is the Xbox’s first Game of the Year contender to be released so far in 2005. Buy it, you know you want to.
Chaos Theory looks and sounds incredible as well as plays well. Though there have been a few changes to gameplay, the game is still mostly the same as it has been. The multiplayer aspect certainly brings plenty to the table, especially co-op. All-in-all, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is a can't miss for those that enjoy this stealth series.
Gaming Target (Apr 11, 2005)
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is the crown jewel in a trio of AAA titles that has firmly ensconced itself as the gold standard in the genre of stealth action gaming. With an amazing single player campaign that may be Sam Fisher’s greatest adventure yet, to a fantastic tie-in story 4 mission co-op mode, as well as the return of the award winning online multiplayer game, Chaos Theory is the ultimate package. Quite probably the best visual presentation of this generation - coupled with pitch perfect control and gameplay mechanics, as well as an intense story - SC: CT no doubt deserves a place in the Xbox hall of fame. Whether it’s the special collector’s edition with loads of cool extras, or the regular version, I urge you not to miss what’s likely the finest adventure yet for the Xbox, and a standing achievement of this generation. Get it now...
The mercs are more heavily armed but the spies are much more sneaky. The spies have roughly 10 minutes to achieve different objectives while the mercs are, of course, trying to stop the spies. The levels are very large and can take some time to learn. So like any multiplayer game the more you play a certain level the more of an advantage you have against those not so familiar with the set up. It is also a pretty big advantage to work well with your teammate, regardless of whether you’re a spy or merc, so it’s good to play with the same partner so you can anticipate each others' actions. Unlike the single player mode you have to complete a tutorial before you can play the multiplayer mode. This is very helpful because there are different moves and even different points of views in the multiplayer mode. The uniqueness of CT’s online play is just another reason to love this game.
XboxAddict (Apr 03, 2005)
If Sam Fisher were available for hire to just anyone, do you think we would have some of the stories and scandals that are in today’s news? Would Sam have left the kids alone with Michael? Would bad intel have made it’s way to the White House regarding WMD? Do you think Sam would have let Nicole and Ron walk up that sidewalk all alone with a knife wielding assailant in the bushes? The correct answer to all of the above is “no way”. Much like Viagra or Cialis, Sam Fisher is the ultimate asset when you really, really need assistance with your uhhh…problems.
Netjak (May 09, 2005)
In the end, I found Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory to be everything I wanted and more. With a slick story, great visuals, awesome multiplayer possibilities, and a style that is unmatched, Chaos Theory does not disappoint. You’ll likely play through the game more than once just to try to get that perfect rating at the end of each mission, and the co-op mode is much more engaging than anything else out there, which gives the game some great replay value. There are quite a few excellent games vying for your hard-earned cash right now on the Xbox, but Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is definitely the best of the bunch, and that’s saying a lot.
TeamXbox (Mar 24, 2005)
Quite simply, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory has it all. The presentation is off the charts with mesmerizing visuals and audio production, both of which have a major impact on how you play. It is still a genre that doesn’t appeal to everyone, so don’t expect to fall in love with Chaos Theory if you didn’t like the previous two games. For diehard Splinter Cell fans, get ready for the best one of them yet. This is probably Sam’s last appearance on this generation of Xbox, and man, what a way to go out.
Game Chronicles (May 30, 2005)
Chaos Theory has it all. A great solo campaign, cooperative and versus multiplayer with online and local support, and all of the audio and visual presentation value of a feature film. No matter what kind of gamer you are or what kind of game experience you are looking for, Chaos Theory has something for you.
If Chaos Theory were limited to only its single-player campaign, I’d still recommend it as one of the most intelligent and exciting action titles to date. But with the inclusion of two separate multiplayer modes, each of which offers a separate, fantastic experience, Chaos Theory becomes so much more. It is simply a masterpiece, and a crowning achievement in the art of video games.
games xtreme (Feb 05, 2002)
So that’s really it, hope you got a good idea of how the game is from all levels of gameplay and graphics, it easily stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Half life 2, Far Cry and Doom 3 in terms of looks and style and I look forwards to the next SC game in the series – until then, I am off to sneak around some more with a friend.
