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Top-class storytelling wrapping up a very fine game Hammerlore (1013) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars
I continued to narrate to myself, hoping the player would pick up on my hints. Adzuken (854) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.4
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.4
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.3
Overall User Score (28 votes) 4.2

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Electricpig (May 14, 2010)
Despite these niggles Alan Wake successfully manages to blur the line between video game and movie more than any other title we’ve played on the Xbox 360. It may not boast the visceral action of its forerunner Max Payne, but in terms of atmosphere and storytelling this is one title which has few equals.
In short, Alan Wake is a thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing adventure. Whether it be the unpopular decision to openly flaunt post-launch paid DLC, or simply the fact that it launched within the same month as a multi format title from Rockstar, Alan Wake has not been doing the business at retail; but it certainly isn’t for a lack of quality. Alan Wake deserves to do well, as do Remedy, and I can only hope that the inevitable game and bundled DLC re-release reaches a wider audience when the time comes.
Jeuxvideo.fr (May 05, 2010)
Qui a dit que le Survival Horror était mort ? Remedy nous prouve une nouvelle fois sa valeur en développant ce que Resident Evil, Silent Hill et Alone in the Dark n'ont pas su être avant lui : un formidable jeu d'action/survie next-gen visuellement bluffant et absolument passionnant de bout en bout. Bien sûr quelques stigmates de son développement à rallonge demeurent, en premier lieu desquels figurent quelques ratés techniques, des cinématiques d'un autre temps et quelques choix de game design désuets voire frileux. Ces écueils restent néanmoins dérisoires une fois opposés à l'ambiance majestueuse qui cueillera les joueurs en quête de sensations fortes. Devait-on en exiger plus d'Alan Wake, compte tenu de ces cinq longues années de développement ? La question reste posée, même si en l'état la qualité globale du jeu ne laisse que très peu de place pour la déception. Définitivement un must-have de la console... pour qui aime jouer à se faire peur, évidemment !
That Gaming Site (May 24, 2010)
Alan Wake has moved me in a way very few games have, despite some minor imperfections Alan Wake was well worth the wait.
GamingTrend (May 18, 2010)
If I can admit something, and give Alan Wake the biggest compliment I can bestow, I’d tell you that I had a nightmare about the game the night after I completed it. No horror game has ever managed that feat or even come close. It may have taken them five years to kick it out of the door, but Remedy has created a masterpiece. Alan Wake is a title that other companies will attempt to reproduce and emulate for a long time to come.
Gaming Target (May 12, 2010)
The bottom line is that Remedy knows how to make a standout gaming experience. It has a few technical shortcomings - most likely due to the delays and the constraints of DVD - but those are a drop in the bucket compared to the overall quality the game retains. It might have taken over half a decade to finish, but Remedy has shown us once again that the wait can be worth it.
XboxAddict (May 04, 2010)
My advice is to get this game, invest in the minimum 11 hours of game-play (on normal....go for nightmare to really extend your time) and be a part of the next generation in story based game-play. I can now add Sam Lake (the games lead writer) as one of my top fiction writers.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (May 07, 2010)
Alan Wake ist ein packendes und mitreißendes Einzelspielerlebnis. Von der ersten Sekunde an fesselt euch das Spiel an den Controller und lässt euch so schnell nicht mehr los. Die eindrucksvolle Geschichte, die angsteinflößende Landschaft und das atemberaubende Zusammenspiel aus Licht und Schatten bringt euer Herz stetig zum Pulsieren. Ziemlich schnell habt ihr kapiert worauf es ankommt und dass das Licht euer einziger Verbündeter ist. Feinheiten wie der Einsatz von Batterien, dem effektvollen Ausweichen von Angriffen oder einem stetig knappen Munitionsvorrat unterstützt die beklemmende Atmosphäre ungemein. Storytechnisch sorgen besonders die vielen Rückblenden und zahlreichen Rätsel innerhalb der Geschichte für immense Spannung. Leider hat es aber Microsoft verpasst dem Buchautor Alan Wake in der deutschen Fassung eine authentische Stimme zu verabreichen.
Planet Xbox 360 (May 05, 2010)
More than once Alan Wake reminded us of books, movies, and TV shows that we love and spend hours with every week; it helped merge the video game experience with those other memorable moments. For once a video game was able to show exactly what it means to create something that brings emotion to the gamer; on top of that Alan Wake was just damn fun to play.
