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Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.7
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.6
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.7

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Extreme Gamer (Jan 05, 2006)
Amped 3 has a new life under 2K Sports and Indie Built, and while they embraced the weird they also give us a solid snowboarding experience. The fun and challenging Amped series lives on with a new strange and beautiful side. Besides the missing online multiplayer Amped 3 is one of the launch bests titles for the Xbox 360. Don't pass this one up.
Game Chronicles (Jan 18, 2006)
Amped 3 has moved from a hardcore sim to more of a fun and light-hearted game that is possibly trying to compete with SSX, even though the game has no direct competition on the 360 at this time. But with so much content, miles of mountainside, hours of music, addictive mini-games, hilarious movies, park editor, online leaderboards, sleds, snowmobiles and even bathtubs, Amped 3 is in a class all its own.
Totally Gaming Network (Jan 17, 2006)
This reviewer has owned every version of Amped, so maybe I'm a little biased, but I'm quite sure it's not just me. Everyone once having played the game has praised the presentation. The majority of those continued to praise the game after a few hours gamplay, because without a doubt, it's the best mix of Simulation and arcade in the series. Longevity is never a a problem with the main offline mode the bulk of the game, offering at least 30 hours of gameplay for experienced users, while the ability to customise your own slope offer even more for the new recruits. add to this the addition of numerous comedy sleds, such as a coffin and a handglider amongst others, and you've got yourself one hell of a game.
Amped 3 avoids the traps that lesser games have fallen into by not taking itself seriously and presenting its players with a laugh-out-loud experience that never shows any sign of dispersing. On the most powerfull console currently known to man, boasting a library of photo-realistic games, it's the one featuring live-action sock puppets that contains the most heart.
Club Skill (Dec 12, 2005)
I’ve praised the game so far; however there is one major issue with the 3rd title in the series. No Xbox Live play. No, you’re not seeing things; Amped 3 includes no online multiplayer. Granted you can have a friend as a 2nd player for some of the co-op challenges, but the lack of real online play is a major letdown for the franchise. The only thing you’ll be gracing is those leader boards if you’re skilled enough! It’s a sad loss from Amped 2 and for many gamers, may be the reason for avoiding the title. However if you’re a fan of snowboarding titles, plain craziness or you want an exhaustive single player 360 title, then Amped 3 is perfect. Snow jokes here, just pixel perfect pistes.
FZ (Mar 08, 2006)
Amped 3 är ett typexempel på hur ett snowboardspel i min mening ska vara. Känslan som målas upp är en snötäckt variant av australiensisk surfarmentalitet (chill, dude!) och med över 300 härliga musikspår och flertalet riktiga proffs som lånat ut såväl kropp som röst så är det ett recept som går hem. Det finns till och med flerspelarläge i viss mån och hade flerspelarläget varit ännu bättre så hade det faktiskt blivit en klockren femma i betyg. Amped 3 är ett spel som du helt enkelt bara vill ha till din 360, oavsett om du gillar snö eller inte.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Mar 16, 2006)
Amped 3 ist ein wirklich abgefahrenes Spiel, das durch tolle Videosequenzen und einen, für Trendspiele völlig neuen, Story-Modus überzeugt. Die Grafik zeigt nicht immer was sie kann, die Weitsicht ist allerdings eine Klasse für sich. Das Gameplay ist gut und mit Amped kann man einen ganz ruhigen “Winterurlaub“ auf der Couch erleben.
Although I found the graphics more than good enough, I was disappointed to see some pop-up. However, Amped 3 isn't just a game that works, it's a title that will suck hours away of your life and demand that you dominate its mountains.
Console Monster (Dec 02, 2005)
With sumptuous visuals, accompanied by an awesome selection of music to get you through the endless hours of fun you’ll have with Amped 3. The only downside to the game is a lack of multiplayer modes, which did feature in Amped 2, but we can’t grumble about anything else. Once of the best launch titles for Xbox 360, and something to keep everyone happy until the second wave of titles arrives.
