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Written by  :  The Holy Moly (21)
Written on  :  Jul 29, 2004
Platform  :  Xbox

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A bad game

The Good

It only cost me $15. I figured that at least I wouldn't lose much if the game was not fun.

The CD is a nice, decorative coaster.

The Bad

Excessive gore.

Enemies can see through objects and can tell where you are. As an example I was behind a large rock with low health and an enemy had me pinned down. I decided that if I ran to the other side of the rock I should be able to get the initiative and get a shot off. He was already shooting in that direction before I even stuck my head out from behind the rock. Whatever.

The game play itself isn't too great, trying to aim is extremely difficult...turning on the auto aim helps some.

The flying level, though kind of silly, was fun at first. The game play here was great. Flying a Pterosaur with guns and missiles was kind of silly. Kind of stupid was clipping a wing on a cliff face and experiencing sudden death. Kind of flat out retarded is the above but without touching or hitting anything visible.

Some of the levels are quite long and there is no save. You die, suck it up because you get to start all the way over.

I have not beat this game since I cannot bring myself to play it any more.

It was not worth the $15 I paid.

The Bottom Line

A buggy first person shooter that feels like it was slapped together to make some sales.