XboxAchievements (May 05, 2010)
Remedy set out to create one of the most intense and gripping story experiences of the year and they delivered on their goals with sublime ease. An utterly compelling cast of characters and the most engaging story we’ve experienced in years means that Alan Wake is a must buy. The best survival-horror thriller we’ve seen for quite some time. It’s more Resident Evil than Resident Evil 5 was! Move over Capcom, Alan Wake’s in town!
The Video Game Critic (Oct 05, 2010)
Regardless, Alan Wake is a spellbinding, adult-oriented thriller that will have you clutching the controller until your hands cramp in pain. And I mean that in a good way.
411mania.com (May 05, 2010)
Given the wait for Alan Wake, people will expect high things from this game, and it doesn’t disappoint. The light mechanic really works great with the game and has you trying to utilize traps and disposable items to get an advantage against the Taken. Not only that, but the episodic style of the game, along with the twists throughout, will keep you guessing at what’s going on until the end. A must have for fans of action games or suspense games like Silent Hill.
Play.tm (May 11, 2010)
Dark and light, impressive writing and an intricately planned experience make Alan Wake much better than I thought it might have been. I'm itching for another chapter, or at least some downloadable content - it won't be too long I'm sure.
HCL.hr Gaming Portal (May 18, 2010)
Na kraju možemo zaključiti da je Alan Wake izvrsna igra, te da ju zasigurno vrijedi je odigrati. Ovaj naslov možda nije na razini kultnog Resident Evila 4, ali ukoliko ga odlučite zaigrati, donijet će vam jedinstveni doživljaj akcije isprepletene survival hororom. Kraj ostavlja puno neodgovorenih pitanja tako da ćemo sigurno dočekati još epizoda u obliku DLC paketa koji bi se trebali pojavit na XBL mreži još ove godine. A onda, u nadolazećem razdoblju, možemo očekivati i sasvim novu sezonu, shodno načinu na koji je Alan Wake koncipiran. Dakle, bez puno okolišanja – Alan Wake je kvalitetan i nezaboravan doživljaj s kakvim se niste susreli unatrag nekoliko godina. Zato ga bez dvoumljenja nabavite i odigrajte ako ste u mogućnosti.
GamesCollection (May 30, 2010)
Alan Wake, dopo anni di attese e di rimaneggiamenti è approdato finalmente nelle case dei possessori di xbox 360. Se siete amanti del terrore e amate una storia ricca di azione e capace di tenervi incollati allo schermo per ore, allora questo titolo di Remedy è ciò che fa per voi. Il gioco, pur con i suoi difetti è degno di essere etichettato come un capolavoro a tutti gli effetti. Cosa aspettate, correte nei negozi ed acquistatelo, così da poter arricchire con un titolo di primissimo livello la vostra collezione!
GamingLives (May 25, 2010)
After five years of lurking in the shadows of development, Alan Wake has stopped flirting with the light and stepped up and the results are impressive. It could never hope to live up to the hype which inevitably surrounds a game this long in the making, but it has a solid story, compelling, classic themes, and a style of presentation which sets it apart from those around it. Was it worth the extensive wait? Perhaps not, but then, little is, and in spite of its flaws, it is a more than worthy franchise to hang your gaming hat on for the forseeable future....as long as that future isn't another five years away.
Lens of Truth (May 25, 2010)
From start to finish, Alan Wake was a joy to play. After recently finishing Heavy Rain I didn’t think storytelling in a game could get any better – I was wrong. The episodes are strung together like a thrilling sci-fi/horror T.V. show, and I want more of them. The simple use of a flashlight and a revolver may not sound fun, but it works wonderfully. Even with the game’s flaws (some bad character models & slightly outdated controls) the story and overall terrifying graphical effects of the game’s environments (and Alan’s flashlight) make Alan Wake a must play – especially if your a fan of the genre. Just remember to change the bulbs in your room before you start playing, you’ll want to be able to flick that switch whenever you want – trust me.
Jeux Vidéo Network (May 05, 2010)
Alan Wake est, avant même d'être un jeu de terreur, une magnifique réflexion sur l'acte de création. Porté par une direction artistique sans faille et une ambiance prenante, Alan Wake répond à toutes les attentes placées en lui. Un jeu déjà référence en cette année 2010.