83 (Dec 01, 2005)
Amped 3 steht und fällt mit der persönlichen Vorliebe bezüglich der abgefahrenen Präsentation. Wer sie wie ich einfach nur als cool, abgefahren und schlichtweg grandios sieht, wird mit dem Snowboard-Spektakel viel Spaß haben. Die Spielmechanik ist grundsolide, geht einen positiven Schritt weg von den simulativen Vorgängern, ist aber dennoch nicht so arcadig wie SSX on Tour. Mit hunderten von Challenges auf sieben riesigen Bergen, haufenweise freispielbaren Gimmicks sowie einer Story, die Witz, Charme und Skurrilität versprüht wird einem nicht so schnell langweilig. Technisch scheint die Abfahrt auf den ersten Blick wenig mehr als ein laues Update der vorherigen Xbox-Teile zu sein. Doch bereits nach kurzer Zeit wird mit den wahnsinnig belebten Pisten, der enormen Sichtweite und den auch im Detail gelungenen Texturen klar, dass hier doch ein NextGen-Grafikmotor zum Einsatz kommt.
Amped 3 is a fantastic game. It offers fun snowboarding gameplay, an art style that will blow your mind, and a story that will bust your gut in laughter. You don't have to sift through a lot of junk here--there are some annoying challenges, the graphics are ho-hum, and the lack of Xbox Live multiplayer is certainly a let-down. Other than that, I can't complain. Check this game out, it's great. If nothing else, you'll want to get that "What the heck?" feeling I mentioned before.
Gameswelt (Dec 19, 2005)
Weshalb trägt das Spiel eigentlich ’Amped’ im Namen? Im Grunde hat der Titel nicht mehr allzu viel mit den bisherigen Episoden der Xbox-Hitreihe zu tun. Das Snowboard-Game spielt sich flott, einfach und unbeschwert – ideal also für alle Genre-Neulinge. Zusammen mit der herrlich schrägen und witzigen Aufmachung sowie der gelungenen Spielbarkeit macht ’Amped 3’ richtig Spaß. Allerdings gehen die Neuerungen wohl auf Kosten altgedienter Snowboard-Profis, denen die Abkehr vom akkuraten Realismus nicht schmecken dürfte. Außerdem muss sich das Xbox-360-Debüt von ’Amped’ in puncto Technik und Modiauswahl einige Abzüge gefallen lassen. Trotzdem: Wer auf der neuen Konsole einen Wintersport-Vertreter sucht, kann beruhigt zu ’Amped 3’ greifen – und zwar nicht nur wegen des Mangels an entsprechenden Titeln.
Gamigo (Jan 25, 2006)
Amped 3 für die Xbox 360 ist ein sehr gutes Snowboard Spiel, das allerdings mit seiner verrückten Aufmachung und dem Augenmerk auf der Story den Simulationsfans der Vorgänger eventuell ein wenig vor den Kopf stößt. Hat man sich aber ein wenig mit dem Spiel auseinandergesetzt wird man schnell auch hier wieder die Action im Schnee lieben lernen, denn das wichtigste, der reine Spaß am fahren, ist auch hier wieder mit dabei.
XBox Front (Dec 16, 2005)
Mit zwei Funsport-Titeln zum Launch steht dieses Genre den Shootern und „Normalsport“-Spielen etwas minderbemittelt gegenüber. Und da die NextGen-Version des neuesten Tony Hawk’s-Teils nicht das Gelbe vom Ei ist, muss Amped 3 jetzt alles wieder in Ordnung bringen. Der vorige Teil der Amped-Reihe zeichnete sich durch relativ realistisches Handling aus, auch grafisch war der Xbox-Titel im oberen Feld vertreten. Was sich geändert hat, erfahrt ihr hier.
PlayDevil (May 18, 2006)
The very first next generation snowboarding game hits the X-Box 360 with a very bizarre design and humor. The characters, menus are so polished with a wicked twist that makes "Amped 3" a very compelling game. Graphics are awesome and that draw distance is absolutely phenomenal. The trick system still could use some work as it never touches the 'real deal' of SSX On Tour. Still with plenty of challenges and choices, Amped 3 will never disappoint you. A must-have for every gamer that loves snowboarding.
