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God is a Geek (Oct 30, 2012)
The game has been slickly executed and the movie-style presentation makes everything seem like a neat package, but there just isn’t enough substance within; especially with the decision to make everything Daniel Craig-centric and stripping away almost all of the character and fun from the scenes. The idea of being able to play through the old films in high definition on a modern console sounded great, but these aren’t the old films you will remember and look fondly back upon, these are some entirely new levels, with some old names and characters tacked onto them. The Bond series may have evolved in its theatrical version but, in its fiftieth year, nostalgia still runs through its veins, and fans still respond to the old charm, however, that is sadly lost in the sanitised, modern re-vamp.
games xtreme (Nov 22, 2012)
That sums up the experience as a whole, for everything that the game attempts to get right, it makes a garishly obvious mistake and just ruins the experience. This is one to wait for, I would advise grabbing it whilst it's cheap in the sales for something to blast through while you wait for the yearly drought to end.
I really wanted to love 007 Legends, given the source material they had to rely on, as well as how I had enjoyed the previous Bond games; however, at the end of the day I am left underwhelmed by the whole experience having played what I view as a average game at best. Sure, there are signs of a good game, but there are issues that become prevalent, such as heavy use of QTEs, basic enemy AI, frustrating gameplay, as well as inconsistent visuals and sound, and these hurt this title in the long run. 007 Legends is best left for those true Bond fans as it gives some great fan service, they just have to be leery of some of its shortcomings before they start to play.
IGN (Oct 16, 2012)
Last year Eurocom delivered GoldenEye: Reloaded, an HD remake which was arguably the best James Bond game since well, the original GoldenEye 64. Unfortunately the developer hasn't been able to maintain that trajectory with 007 Legends; an abhorrent 'tribute' to the history of the British super spy that doesn't just take liberties - it takes the piss. At a time when early reports suggest the celluloid Bond is reaching a new high with Skyfall, it's a shame that his video game counterpart has reached his digital downfall. If you're really dying for a Call of Duty-style shooter experience, then sit tight as Black Ops II has likely got more money than God behind it and it's only a month away.
Worth Playing (Oct 26, 2012)
David Arnold's soundtrack, the collectible fiction, the character art, and some interesting ideas weren't enough to salve the disappointment that I felt when playing 007 Legends. It's not the worst Bond game, and it's not the worst take on the films that I've seen, but while 007 Legends may have some of Bond's best lined up in one place, the empty routine tarnishes this license to kill.
AusGamers (Nov 13, 2012)
007 Legends absolutely reeks of a rush job. It may have the look (loosely) but carries with it none of the heart, soul or charm of the world’s greatest secret agent. The tenuous links to each film are almost in name only and I’m pretty sure Ian Fleming would be turning in his grave to see his pride and joy bastardised in such a fashion. I’m going to award each of the six missions a pity 00.7/10 for managing to vaguely resemble the source material. This Bond is KIA and won’t be returning to active duty.
Games TM (Nov 22, 2012)
Even if you're mad about Bond, stick to the GoldenEye remake. In fact, just play GoldenEye 007, because it's still the best. 007 Legends will leave you shaken, stirred and wishing you bought a better game.
Game Informer Magazine (Oct 16, 2012)
This look back at 007's history is one of the worst James Bond titles yet, as it's uninspired at best and nearly broken at worst.
Polygon (Oct 25, 2012)
Maybe starting from square one with Bond as a character and building a new game around what makes him tick is asking too much. Maybe Activision isn't willing to make the investment a Casino Royale would require. But even a hint of care, a few fleeting moments of inspiration or a base level of craftsmanship would be an improvement on this cynical, dismal little game.
40 (Oct 24, 2012)
Es war wohl diese Sorte von Deal: "Ein Spiel muss raus, sonst verlieren wir die Lizenz". Da helfen dann auch nette Ideen wie das motivierende Erfahrungspunktesystem oder der ganz gelungene Multiplayer nicht mehr. Immerhin ist es durchgehend spielbar und ansonsten ein zumindest durchschnittliches, wenn auch uninspiriertes Actionspiel, das ohne den bekannten Namen vermutlich gänzlich in der Versenkung verschwinden würde. Ein James Bond verdient jedoch mehr als das.
40 (Oct 29, 2012)
007 Legends parte insomma da premesse che avrebbero potuto dare vita a uno dei giochi più memorabili dedicati a James Bond, e finisce per diventare uno dei peggiori. Sarebbe bastato curarne meglio le meccaniche e limitarsi ad attingere allo storico della serie per avere tra le mani un titolo discreto, ma Eurocom da una parte sembra aver voluto strafare, modernizzando a tutti i costi le varie storyline, dall'altro sembra aver sviluppato il tutto quasi controvoglia. Alle soglie del 2013, l'accoppiata data da un gameplay blando e una realizzazione mediocre ci sembra inaccettabile, soprattutto nel caso di un genere collaudatissimo come l'FPS.
40 (Dec 02, 2012)
James Bond: 007 Legends comes across as nothing more than a cheap and rushed cash in. With both the new movie and 50 year anniversary of Bond, it seems Eurocom and Activision rushed a title out as a quick cash cow movie tie-in. With little more than its name going for it, Legends is worth no more than a 4 out of 10 from me.