JeuxVideoPC.com (May 05, 2010)
Sans éviter les écueils de la linéarité et de la répétitivité, Remedy nous livre ici une partition qui frôle la perfection. Gameplay aussi original que maîtrisé, parti-pris technique réussi et audacieux, sans parler de la narration et du scénario, qui constituent sans aucun doute la grande force de ce jeu. Amateurs d’histoires bien troussées, d’horreur Lovecraftienne ou de belles lettres, nul doute qu’Alan Wake vous ravira. Et si cela ne vous parle pas, sachez malgré tout que les amateurs de survival-horror et de TPS light y trouveront aussi leur compte, dans ce qui est, sans aucun doute, l’un des meilleurs jeux de l’année.
Totally Gaming Network (May 11, 2010)
Alan Wake is an absolutely fantastic title and it was definitely worth the long wait. The way that Remedy has woven the story together is fantastic. The environment is stunning both in terms of visuals as well as sounds. The soundtrack is amazing and the overall presentation of the world itself helps keep you immersed in what is happening. You never know what is going to happen next as you explore a dark forest or an abandoned building. There is also the option of watching cinematics again once you have initially viewed them as well as listening to the soundtrack whenever that you want. Personally speaking I always love it when a studio goes the extra mile like that. You will want to go through this title at least a couple of times so that you can get the full story and truly understand everything that is taking place. Remedy has a fantastic new series on their hands and I can’t wait for Alan Wake’s next novel.
Gamezone (Germany) (May 05, 2010)
Wendungen in seiner Geschichte reagiert, dennoch überzeugt das Spiel auf voller Länge! Alan Wake schafft es dem Spieler Angst und Schrecken aber auch Freude zugleich zu bescheren und reißt einen emotional von Anfang bis Ende mit - ein absoluter "Game of the Year" Kandidat! Wer auf die Reise mit Alan geht, um seine dunkelsten Geheimnisse zu erforschen, sollte nur nie das Licht ausgehen lassen...
IGN (May 04, 2010)
Remedy's done a great job of mixing elements of written work, television, and videogames to create an experience full of scares, laughs, and thrills that's just as fun to play as it is to watch.
Pelit (May 01, 2010)
Mutta Alan Wakessa vahvat asiat ovat kuin valokiila, joka karkoittaa lattean kertojaäänen ja ajoittaisen teknisen kankeuden. Kun yö laskeutuu ja hirviöt nousevat, Alan Wake herää eloon ja vie unohtumattomalle matkalle pimeyden ytimeen, mustaan kuin kuuton keskiyö.
Fragland.net (Jul 09, 2010)
Alan Wake has become a horror game that might not be the absolute classic we were hoping for but it's a game that's full of surprises, has a unique atmosphere and perfectly builds tension with the immersive story, and nicely scares the hell out of you. The gameplay is solid and although it's all but original, the devs do work out the different elements well and will put you on the wrong leg more than once. A filmic experience as you see passing by at the movies every Summer: well worked out, entertaining fun that innovates and surprises just enough to enjoy the ride. If the devs build further on this for Alan Wake 2 we can expect a true top title.
Level (Jul, 2010)
Un proiect care a durat mult să se concretizeze, dar nu în formatul ambițios open-world dorit la început, ci într-o formă mai convențională, lineară. Inovațiile aduse de gameplay-ul antrenant, sunetul excelent, povestea captivantă mai ales prin felul în care este spusă și amestecătura de influențe aduc un tribut măgulitor genurilor horror și thriller, care vă va ține lipiți de fotoliu până la capăt, în ciuda defectelor evidente.
TigerChainsaw (Apr 04, 2022)
There was a lot of hype around Alan Wake and I can see why for the most part it was warranted. The voice acting is superb, and the battle mechanics of weakening your opponents with light before shooting them was unique. While the plot was predictable, it was still an enjoyable one to playthrough. Alan Wake walks a fine line between thriller and horror and blurs the lines between reality and dreams.
GameSpot (May 07, 2010)
Above all else, Alan Wake’s gripping storytelling really sells the protagonist as a famous author. Every moment of this story is fraught with tension. Wake's narration is filled with as many questions as answers because he has no explanation for the strange events occurring all around him. And the missing pieces from the manuscript, radio program, and television show are doled out in such deliberate chunks that they slowly string you along until the full secret is revealed at the end. The clever storytelling ties in with the dreary atmosphere, building on the fear established from the very beginning with subtle use of lighting and a moody musical score. Unfortunately, the path you march down rarely offers any surprises, which makes your actions take on a by-rote feeling after a while. But the combat is so satisfying that it's largely able to overshadow this misstep. Alan Wake is a riveting adventure that will keep you glued to the screen until the very end.