80 (Dec 14, 2005)
At times you'll wonder what the hell was going through the minds of the developers who created Amped 3, with what you're seeing stretching beyond the strange into the utterly obscure and mental. The story will at one time or another feature a boy band, a yeti, ninjas, an evil video game manufacturer and a whole lot more. The fact that the game gives you a whole lot of other stuff to do, aside from moving through the story, just adds to the package. Amped 3 isn't a terribly challenging game, but it's the most entertaining game I've played in a long time and overlooking it would be a crime the evil god of lightning and ice wouldn't be happy with.
Official XBox Magazine (Nov 28, 2007)
Sadly, Amped 3’s graphics don’t really live up to the Xbox 360’s power. They’re crisp and feature an amazing draw distance that lets you see the whole mountain, but they’re hardly “next-gen.” Indie Built makes up for that with some creative art styles, though. On the whole, Amped 3 is a fun and interesting experience, but short of a must-have for any but the most hardcore fans.
Gamestyle (2005)
The new direction taken by Amped 3 will not be to everyone's taste. Yet somehow this underdog has managed to dominate Gamestyle's available Xbox 360 playtime - leaving PGR3 trailing, PDZ quaking and Condemned hammered. And that pretty much sums up how good it actually is.
MS Xbox World (Dec 28, 2005)
I’ve enjoyed playing Amped 3 on the Xbox 360 because it’s quite a contrast to the other games that are on offer especially the first person antics of Condemned, Quake 4, Cod2 and Perfect Dark Zero. I recommend this title to anyone looking for something different to play on their new console and whilst the game might not look as visually impressive as Kameo it has enough personality of its own to be a worthwhile choice. The lack of genuine Live play does hurt the longevity of the game but I guess you cant have everything. Amped 3 is a solid title although game play wise doesn’t digress too far from its predecessors. I cant say if Amped 3 is the best in the series as each one has its own flavour but what I can say is that Amped 3 is probably the most fun of the trio.
Yahoo! Games (Nov 21, 2005)
As the only snowboarding game in the Xbox 360's lineup, Amped 3 features a laid-back pace, easy to learn controls, and an approach that's somewhere between the realistic moves of Amped 1 and 2, and the all-arcade SSX series. While your board stays firmly attached to your feet -- no crazy flip tricks here -- Amped 3 lets your mind drift off to a place that's probably a lot more relaxing than your front room.
GamesRadar (Feb 25, 2006)
Amped 3 proves that a little personality can make for an awesome gaming experience. Under the wing of new publisher 2K Games, developer Indie Built has shaped Amped 3 into a ridiculously fun and funny example of snowboarding excellence that really doesn't feel anything like the earlier games in the series. Taking cues from other successful winterstick titles (coughSSXcough), Amped 3 also adds massive variety with lots of different snow-based activities.
Pelit (Feb, 2006)
Amped 3 jää outoon välikäteen. Se ei ole riittävän hardcore tyydyttämään sarjan vanhoja faneja, mutta ei myöskään riittävän arcade ollakseen kunnollinen haastaja SSX:lle. Nykyisellään sen on tyydyttävä olemaan Xbox 360:n paras snoukkapeli.
GameSpot (Nov 18, 2005)
They call it Amped 3, but just about the only thing that Indie Built's Xbox 360 launch game has in common with the two previous iterations in this snowboarding series is the snow--and, frankly, it's a better game for it. While there have been moments of bizarre levity in its fairly straightlaced predecessors, Amped 3 is just a big scalding-hot cup of crazy through and through. It's an exceptionally difficult game to turn away from, even if much of the actual gameplay experience is comparatively mundane.
TeamXbox (Nov 22, 2005)
The first thing that many gamers will say is, “no Live, no buy.” While I feel your pain, simply discounting Amped 3 because of its limited Xbox Live support would be a mistake. The vast majority of the game is enjoyable enough that it proves to be a nice diversion from the rest of the Xbox 360 launch line-up. The story mode has plenty of depth and is fun to pass around with a group of friends. Multiplayer is severely lacking and it’s a shame that Amped 3 can’t reach its full potential without it. That being said, you’ll still at least want to give this board a trial run.
