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83 (Dec 01, 2010)
Alien Breed 3: Descent is a frantic and entertaining conclusion to the series. Team 17 has lovingly revived one of their most beloved franchises into one of the most entertaining downloadable series of titles that the PC has seen in a while. As a diversion from the ubiquitous first person shooters that now litter the gaming landscape there are few games more refreshing and enjoying than the Alien Breed trilogy. Played alone or in sequence the new trilogy is a treat for action gamers and sci-fi horror fans alike.
80 (Nov 30, 2010)
Alien Breed 3: Descent is by far the best game in the trilogy, but alas it is also the shortest. Thankfully it’s been a sweet ride along the way; one filled with suspense, action and imaginative environments to run around. You will be content but not entirely impressed and left with the feeling that this trilogy, despite being an excellent homage, was perhaps a little half-hearted.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 25, 2010)
It isn’t perfect. It gets repetitive. Most of your time is spent in the same environment fighting a few bug types. And spending 20 minutes and not making much progress can induce a controller throw (or two). But the little touches - like noticing a swarm of small bugs scurrying away from a body as your flashlight interrupts their munching - immerse you fully into the experience. You become caught up in it in a way you didn’t imagine you would when you first started. Alien Breed 3: Descent might remind you of some other games you’ve played, but it also stands with some of these classics on almost equal footing in the areas that count.
76 (Nov 25, 2010)
Langsam ist der Drops gelutscht: Ich hatte auch in der dritten und finalen Episode von Alien Breed noch Spaß daran, durch finstere Flure zu schlurfen und Aliens zu grillen, doch warum hat Team 17 nicht endlich Mut zu Neuerungen bewiesen? Ein paar anspruchsvolle Rätsel oder andere frische Ideen hätten der Dauer-Action gewiss nicht geschadet. Nach einer Weile wurde sogar mir als Action-Freund das ständige Laufen von Schalter zu Terminal zu fade. Hinzu kommt, dass ich mich zu Beginn unterfordert fühlte - schließlich kenne ich mittlerweile meine außerirdischen Pappenheimer und weiß genau, wie ich sie angreife und wann ich Munition sparen kann. Als die Kämpfe wieder anspruchsvoller wurden, hat mich das Spiel aber trotzdem wieder gepackt und in seine düstere Welt gezogen. Die hektischen Überraschungsangriffe der schleimigen Außerirdischen sorgen immer noch für angenehm dynamische Scharmützel. Auch technisch macht der Arcade-Shooter wieder eine richtig gute Figur.
games xtreme (Dec 07, 2010)
There is nothing wrong with the game except the unskippable cut scenes. Its just that the game could have been so much more. Team 17 have done an admirable job with the engine and as I have said in a previous review they have captured the heart and soul of the alien breed franchise, but I feel that some improvements could have been made here and there to make the game really stand out from the crowd and make it the must have purchase that the games should have been. The game is a worthy purchase at 800 Microsoft points but I would wait until either a special offer or you have completed the previous games and want to finish the story and find out the fate of Conrad.
60 (Nov 23, 2010)
Nous n'étonnerons personne en précisant qu'Alien Breed 3 Descent n'apporte rien (ou presque) à la série. Mêmes types d'environnements, mêmes armes, même progression plombée par d'interminables allers-retours, ceci étant forcément synonyme de jeu répétitif au possible. Pour autant, cet opus a tout de même le mérite de nous amener la conclusion de la saga et de nous offrir un beat'em all sympathique mais beaucoup trop vieillot dans ses mécanismes de jeu usés jusqu'à l'os.
Xboxygen (Nov 29, 2010)
Alien Breed rappellera sûrement à bon nombre de vieux joueurs des parties oppressantes et captivantes jouées sur leur vieil Amiga 500. Les autres ne sauront même pas que ce jeu existe. Mais même dans ce cas on ne peut pas vraiment conseiller ce Alien Breed nouvelle formule malgré son ambiance et ses graphismes léchés. Si vous avez déjà franchi le pas avec le deuxième opus et que vous souhaitez connaître le fin mot de l’histoire, sautez le pas. Sinon...