With a largely open-ended, freestyle single player mode that will have you going through again and again, an amazingly ambidextrous cooperative mode as well as the return of an innovative, award-winning versus mode that is all enhanced by top-notch visuals and an atmosphere that's completely immersive, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is the most accessible, complete, and ambidextrous stealth action/adventure package yet.
GameZone (Apr 11, 2005)
Simply one of the best Splinter Cell games produced thus far, Chaos Theory is just one of those games Xbox owners should not do without. With gorgeous visuals, a great story and fantastic multiplayer modes, this one is a complete package worthy of our attention. Buy this one if you love your stealthy spy games with nail-biting action.
Worth Playing (Mar 28, 2005)
If you don’t like stealth games, this won’t change your mind. If you don’t like Splinter Cell, check out Chaos Theory. Before I played this, I didn’t care for the series either, and I’m surprised that I like it as much as I do.
IGN (Mar 23, 2005)
Chaos Theory is an excellent addition to the Splinter Cell series and the new co-op missions add to the stealth-action genre as a whole. While Pandora Tomorrow felt like a slight extension of the original game, this instalment adds enough polish and gameplay tweaks to make a noticeable leap in quality. The real attraction of the game is its ability to appeal to gamers on so many levels. Whether gamers are interested in stealth or action, single- or multiplayer, versus or co-op, Chaos Theory offers an immensely satisfying experience. In my opinion, this game is the perfect reason to own an Xbox.
Wham! gaming (Mar 29, 2005)
Things always change in the video-game industry, but until noted otherwise this is your definitive Xbox game (Halo 2 was good, but this is better). Developer Ubisoft Montreal threw everything conceivable into Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and gamers all across the world are going to reap the benefits starting tomorrow. A definite must-buy.
As a package SC:CT is an excellent game. Ignoring the disappointing in game advertising and fairly easy single player this really does shine above the rest. Excellent graphics, excellent sounds and more importantly some of the most original gameplay we have seen in a long time, it really should be in your collection.
PGNx Media (Apr 06, 2005)
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is a game I have no qualms about recommending. You’re getting three different game modes; two of which are fully fleshed out. You’re getting one of the best graphics engines, and certainly some of the best graphics that the Xbox is capable of. Overall, it is an excellent addition to the library of any action game fan.
Playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is like tearing open your presents Christmas morning and discovering to your shock that you got everything you asked for. No pairs of socks. A cologne set of a brand you actually like. It's early in the year for Xbox games, but we’re already thinking "Best of." Yes, it's that good.
Extreme Gamer (Apr 12, 2005)
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is easily the best Splinter Cell game released yet, from the jaw dropping graphics to the pulse pounding action Chaos Theory goes above and beyond the call and creates one of the best experiences yet for the Xbox. No matter what Chaos Theory should be a must buy for all Xbox owners. Ubisoft is really showing that they are a premiere developer/publisher with the release of both Brothers in Arms and Chaos Theory in the same month.
Daily Game (Apr 09, 2005)
For a young franchise, Splinter Cell has been blessed both with incredible success and a surprising number of iterations. After the rousing success of the first Splinter Cell, Ubisoft moved quickly with its Shanghai studio to produce Pandora Tomorrow, the first stealth game to implement a solid multiplayer effort. One year later, we’re already playing the third game in the series, Chaos Theory. Given this schedule, it’s completely understandable to ask whether Ubisoft has pushed these games out too quickly, or whether the games themselves have suffered in the process. In a word, the answer to those questions is “no.”
IC-Games (Apr 28, 2005)
These are times when franchises can become repetitively tiresome, and plots and gameplay rehashes of the same old formula. Maybe by the time of the next chapter in the Sam fisher story we might need to see a little more enhancement but for the moment this is another slice of class. Chaos Theory doesn’t claim to be a revolution from what you know already, but that’s because it knows that what it does is the very best. It’s still the most fluid, most stylish, most playable experience in third person action and adds another worthy page turner to the Tom Clancy library.