Amped 3 took such a big step away from the franchise you’d swear it was as tall as the big green giant – and all in a vain attempt to gain a larger fan base. From all the feedback on the internet I’ve been reading, there have been a lot of gamers saying they’re disappointed and a lot saying they finally fixed the game. It all depends on which side of the fence you’re sitting on. Personally, I preferred the older styled games of Amped and will continue to play the original Amped on my 360, but I’m also a fan of Transworld Snowboarding and the Tony Hawk series so the change is not so much of a shock to me. As I’ve always said, guilt one of your friends into buying it, try it out, and see if it’s your cup of tea.
FOK!games (Dec 14, 2005)
Amped 3 is in principe een leuke snowboardgame waar helaas nog wel wat minpuntjes in zitten. De game is lekker arcade en de besturing is prima. Het verhaal is niet erg boeiend en de voice-acting is af en toe om te janken, maar er zijn wel een hoop erg artistieke cutscenes in de game te vinden. De graphics kunnen beter, zeker op de 360, maar de draw distance is prachtig. Omgevingen zijn mooi ontworpen maar bevatten helaas nog wel eens een paar bugs. Het ontbreken van een multiplayer-modus is erg vervelend. Dit maakte de vorige game leuk om te spelen en zorgt dat je op Amped 3 toch best snel bent uitgekeken. Alleen een scorelijst op Xbox Live! is niet genoeg. Aangezien de game de enige snowboardgame op de 360 is, is het nog best een leuke game om te halen, maar als je een PS2 of Xbox hebt zul je je misschien meer vermaken met een oudere en goedkopere Amped of SSX-titel.
Amped 3 is probably about as offbeat as you can get. The presentation of the game is just so bizarre that you want to keep playing the game just to see what style the presentation is going to adopt as it seems to continuously change. Concentrating on how the game plays, Amped 3 definitely makes it much easier to perform tricks than previous games in the Amped series. Fans of Amped 2 will be disappointed that the well balanced control system from that game has been thrown out for a simplified one. Personally I prefer Amped 2 for its much more structured game play but Amped 3 certainly has a charm about it and even though it's just so wacky in places, it's definitely a game that keeps you playing.
74 (Dec 25, 2005)
Amped 3 is the successor of Amped 2. Or what did you think? The previous game couldn't really keep me interested and I wasn't really hoping for a lot of gaming fun with this one. Better graphics (after all, it's for X360), some more online options and cooler menus; that's what I expected. That it was a big surprise I can already tell you but whether the game could cluster me to the screen you'll need to read in the rest of this review.
As a single player experience, Amped 3 shows lots of humor, creativity and diverse gameplay. Gamers will easily lose three hours in a sitting, trying to unlock additional challenges and courses. If you can look past the last generation graphics, you’ll find a solid snowboarding experience to get you through the long summer months.
DarkZero (2005)
Amped 3 is a fun game, it is by no means perfect, in fact it is far from it but it can be entertaining in short bursts. The story mode contains loads of madcap humour and is probably something you will remember (possibly for the wrong reasons) a few years down the line. The gameplay falters in many areas and the game could have done with a lot more polishing to get it up the scratch. I can’t really recommend the game to any set audience as Indie Built has decided to go a completely different direction with Amped 3 than what they did with previous titles in the series. Perhaps the best compliment I would give it is to say it is that right now it's the best snowboarding game on the 360 but we all know that doesn’t mean a lot right now don’t we!
GameZone (Nov 21, 2005)
Amped is here at the launch of the 360 just like it was at the launch of the original Xbox. This time around, things have drastically changed. Microsoft no longer publishes or develops Amped due to a transaction that occurred last winter. Microsoft sold off their sports division to 2k Games and with it came the developer Indie Built. Indie Built originally created the first two Amped titles and have since then been working hard on the third under the watchful eye of 2k Games. Has enough changed to differentiate it from the first two games in the series? The evidence can be seen right from the opening cinematic of your career. Amped 3 is whacky and whole new experience for everyone, even the players who have played the first two. Amped 3 offers a whole lot but takes away several options offered from the early versions. So sit back and enjoy the ride while it lasts.