JeuxActu (May 05, 2010)
La production de Remedy a deux visages. Côté face, Alan Wake est un titre superbement réalisé, subtilement mis en scène, qui égare des héros complexes dans des environnements ultra-léchés et multiplie les scènes angoissantes. Loin de l’horreur à zombies ou des histoires de fantômes nippons et sans user d’effets sanguinolents, la nouvelle œuvre des Nordiques fait naître la peur, ou tout du moins une tension extrême, en usant simplement de quelques artifices de mise en scène et en dépouillant régulièrement son héros de toutes ses armes. Côté pile, la création finlandaise développe des mécaniques de jeu archaïques, avec ces cartes-couloirs ultra-redondantes, une interactivité extrêmement faible et une répétitivité pesante malgré l’intégration de nombreux twists narratifs. Ces défauts ne retirent rien à la singularité de cette superbe aventure qui n’en a pas fini de nous faire trembler.
Jeuxvideo.com (May 05, 2010)
Alan Wake porte la signature d'un jeu Remedy et a donc un point commun avec Max Payne. Dans ce dernier, on ne fait guère que tirer et jouer du bullet time en faisant des sauts sur le côté et pourtant... Dans Alan Wake, on éclaire des possédés et on leur explose la tête en errant dans les bois. Dans les deux cas, c'est tout ce qui est autour qui fait que l'on devient accro.
GamersGlobal (May 12, 2010)
Nach über fünf Jahren Entwicklungszeit kann Alan Wake die riesigen Erwartungen nicht völlig erfüllen. Für den ganz großen Wurf gehen dem von Horror-, Krimi- und Fantasy-Elementen getragenen Psychothriller die Meilenstein-Erlebnisse ab. Er hat fast nichts, was wir nicht schon einmal irgendwo gesehen haben. Ein tolles Spiel ist es dennoch geworden! Wer sich nur ein bisschen für Gruselgeschichten und Mystery-Serien erwärmen kann, freut sich auf Nervenkitzel, Gänsehaut und schnörkellose Action. Die Licht- und Schatteneffekte sind absolut erste Sahne, die Kämpfe machen Spaß, der spannenden (wenn auch nicht sonderlich wendungsreichen) Geschichte folgt man gerne. Und alleine damit, alle Referenzen auf zahlreiche Horrorfilme oder die Serie Twin Peaks zu finden, kann man als Fan schon stundenlang mit Genuss beschäftigt sein.
1UP (May 06, 2010)
If anything, Alan Wake reminds me of the first Uncharted. It is a great, but flawed work (hello ugly daylight, quirky animations, and a script that mocks the viewer even more than Lost or Twin Peaks) that lays the foundation for what could be an absolutely amazing follow-up. I just hope it doesn't take another five or six years.
Computer Bild Spiele (May 11, 2010)
Tatsächlich ist Alan Wake weit weniger dem Mainstream-Geschmack angepasst, als man bei einem so ambitionierten Titel von Microsoft erwartet hätte. Denn der Mut der Entwickler zu einer offenen, sperrigen, nicht eindeutigen Story, die man mehr erleben als begreifen sollte, verdient Respekt. Hier tun sich Parallelen zu „Heavy Rain“ auf, wo eher eine faszinierende Story im Vordergrund stand. Alan Wake lockt nicht mit Wiederspielwert, Abwechslung auf Teufel komm raus oder grandioser Steuerung. Dieses Spiel lockt mit einer Gruselgeschichte, die prächtig gelungen ist. Es ist nicht immer schön, aber immer gut, für eine Weile in Alan Wakes Haut zu stecken
CNews (Russia) (Jul 15, 2010)
Неоднозначно принятый зарубежной, да и, чего греха таить, российской прессой, сложный для восприятия эпизод из жизни мистера Уэйка наверняка попадет на скрижали истории не просто как «игра Remedy после Max Payne», а как цельное меткое художественное высказывание, своеобразный сборник книжных и кино-цитат, с вечно подмигивающими авторами. Лакмусовая бумажка для определения художественной принадлежности, дорогостоящая и не всем понятная книга – для Alan Wake можно придумать уйму сравнений. Это ли не повод опробовать игру самолично?..