Jolt (UK) (Apr 09, 2005)
We don’t need to tell you that if you didn’t like the first one then the chances are you won’t like this, but for us playing Splinter Cell is like wrapping ourselves up in a comfort blanket and its not an experience we want to be torn away from with such inconveniences as, ooh, the game ending. Subjectivity aside, on a pure bang to buck ratio Chaos Theory comes out tops, but as we’re all too aware, there’s no accounting for taste (or skill, you light-loving frag-fanatics).
Video Games Daily (Jun 21, 2005)
If previous installments weren't your bag, than this one won't be, either. But if you're a Splinter Cell fan, you will be treated to the finest SC title yet. The online fun alone could keep you playing for a very long time, but the single-player campaign is an absolute blast as well. There is something oddly stimulating about feeling both vulnerable and all-powerful at the same time, being a one-man army that is still human. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is just another treat for fans of the franchise, plain and simple.
The bottom line is that the try-fail-try-again gameplay of the first two games is gone. You can focus on what is important to the game, having fun with total immersion into the Splinter Cell world of the future. Chaos Theory fixes almost everything that was broken with the first two titles, improves on the robust gameplay of its predecessors, and features a fantastic multiplayer experience. This game won't change your mind if you aren't a stealth fan, but it is a must have for everyone else. With or without Live play, this is a fantastic title that gets almost everything right.
93 (Apr 05, 2005)
But even with its problems, Chaos Theory is still a very sophisticated, rewarding and ultimately enjoyable foray in the stealth genre. Ubisoft knows what it’s doing.
Overall, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory won't disappoint fans of the series and newcomers alike - it is very similar (almost disappointingly similar) to the previous games, but the new alterations and additions (cooperative mode) and sheer perfection of the formula make this a difficult game to pass up. While the cooperative modes online are more than enough of an incentive to buy this game, it would phase me that any fan of action or stealth games would miss out on this title.
XBox Front (Mar 28, 2005)
Nach der ersten Vorstellung auf der E3 in Los Angeles, stand die Spielergemeinde Kopf: Die gezeigten Videos, welche auf der PC-Version beruhten, sahen einfach atemberaubend aus. Schon bald kamen Fragen auf, welche Abstriche Xbox-Spieler bei einer solchen Grafikwucht in Kauf nehmen müssen. Nun ist bei uns die fertige Xbox-Fassung des Titels eingetroffen und wir können euch versichern: Auch die Xbox-Version von „Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory“ sieht derart brillant aus und spielt sich so!
The Montreal team has shown to the world once again what they are capable of, and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is the proof. Not only is it a game that will have you hooked from the moment you pick it up, but it is the best looking title available on any console. Featuring an amazing single player campaign and even better multiplayer, Chaos Theory is a game that should be tried by everyone, even if you weren’t a fan of the previous installments. Top-notch graphics, gameplay and sound blend perfectly to create what may be the best game of the year and then some.
Game Over Online (May 13, 2005)
On the basis of single-player alone, Chaos Theory earns a high recommendation. If you can conquer Versus or find a buddy for co-op, it could be a Game of the Year contender. All I’d caution is that its politics are...debatable, when you’re merging Tom Clancy and paying advertisers.
Game Revolution (Apr 05, 2005)
While Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory doesn't deliver a terribly original single-player experience, it introduces a useful new co-operative mode and manages to improve upon the incomparable multiplayer. The Xbox version of Chaos Theory is one of the system's most complete and valuable titles, a must-have. If you like your games hard and your competition brutal, don't let Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory out of your sight.
Joypad (Apr, 2005)
En termes de réalisation, Chaos Theory mérite un prix d'excellence dans tous les domaines. En prenant compte des critiques émises pour les précédents épisodes, les équipes de développement ont trouvé les clés pour rendre le personnage de Sam plus vivant, l'infiltration facile d'accès et le sentiment de liberté omniprésent, sans pour autant laisser de côté les bases qui ont fait le succès de la série. Un must !
