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The Adventures of Captain Becky Screenshots (Xbox 360)

User Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Title menu.
Stage selection menu.
First stage of the tutorial. The only goal on most stages is to safely reach the exit.
Smash the boxes to open a path.
Collect coins for... well, actually they're just for points.
Goal in!
Ouch! A single hit will send Becky off the stage dead.
It's possible to do a powerful ground smash move. Works well on bosses and breakable platforms!
The heart lets Becky take a single hit.
It also gives her this goofy Cutey Honey / Devilman getup. Go Nagai would be proud.
I wonder if that could be a 1up?
Some hazards cannot be destroyed.
Each stage opens with a quick overview.
You can also stop and pan the camera around to plan a route.
Beating up the first real boss. The ground point makes quick work of him.
Some of the outfits are rather... lazy.
There are many different hazards to watch out for.
...some more hazardous than others.
Becky can also break blocks with her head a-la Mario.
Kicking a boss.
The game tracks your top scores and times. The stars are new records!
Gallery mode lets you watch Becky dance in any of her outfits. Just a little creepy.
Edit mode lets you customize Becky's appearance. There's a ludicrous number of options available.
Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to give her a normal human physique.
For the lazy and daring, try the randomize function!