Games TM (May 13, 2010)
Not every player tired of Max Payne's bullet-time function at exactly the same point, but most tired of it eventually. The same will almost certainly be true of Alan Wake, but while it lasts, it's every bit as electrifying.
Giant Bomb (May 04, 2010)
Remedy's troubled horror writer deftly balances solid shooting and ominous atmosphere in his great Xbox 360 debut.
GameSpy (May 11, 2010)
In a remarkable display of self-control, I played Alan Wake as I like to assume the designers intended -- one "episode" at a time, for six evenings. This TV-style presentation (it even features a "Previously, on Alan Wake..." montage, a la Lost) breaks the game up into nicely portioned chunks that will make you look forward to the next episode. One final note that probably goes without saying: The game is best enjoyed with the lights off and the surround-sound on, to maximize those bump-in-the-night scares. We may not be born with a fear of the dark, but at times, it's nice having one.
GameCola.net (Feb 01, 2011)
I want you to play this game so badly, all the way from beginning to end. I want to sit next to you while you do it and talk about the experience the whole time. I want to post on every message board. I want to put fliers in people’s mailboxes. I want to skywrite. I want to send smoke signals and drum out Morse code. I want to text and tweet and scribble and yell and chant and scream at the top of my lungs, For the love of all that’s good and decent in this godforsaken world, put down CoD:BlOps for five fucking minutes and give this game a shot!
Game Couch (Oct 02, 2010)
I hit the halfway point and became obsessed with the game. Until then, Alan Wake feels like it’s getting by solely on its outstanding production values, but in the fourth of the game’s six episodes, the town’s history and mythology come to the forefront resulting in gameplay which no longer feels like a series of contrivances to get Alan into the woods with a flashlight.
4Players.de (May 10, 2010)
Es gibt weder aktive Dialoge noch anspruchsvolle Rätsel oder verstörenden Psychoterror. Remedy wollte an die Dramaturgie aus Film und Literatur anknüpfen, um einen grausigen Thriller zu erschaffen. Das gelingt ihnen an der Oberfläche der Inszenierung gut, aber so ungewöhnlich der erzählerische Ansatz ist, so gewöhnlich ist die Spielmechanik darunter - inkl. Thermosflaschen und Spuren für Blinde. Remedy ist hier ganz eindeutig faule Kompromisse eingegangen und hat die geplante Offenheit ad acta gelegt, damit möglichst viele Leute möglichst viel Spaß haben.
Thunderbolt Games (May 17, 2010)
Remedy said they spent so long developing Alan Wake because they wanted it to be as perfect as possible. While it may not reach the realms of perfection, it’s still a stunning title that’s almost worth the long wait. The Finnish developers have built a believable universe surrounded by a strong narrative, impressive storytelling techniques and enjoyable combat with a unique twist. It has its flaws with repetition, linearity and some poor presentational issues, but this is a world ripe for a sequel to improve upon every single aspect. It might take another five years, but you can guarantee it will probably be worth it.
Gamekult (May 05, 2010)
A trop prendre son temps, Alan Wake s'est peut-être un peu perdu en route. Car quand on a attendu un titre pendant cinq longues années, il est pour le moins frustrant de se retrouver devant un gameplay un poil poussiéreux, et dont on aura finalement vite fait le tour, même si l'action reste globalement efficace. En revanche, Remedy Entertainment s'est surpassé dans les domaines de la réalisation, de la mise en scène, et de l'atmosphère. Des éléments qui servent à merveille le scénario complexe et profond dans lequel ce "thriller psychologique" nous plonge sans difficulté. Alan Wake remplit donc brillamment une bonne partie du contrat en nous racontant une histoire plus intrigante qu'effrayante, mais son aspect ludique aurait mérité autant de soin pour en faire le chef d'oeuvre que tant avaient espéré.
Blend Games (May 04, 2010)
Alan Wake tries to straddle two genres and tell a very ambitious story in the process. The finished product has some rough components and might not do everything that Remedy hoped for when they first announced the game at E3 2005. Still, Wake tells a good tale in a medium that's often starved for original stories. It also offers up good reasons for action and survival horror fans to give it a serious look.