X-Power (Apr 25, 2005)
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is een beest van een game dat voor de afwisseling toch nog eens wat nadenken vergt en een hoop geduld. Online spant de co-op mode de kroon, maar ook de versus mode is hoogst genietbaar. Met zowel perfect geluid, graphics en gameplay is dit spel één van de beste spellen verkrijgbaar voor de Xbox. Uiteraard als je voor het genre bent. Vond je de eerste twee al niet leuk dan moet je aan deze ook vast en zeker niet beginnen. Voor alle anderen: kopen die handel!
90 (Mar 29, 2005)
Avec des modes multi innovants et une réalisation somptueuse, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory confirme tout le bien qu'on pensait déjà de Sam Fisher. En reprenant les bases des deux premiers volets, mais en poussant plus loin le challenge de l'infiltration, il s'agit très certainement du meilleur épisode de la série !
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is definitely the best Splinter Cell to date. It’s been cleaned up since last time, which has made room for a few new features, and the gameplay is the same old solid gold stuff. Agent Fisher is getting old these days, but it seems that he’s aging gracefully. If you’ve ever thought about checking out a Splinter Cell game, there has never been a better time to do so.
I am genuinely amazed at how good Chaos Theory is given how quickly it was produced. Not only did it come out in a timely fashion, but it also added the kind of improvements I was looking for and managed to develop the series even further. There are some hang-ups, namely a few freeze ups and inconsequential results when killing someone whether than merely knocking them out, but, by and large, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is an outstanding title. I do hope though, even with these improvements, that more time is given before the next release, because I would hate to get burned out on something when it gets this good.
Gamer 2.0 (Apr 04, 2005)
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory may not be the greatest game ever made, and it may not be for everyone, but for fans of the Splinter Cell series, this game is for you. Heck, it’s almost tailor-made for fans of the series. The single-player is short but sweet, and the multiplayer is just totally sick. With the addition of cooperative play and a new action-focused approach, it makes Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory the most accessible, entertaining, and enjoyable game in the series so far. It’s a superb game and is worth a look by any fan of the genre.
90 (May 02, 2005)
I honestly cannot imagine the Splinter Cell series ever getting any better than this. Gone is the frustrating, unintentional linearity of the previous games, gone the occasionally suspect AI, gone the slight problems in the multiplayer. What we have here is a perfect version of the Splinter Cell formula. It still requires patience, skill and, occasionally, brutality, but unlike before, it rewards ingenuity, spontaneity and deviousness. The online options are comprehensive and innovative, but the single-player remains the aesthetically gorgeous, intensely satisfying, darkly atmospheric highlight. This is a very good time to be a gamer.
GamePro (US) (Mar 24, 2005)
Even though this is the third Splinter Cell, Chaos Theory abounds with refreshing creativity. Newbies to the series will have a hard time adjusting to the gameplay at first, but anyone craving a thrilling adventure shouldn't miss this brilliant game.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Mar 25, 2005)
The combination of cutting-edge technology and consuming game design creates an experience that is hard to put down, and it’s really only minor gripes that prevent this from being a perfect score.
With your newly equipped hunting knife, you're no longer a sitting duck when spotted so you don’t have to be so cautious anymore. You can choose to have a little fun and go gun crazy, you can throw enemies off cliffs, pull them down a set of stairs or simply torture them from the darkness above. Sure, its story is lacking decent presentation and many will miss out on things because of it, but it doesn't spoil the game as it doesn't rely on its story to make it good. Just as a single player game Splinter Cell Chaos Theory would still be a great game, but with the excellent co-op and Vs multiplay, it's one of the Xbox's finest.
Bordersdown (Apr, 2005)
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is the pinnacle of both stealth and Tom Clancy games, and is light years ahead of its peers. The changes to the gameplay structure accompanied with the very open-ended levels make for a simply brilliant single-player game, and with the near limitless longevity in its multiplayer modes, it’s a title that will potentially last until the next Splinter Cell.
