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Totaled! Credits

Rage Production

DesignerSteve Pritchard
ProducerSteve Pritchard
Studio ManagersFeargus Carroll, David Nicholson

Rage Programming

Lead ProgrammerDamian Hibbard
ProgrammersMark McCormack, Sam Parsons, James Sutherland, David Tetlow
Support ProgrammersChris Bayliss, Darren Griffiths, Mark Pope, Graham Stone

Rage Art

Lead ArtistEdward Chaplin
ArtistsCraig Collins, Colin McGuire, Jonathan Murphy, Dale Thomson

Rage Audio

Sound EffectsStephen Lord, Andy Deiy, Darren Lambourne
CommentaryChristian Stevenson
Casting byNatural Voice

Rage QA

Product QA ManagerDean Bent
Lead TesterPaul Coles
TestersStuart Williams, Jody Craddock, Gavin Clark, James Brodie, Nick Hall, Mark Povey, Stuart Clenton, David Dixon
Focus TestingMatthew Bainbridge, Andrew Iles, James O'Neil, Robert Sayles, Hannah Scott, Jake Slater, Jonathan M. Smith, Billy Street, Andrew Taylor, Jordan Walker

Rage Legal

LegalNick White, Clare Brennan (Brabners solicitors [Liverpool])

Rage Publishing Support

Deputy Managing DirectorJohn Schorah
Marketing DirectorSimon Lilley
Sales DirectorPhillip Wright
PR DirectorGlen O'Connell
PR ManagerNick Clarkson
Product ManagerMartin Kitney
LocalizationAlly Noble
Manual ArtworkBill Bird
European Sales ManagerTony Fitzgerald
Export Sales ManagerDavid Foster
National Accounts ManagerGlenn Hayes
Production Services ManagerPat Kavanagh
Sales AdministratorLisa O'Connor


Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
VP of DevelopmentDavid Elmekies
Product Development ManagerCatherine Biebelberg
QA ManagerRuss Mock
TestingRai Iodice, Eric Jezercak, Kevin Kurdes, Luis Antonio Torres
VP of MarketingKen Gold
Product ManagerKevin Brannan
PackagingLesley Zinn Abarcar, Chris Moryl
Manual DesignLesley Zinn Abarcar, Chris Moryl
ManualCorry Fitchpatric
Special ThanksMorris Sutton, Jesse Sutton, Joseph Sutton, Adam Sutton

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (233336) and formercontrib (158962)