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GameSpy (Nov 04, 2002)
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is a by-the-numbers platformer. It doesn't take many chances, but it doesn't make many mistakes. Our hero's various boomerangs are an original touch, but they don't really make him stand out in a world overflowing with mascots. The actual Tasmanian tiger has been extinct since the 1930's, but ironically, a report earlier this year says that Australian geneticists are attempting to clone the marsupial from replicated DNA, thus bringing it back to life. Developer Krome Studios seems to have beaten the scientists at their own game. It brought Ty to life simply by cloning other games.
GameZone (Oct 24, 2002)
Despite the fact that there is nothing really innovative presented here, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is still a delightful romp in the old Outback. Gamers will still get a kick out of the charming characters and interesting objectives so this is a highly recommended rental.
IGN (Oct 16, 2002)
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger has lots to like about it. There are some really clever puzzles, and the levels have a good variety to them. Rarely does the game seem old. The short game time is probably a contributing factor. Most skilled gamers can finish this game in 10-15 hours, while younger gamers may actually have some difficulty finishing it, especially with the boss battles, and also figuring out what to do. The game is definitely more challenging than it seems.
Game Over Online (Nov 21, 2002)
All in all, Ty is a decent game for beginners looking for a solid platform experience. While it has good graphics, awesome sound and decent play, the brevity of gameplay winds up selling this title short in the end. This may be perfect for your little brother or sister as you try to indoctrinate them to the world of game playing, but for wily vets looking for a solid platform, you'll probably wind up looking elsewhere
GameSpot (Oct 22, 2002)
Ty's main draw, though, is the supporting cast, which in addition to Julius and Maurie also includes anthropomorphized wombats, platypuses, frogs, and various other Australian fauna. The character designs are nicely done, thanks to some costuming to convey the characters' personalities. For instance, Julius' role as the doddering engineer is enhanced by his wearing glasses, a bow tie, and a workman's apron and his having a pencil behind one ear. It's well executed, if perhaps a little clichéd.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 21, 2002)
Même si l'on aurait souhaité voir cette version Xbox exploiter davantage les possibilités de la console, Ty : le Tigre de Tasmanie affiche de réelles ambitions qui se traduisent par une réalisation très cartoon et un gameplay inspiré des meilleurs jeux de plates-formes. Les challenges manquent pourtant un peu d'intérêt et d'originalité, et le faible niveau de difficulté le destine clairement aux plus jeunes joueurs.
Power Unlimited (Dec, 2002)
Met de characters is verder niet veel mis. Ty zelf ziet er wel funny uit en klinkt met z'n Aussie accent minstens zo grappig. Z'n eigenschappen zijn weliswaar niet uniek maar je kunt genoeg uitspoken met 'm zodat hij je niet snel vervelen zal. Het grote arsenaal aan goed- en kwaadaardige beesten (een stuk of dertig) zorgt ook voor gezellige momenten, maar helaas zijn er bepaalde randverschijnselen die Ty geen toptitel maken. Desondanks is Ty The Tasmanian Tiger gewoon een leuke platformgame geworden die vooral jongere gamers bekoren zal.
GamePro (US) (Oct 09, 2002)
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger: Australian for average.The Hall of Video Game Mascots is reaching critical capacity but that didn’t stop EA Games from trying to squeeze one more through the door. Unfortunately, the only thing Ty the Tasmanian Tiger really adds to the 3D platformer genre is an amusing Australian accent. Expect to someday see him standing behind a velvet rope in the back room next to the likes of Tomba, Chuck Rock, and James Pond.