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World War II Combat: Road to Berlin (Xbox)

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Written by  :  Tony Denis (506)
Written on  :  Nov 06, 2016
Platform  :  Xbox
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One of the worst games I've ever played, and that's saying something

The Good

The trivia segments are interesting, but you could easily look them up on dedicated encyclopedias, your college class, or maybe your best friend who happens to be a history nut.

The Bad

Hoo boy, where do I start with begin with, the game itself is rushed, and I do mean rushed! WWII Combat game runs on a heavily modified Unreal 2 engine that powers Shadow Ops: Red Mercury, and even has the same devs. Many particle effects and so forth are plastered without shame, alongside some new ones (including barely noticeable blood effects). Problem is, Shadow Ops had more time put into it.

The graphics are a chunky, blocky, pixelized garblemesh. Textures look like carpets and patches of grass instead of actual metal, brick, dirt, wood, ash, whatever. Weapon and character models are just the same, chunky and blocky. The BAR looks like someone decided to make a gun out of pipes and blocks of wood, and the ever-present Nazi goons you'll shoot up have the same repeating models over and over again. Animations work, I guess, but they're cartoonish to look at.

The controls are dreadful. They slip, slide, and hardly even work at times. They're also poorly mapped out; and make you wonder if it was intended for a FPS game in the first place.

The biggest issue? Bugs. Rushed is the name of the game here, and bugs are littered everywhere, in the levels, objectives, weapons and AI. The AI lacks any real depth, and even your own allies will decide to shoot at you. Apparently the game was so bad, it's enough to make these G.Is go bananas. Shooting them means game over, apparently, but I never faced that. One other major issue, thanks to bugs and rushed development, is the lack of a proper health system. You better be smart and hope that your pasty butt doesn't get riddled with bullets, instead of the ever convinent health pack to fall back on. This makes for frustrating gameplay, and with a terrible checkpoint system in place? You just got a recipe for digital disaster!

Audio wise, it's awful. The music, sounds and voice acting could've been done by Fred Newman. Y'know, the composer from Doug? He'd do a better job with sounds and voices than whatever the devs pushed out here.

Multiplayer works...somewhat. I can't imagine anyone playing this online, but what's really funny? The bots carry over the same basic, buggy AI from the campaign. Just goes to show that rushed is used everywhere in this case - plural, verb, synonym, whatever.

The Bottom Line

I'm a fairly open-minded person, and there are games I think that, while not amazing or the absolute pinnacle of art, don't necessarily deserve extreme bouts of distaste. Games like Bad Boys: Miami Takedown, Aliens Colonial Marines and so forth, while poorly done, they're games where you're supposed to leave your brain at the door, and retrieve it when you're done afterwards. They're simply dumb fun, to put it one way.

WWII Combat, suffice to say, has none of that dumb fun factor, and I easily squeeze it into my worst games of all time, right somewhere in between Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse and 25 To Life. I have yet to play the sequel, Road to Iwo Jima, but after playing this, I'm going to expect worse out of it. Ah well, I'm pretty sure the sequel will induce more psychological wounds that'll never heal. Thank goodness 2 games were made, eh?