AusGamers (May 12, 2010)
From a visual stand-point, the game is lush and engaging. and the lighting is absolutely second to none. Wake's animations, are rigid and lacking, while the facial animations throughout, and lip-syncing need some serious work. Aurally, the soundtrack is actually very good, and sets the game's tone and mood with ease, but at times the voice-acting is just a little on the annoying or cheesy side, and it's hard to work out if this is deliberate or not. As for DLC, we'll definitely be seeing it in the not-too-distant future, and the game's ending definitely leaves room for more exploration of the world Remedy have created here. It's just a shame it's over too quickly, the engagement peaks just a little too early, and the combat lacks any real variety or depth. Wake is a great concept and an enjoyable game, it just falls short of its true potential. Here's hoping Remedy keep their weight behind it though, and broach all of this for subsequent DLC or even a sequel.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (May 05, 2010)
All the same, there's a weekend's worth of fun here for action-adventure fans who aren't too bothered about innovative concepts and varied gameplay, and don't mind a lot of repetition. Alan Wake is an accessible, undemanding game with a neat combat mechanic and decent visuals. It's just not a very original game, it's certainly not an exceptional one, and it's a shame it wasn't ready a few years ago.
Absolute Games (AG.ru) (Jun 23, 2010)
Сотрудники Remedy обожают сравнивать свое творение с телевизионными хитами вроде Heroes и Lost, но, если взглянуть через эту призму на геймплей, станет ясно, что Alan Wake — никакой не «первый сезон». Скорее, невыносимо длинный «пилот», расстрелявший боезапас задолго до третьего акта. Титры предрекают Уэйку новые скитания во тьме (два мини-дополнения уже тянут лапы к кошелькам), а значит, самое время сменить обстановку и расширить рамки. На одержимых доярках, лесничих и трактористах далеко не уедешь.
Factornews (May 19, 2010)
Il est finalement assez dur d'émettre un avis trop tranché sur Alan Wake. Le jeu dispose d'une ambiance forte et d'une narration parfaitement maitrisée qui donnent envie de progresser pour connaitre le fin mot de l'histoire, et sa réalisation, si elle n'est pas aussi fantastique qu'on l'espérait, place le nouveau jeu de Remedy largement sur le haut du panier pour cette génération de consoles. Mais quand on met de côté ces considérations purement cosmétiques, ou presque, et qu'on se penche sur le fond, on se retrouve avec un jeu au gameplay certes pas déplaisant, mais finalement terriblement classique et répétitif, et manquant singulièrement d'une petite touche de folie. Après un développement aussi long et entouré d'autant de mystère, on en attendait plus, tout simplement.
GamersHell.com (May 13, 2010)
Despite having its fair share of time in development and such high expectations, it's hard to see Alan Wake as more than an accomplished rental. Surprises that turn into expectations; non-adventuring; facial animations that can't keep up with the scenery and objects in the game world without weight physics: these are all elements, that if done well, would round out the game to make it the epic it was hyped to be. In the end, I feel safer in Remedy's woods than I do in the actual backcountry of Washington.
Level 7 (May 11, 2010)
Fem år efter utannonseringen är Alan Wake äntligen här. Spelet börjar som en lovande skräckthriller, men byter snart form till ett atmosfäriskt actionspel med fokus på skjutande. Dessvärre bjuder striderna på en tudelad upplevelse som är fantastisk och värdelös på samma gång. Detsamma kan sägas om grafiken. Det yttre imponerande på natten, men är ibland knappt godkänt i ljusa miljöer. Spelets svagaste pukt är dock spelupplägget som aldrig lämnar gamla trötta fotspår; gå framåt, skjut och lös löjligt enkla pussel. Den fantastiska stämningen gör dock att Alan Wake är väl värd en provtur, även om det finns en hel del detaljer om kunde ha varit bättre.
Gaming since 198x (Jul 18, 2010)
Après tout le teasing sur Alan Wake, on était en droit d'attendre un jeu plus riche, plus moderne, et surtout plus profond et mature, c'est à dire non destiné à des adolescents de 14 ans. Malheureusement, les créateurs de Max Payne n'ont pas su garder l'esprit de leurs précédentes productions et se sont embrouillés dans une histoire en demi-teinte et des personnages accrocheurs mais au final peu passionnants. S'il y avait eu un gameplay plus poussé et moins répétitif, on aurait eu sans doute un jeu excellent, mais là encore, il faudra se contenter d'attendre l'éventuelle suite.

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