Game Critics (May 04, 2005)
There's little in this game that can be called a major flaw. When I try to think of flaws in the game, I think more of what has yet to be implemented into the series, and less of what actually exists in the game. It's not too often when a series can challenge me to think of the endless possibilities for future installments all because of a sound formula established by its flawed first installment. There are some videogame genres that have reached a creative stalemate between innovation and marketability. The relatively young stealth genre, and the Splinter Cell series, proves that innovation can still keep shareholders and players alike happy.
Gamestyle (Apr 24, 2006)
So, even if you don't have access to Xbox Live, Chaos Theory is still a worthy purchase; and for those who do, then not owning this game should be a crime. While non-fans of the stealth genre may avoid the game, Gamestyle urges you to give it a try, because if there's one game that can convert you to the Ninja art of stealth then this is it. Not only does Sam Fisher dethrone Solid Snake, he snaps his neck when he's not looking. Now that's a sign of greatness.
GamersMark (Feb 15, 2006)
Along with these two great options for multiple players the original game of course takes near 25-30 hours to beat depending on your speed and amount of retries. This of course brings me to my next point -- difficulty. It’s no secret that Splinter Cell is excessively difficult for certain gamers. However, now not only do you have your hard, harder, and hardest difficulties which no Splinter Cell game would be complete without, but now you get an Easy difficulty to make things a little more accessible. So if you’ve been unable to enter into the world of the NSA before, they’ve lowered the standards just for you. There hasn’t been any better time to don the black mask, so why not give it a shot now? It’s better in the dark.
PlayDevil (Aug 10, 2005)
Sam Fisher is back with his greatest and biggest adventure and everything that was broken in the two previous games has been fixed so ... stealth gamers ... this is YOUR game you've been waiting for!
I am truly amazed at how this game can interest nearly all types of gamers with the ability to play Chaos Theory either by stealth or action. Then you have multiplayer co-op and versus modes via Live for those who like to only play games with friends. Ubisoft have truly raised the bar by showing the community what makes a near perfect game. Nothing is perfect but this is damn well close.
ActionTrip (Apr 05, 2005)
While the game is not without its faults, the core mechanics are so polished, beautiful and above all fun, that I really must recommend this game to anyone. And bear in mind that I haven't had a chance to thoroughly test either the multiplayer segment, which is sort of a cat and mouse game of spies, or the co-op piece, which lets you run missions with two Sam Fishers! Even if you're not a fan of the stealth genre, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is certainly worth giving a good long thought towards. It's a brilliant game any way that you look at it.
89 (May 03, 2005)
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is, despite the innovative co-op mode, not an enormous advancement in comparison to last years’ instalment. From another point of view, you shouldn’t be downed by that as Pandora Tomorrow was a very decent game and why change a winning strategy? The improved graphics, co-op mode and decent online mode make Chaos Theory a great game and secure the stealth king crown for Sam Fisher to wear. The only thing that keeps me busy is that irritating Airwaves commercial and playing Chaos Theory isn’t helping me get rid off it. It looks like Sam Fisher will be giving me negative associations for weeks to come.
88 (Mar 31, 2005)
Kampf, Akrobatik, Spannung - als nach zwölf Stunden der Abspann lief, war die Welt gerettet. Ich habe gezittert und geschossen, bin geschlichen und geklettert. Und das alles bei perfekter Steuerung, in traumhafter Umgebung, begleitet von einer guten Story. Die kann zwar weder Sam Fisher noch anderen Charakteren echtes Profil geben und setzt für meinen Geschmack zu wenig dramatische Höhepunkte, aber sie wird glaubwürdig erzählt. Selbst als bekennender Solid Snake-Fan kann ich Sam Fisher und Ubisoft nur gratulieren. Vor allem der elegante Einsatz des Messers, der listige Störsender sowie das offene Leveldesign haben neuen Schwung ins altbekannte Spielerlebnis gebracht. Leider ist die künstliche Intelligenz ein zweischneidiges Schwert: Einerseits beobachtet man gutes Patrouille- und Suchverhalten, andererseits peinliche Inkonsequenzen bei der Geräuschwahrnehmung.
