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World War II Combat: Iwo Jima Credits (Xbox)

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Critic Score
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World War II Combat: Iwo Jima Credits

Direct Action Games

Executive ProducersMark Long, Joanna Alexander
PresidentJohn E. Williamson
Lead ProgrammerBrett Holton
ProducerRichard Dormer
Technical DirectorBill Wright
Art DirectorRichard Starr
Creative DirectorShawn Mulanix
AccountingSandy Heyer
ProgrammingJay Parker, Russell Nelson, Patrick Coughlin, James Smith
Gameplay ScriptingAdin Clark, Jeff Josephson
Level DesignErik Bretz, Richard Dormer, Adin Clark, Richard Starr
Lead 3D ArtistMatt Rapelje
3D ArtistsLani Ming, Paul Wu, Shaun Mackey, Joshua Anderson, Ken Studebaker, Andy Zibits, Chris Durso, Eric Eye, James Croley, Ryan Bullock
Character Art Daniel Sipes, Julian DePuma, Shaun Mackey
Character AnimationDaniel Sipes, Julian DePuma, Shaun Mackey
Audio DirectorAlexander Guilbert
Original Music Composed byAlexander Guilbert
Original Music Produced byAlexander Guilbert
Voice ActorsAlexander Guilbert, Rainer Eckert, Heinz Strobl, Hi-Jo Eng
TranslationAnri Rapelje
Special ThanksOur wives, Our children, Our parents, Ron Haskins

Groove Games

CEOJon Walsh
COOMichael James Haines
PresidentTrevor Fencott
General CounselDonald Henderson
VP FinanceGreg Donaldson
Executive ProducersJon Walsh, Trevor Fencott
Senior ProducerZandro Chan
Production AssistantColin Sullivan
Quality Assurance LeadNelson Pavao
Senior QAOliver Kutnik
Groove QA TeamBen Aerssen, Matthew Brabant, Jake Childs, Dustin Choi, Rob Crupi, Pamela Dzwonek, Laura Evans, Erica Gregory, Jake LaChapelle, James Low, Luke Marshall, Eric Malinski, Fran├žois Messier, Christopher Musgrave, Jorge Mijangos, Nishanth Paramsothy, Michael Sullivan, Stephen Sutton, Christopher Turner, Steven Weisman, Additional Groove testers
Director of MarketingMichael James Haines
Art DirectorMatthew Hollingshead
Operations ManagerBenjamin Huxley
Sales ManagerLisa McGrath
LocalizationBugTracker - Testing Labs
Third Party QABugTracker - Testing Labs
Special ThanksAndrea Chan, Asher Chan, Ryder Chan, Jen Walsh, Abigail Walsh, Patty Aziz, Eli & Tess, Marie Scragg, Mark Rivkin, Harvey Solursh, Christopher Locke, Nicole, Lucas, Maya
Compatibility Testing byBug Tracker

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