DarkZero (Nov 08, 2012)
As you can probably tell, I am very disappointed that such an iconic character has been given a below-par game to represent his 50th anniversary. The idea is great, but the execution and lack of respect – or maybe it is effort – to represent all the Bonds with the correct actors and context, is poor. With such a massive scope to take as influence for a game, 007 Legends just ends up failing at bringing these exciting moments of Bond history to life through a video game. Instead, this uninspired game is dull, stale, and doesn’t deserve to be given the title of a 00 agent.
Giant Bomb (Oct 18, 2012)
The idea of an anthology-like tribute to Bond films of the past isn't a bad one, but 007 Legends wastes whatever potential for fun there might have been. Instead, all Bond fans are left with is a heavily rewritten, Cliff's Notes version of some great (and not-so-great) films with a bunch of forgettable shooting and stealth sequences shoved into the mix. Ultimately, nothing 007 Legends offers is worth the effort of trudging through it.
40 (Jan 01, 2013)
Nawet jeżeli jesteście największymi fanami Bonda nad Wisłą, to trzymajcie się od 007 Legends z daleka. Nie wiem, kupcie „Skyfall” na Blu-ray albo przepuście hajs na cokolwiek innego. Naprawdę niełatwo zainwestować pieniądze gorzej niż w twór Eurocom.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 20, 2012)
There were times in which I wanted to like at least some part of the game. Little increments of play, such as floating in space in Moonraker felt like they should have been more exciting, but in execution turned out to be very underwhelming. Like always, 007 will return, and when he does hopefully he’ll bring along a game worthy of his name and number.
40 (Oct 30, 2012)
With both success and camp, the Hollywood side of the Bond character has had an iconic and influential history creating the perception of an “International Man of Mystery”. Unfortunately, assuming that role in videogames has always been more about reckless licensed cash-ins, that may or may not be entertaining, instead of a way to further develop the character—and 007 Legends is content in staying true to that differentiation.
39 (Oct 17, 2012)
Alles an 007 Legends wirkt schludrig, gehetzt und unfertig: Angefangen bei der jämmerlichen Grafik über die nutzlose Schleichmechanik, die träge Ballersteuerung und die einschläfernden Faustkämpfe bis hin zum nicht vorhandenen, auf den Skyfall-DLC bauenden Ende, das deutlich macht, unter welchem Zeitdruck die Designer standen. Eine verdammte Schande, denn das vorhandene Potenzial blitzt immer wieder durch: Ich mag den kreativen Handlungsansatz, das motivierende EP-System und das freie Aufrüsten, auch der Mehrspielermodus ist zumindest nicht furchtbar. Aber Potenzial allein macht noch kein gutes Spiel - und davon ist diese lahme Bond-Suppe so weit entfernt wie Blofeld vom Mister Universe.
GameSpot (Oct 24, 2012)
To say that 007 Legends is a disappointment is to be kind, especially after Eurocom's commendable efforts with last year's GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. Legends could have been a memorable release that reminds us why we've loved Ian Fleming's famous spy for more than 50 years, but somehow it manages to earn its place as what may be the most lackluster Bond game to date. Missed opportunities cower in every corner, ranging from an irreverence toward the subject matter in the disjointed story to the absence of familiar voices, and the gameplay feels like it started life as an amateur Bond-themed Call of Duty mod. The options offered by the multiplayer and challenge modes might entice some of the most devoted Bond fans, but for the majority of players, this seemingly rushed world won't be enough.
35 (Oct 19, 2012)
Le seul véritable mérite de 007 Legends est de nous donner envie de revoir les anciens James Bond dont il s'inspire tout en rongeant son frein en attendant Skyfall. D'un point de vue ludique par contre, c'est le vide complet. Un level design au rabais, des temps de chargement innommables, des missions ennuyeuses, un gadget surexploité débouchant sur des phases indigestes, un visuel vieux de dix ans, des mécaniques de jeu laborieuses, une IA risible, une difficulté mal gérée... Plutôt que de poursuivre, autant laisser le mot de la fin au producteur du titre qui déclarait il y a peu : 007 Legends va vous ramener en 1997. Tu ne croyais pas si bien dire mon pote.
30 (Oct 21, 2012)
Offensively awful as both a tribute to Bond and as a first person shooter, with every ounc8e of personality and imagination stripped from an already malformed skeleton.
Gamekult (Oct 22, 2012)
Après deux remakes plutôt réussis de GoldenEye sur Wii et console HD, Eurocom signe ici ce qui restera probablement comme l’une des pires adaptations vidéoludiques des aventures de James Bond et ce malgré un concept de base plutôt sympathique. Sur le papier tout du moins. Car dans les faits, 007 Legends se révèle être un FPS poussif et redondant, rarement amusant et encore moins original. QTE risibles, phases d’infiltration sans intérêt, passages en véhicules mous du genoux, mise en scène au hachoir, réalisation indigne, I.A. en roue libre, bugs en tous genres... N’en jetez plus : 007 Legends est l’archétype de l’adaptation torchée à la va-vite et sans talent, histoire de coïncider avec la sortie de Skyfall, et dont la partie multijoueur somme toute conséquente parvient tout juste à sauver du naufrage le plus total.
007 Legends is the product of those who think the only appeal of the franchise is when James Bond shoots people. With no style to speak of, the entire affair plays out like a generic thirty-minute action climax stretched to a ten hour game, where the best motivation for avoiding death is having to suffer through the same area again. Not only does it fail to inspire nostalgia, but sours the franchise as a whole. Lacking a single inspired trait, 007 Legends is the kind of game released simply to bilk $60 out of uninformed gamers before a swift trip to the bargain bin.

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