87 (Apr 14, 2005)
Auch Splinter Cell Chaos Theory bietet dem Spieler spannende Schleich-Action auf höchstem Niveau, wie man es von Sam Fisher kennt. Zwar mag der ein oder andere Spieler größere Innovationen vermissen, die wenigen Neuerungen wie die Geräuschanzeige sind aber allesamt sehr gut ins Spiel integriert. Man möchte sie nach kurzer Spielzeit nicht mehr missen. Technisch ist Sams dritter Ausflug ohnehin erstklassig und der neue kooperative Mehrspielermodus ist trotz kleiner Mängel sehr viel versprechend. Wer die Wahl hat sollte auf jeden Fall die grafisch opulente PC-Version kaufen, reine Konsolenzocker bevorzugen die Xbox-Fassung.
GameSpot (Mar 28, 2005)
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory fulfills a lot of the previously untapped potential of its predecessors' single-player portions, while successfully extending the impressive multiplayer offerings of Pandora Tomorrow. It's got to be the most fully featured stealth action game to date, so if you like the idea of high-tech espionage, it's certainly going to have plenty to offer you.
Though as I said above in this game you get a higher mission score the less fatalities you cause. (Joke: killing terrorists can't be all that bad, can it?). The rating on the game should have been for ‘Language’ instead of ‘Strong Language’ but I am not part of the ESRB and can’t speak for their reasons. This game is questionable on rather it should have been rated teen or mature, but it is definitely darker than the first two games. In my opinion the game is appropriate for anyone 14 or older.
80 (Apr 04, 2005)
Ce Splinter Cell est une tuerie. Jamais un jeu n'aura repoussé les limites du réalisme aussi loin. La Xbox est poussée dans ses derniers retranchements et offre une qualité visuelle éblouissante. En un mot, Chaos Theory est le meilleur titre du genre, toutes consoles confondues. À acheter dès sa sortie. Merci Ubi Soft !
Factornews (Apr 22, 2005)
Sur Xbox, Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory est une franche réussite : un solo renouvelé par un level design des plus attrayants, un gameplay retouché par endroits et une linéarité un tantinet cassée. Les modes multijoueurs sont vraiment un énorme plus, faisant office de jeu dans le jeu. Le versus promet de longues heures de plaisir, tandis que le coopératif laissera le joueur sur sa faim, une fois l’effet de découverte estompé. Un très très grand jeu, assurément.
Buy. But beware: The offline, online Co-op and Versus modes are more addictive than crack. In fact, save yourself some trouble and break up with your girlfriend now. (She hates video games as it is. She's also having an affair with your grandpa.)
GamerDad (Nov 20, 2005)
Whether or not you've ever played one of these tense and mature Splinter Cell games in the past, Chaos Theory is an extraordinary title that is well worth your time and money.
Boomtown (May 02, 2005)
Well look at that: over 1,000 words and no mention of a certain Japanese creep-‘em-up. Oh, go on then. Let’s just say that Sam Fisher is not so far removed from that Australian mentalist Steve Irwin. Where Irwin makes snakes look tame, Fisher continues to make Snake look lame.
So even after three versions, the "Splinter Cell" series still seems fresh to me. To say I spy another pretty good game here sounds a little forced, but it's true.
Lawrence (Apr 10, 2005)
My initial reaction of Chaos Theory was very positive. Then the boredom started to set in around Mission 4, and later missions did nothing to help the monotony. If you're a big Splinter Cell fan, I'm sure this entry will satisfy you and warrant a purchase. Those who are new to the series or aren't sure about Chaos Theory should probably stick with a rental. In the end, it certainly stays true to the rest of the series: Shining in almost every technical aspect, but lacking in fun.

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