Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Screenshots (Xbox)

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Main Title
Main Menu
Training videos serve to get you familiar with the controls.
In between missions there will still be news caps to keep the story going.
Close-up on Sam Fisher, the splinter cell.
There will be several key members to brief you on each mission.
As it is with Splinter Cell games, normal vision will be nothing short of pitch black.
Switching on the night vision makes it easier to navigate with no lights around.
Unlike prequels, Splinter Cell 3 gives you a whole plethora of additional objectives aside the main ones, which are always optional but prolong the gameplay on each mission.
Two soldiers on your twelve, though with lights around night vision can get too shiny to aim properly.
Dragging bodies to shadowy areas will keep alarms at bay and you'll breathe easier.
You can switch the shooting hand for both pistol and rifle which will come in handy for shooting around corners.
Each mission has a general briefing displayed during loading time.
With thermal vision you can register heat signatures... bet these two don't even know how close their threat is.
You can disable the camera with your secondary pistol trigger, but only for a short period of time.
Sneaking past the wall to avoid being detected by the camera above you.
Aside the regular lockpicking, you can force open doors, break them, or stealth open them slightly.
This could be called a bank heist if only we wouldn't know Sam so well... he is not here for the money, that's for sure.
The new vision mode that lets you see the electricity current, the glowing things around you are computers, circuit breakers, and such.
There's no easier way to grab the guard than when they're sleeping.
Using a guard on a retinal scan to open the door for you.
As missions tend to get rather huge in comparison to game's prequels, a full 3D map is at your disposal, though it may take some time to adjust to it.
Sam now has a knife for silent attacks, and while holding a target you can decide to kill or just render the guard unconscious.