Aban Hawkins & 1000 Spikes Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
We don't need no steenkin' checkpoints!
Map screen. Yes, it's possible to reach the end, and yes, you're going to need those 1000 lives.
First stage. Doesn't look too hard...
...well, then. 1 down, 999 to go.
You're going to be seeing this screen a lot.
These blocks can be pushed.
Grab the key...
...and get to the door!
Aww, yeah! This ain't so hard!
...or maybe it is.
Aban's only means of defense are these throwing knives. Thankfully, he has an unlimited supply.
Nearly every platform has some sort of trap either on it or pointing at it. Or is one. Or all of the above.
Leaping over the deadly scorpions.
This one's a little obvious: the button drops blocks on Aban.
Having a separate button for 1- and 2-square jumps is extremely important, as you'll need all the precision you can get.
Run across the top...
...then back across the bottom!
Knocking arrows out of the air with the knives is an invaluable technique...
...but it requires practice, as there's a small delay when throwing them.
If you're really stuck, you can skip a stage, but it's not recommended. You can do it!