X-Power (Feb 05, 2006)
Geslaagd is Amped 3 zeker en vast. Indie Build liet duidelijk een frisse wind door de franchise blazen die nieuwe vrienden, maar ook vijanden gemaakt heeft. De aanpak is duidelijk losser en typisch voor het jeugdigere publiek dat houdt van Jackass en andere geflipte toestanden. Toch moet Amped 3 soms onderdoen voor zijn voorganger, door het tenietdoen van de Xbox Live-support en kleine minpuntjes bij de afwerking. Toch zullen degenen die zich aangesproken voelen geen slechte zet doen met de aankoop van Amped 3; het blijft immers een toffe en te gekke game.
XBox Evolved (Nov 19, 2005)
Despite the fact that Amped 3 doesn’t have any multiplayer, or that the visuals aren’t exactly the best thing you will see on Xbox 360, it is still a very solid snowboarding game, and if you are getting tired of Tony Hawk, and don’t care about online modes, you will get a kick out of Amped 3’s humor, interesting, if not borrowed trick systems, and the vast slopes you can trick off of.
1UP (Nov 14, 2005)
Amped 3 wants to ride with the cool kids so badly it hurts; only you're the one who winds up doing the wincing. It brings to mind all those guys who co-starred in 80's Molly Ringwold flicks. You know the ones: They dorked out the whole way through the films and then, at the end, figured out that they actually were OK doing what they did best and all the rest just came off making them look ridiculous. Amped 3 reaches the same conclusion (and yes, that makes it the Anthony Michael Hall of videogames).
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 25, 2006)
Perhaps that doesn’t sound like the most enthusiastic endorsement, but Amped 3 is one of those games that has so many peripheral pleasures that it must be looked at in terms of the whole package rather than the score gameplay (which is polished even if it’s easy). If you are really hankering for more of the rock-hard, super authentic experience the first game offered (I can’t speak for the second, though it is apparently very similar to the first) then perhaps this isn’t the way to go. But these are some cool boarders here, and those looking for arcade enjoyment different to that of the SSX series should come away satisfied.
GameDaily (Dec 14, 2006)
Dude. Amped 3 tries to define the future of snowboarding as only it can, with 2K Games taking the reigns from the big ones at Microsoft and trying to drop some fresh snow on us. But, dude, not all is righteous in snowboarding land. The game's presentation seems just slightly above average at best, and the game lacks the kind of killer multiplayer where you can deem yourself ruler of the mountain. But there's still lots of do, and the nature of snowboarding is still intact, so it's sufficient entertainment, dude.
Cheat Code Central (Nov 19, 2005)
Amped 3 is good but it's not great and that's really too bad. I always thought of the Amped series as almost a badge of honor because when you went online and played with others, you knew they went through the same intense training as you did to get there. There was an unspoken connection. With more accessible controls the spirit of the game is missing in my opinion and even though I got used to the changes quickly it just feels like a different game with some of the same objectives. The Amped 1 & 2 lover in me wants to score this a 2.0, but the game reviewer in me that recognizes that the game must be reviewed with "new eyes" gives it a 3.5.
With loads of massive mountains (each with numerous different pistes and varied slopes) to explore and literally hundreds of bizarre challenges revolving around the weirdest story mode I’ve ever played, Amped 3 is a game that will keep you busy despite the relatively simple control system. The only problem is the complete lack of a proper multiplayer mode and the sometimes unpredictable camera. The whacky story mode is funny but it’ll depend on your sense of humour and is quite a Marmite thing but the gameplay is enjoyable enough to survive enough even if you don’t like the crazy stuff. Just.
GameSpy (Nov 18, 2005)
You've heard my criticisms about the tone and presentation of the game, and while you may or may not agree, I simply can't get past the fact that Amped 3 is trying way too hard to be cool. It mars the gameplay to a point that I would have given up long ago due to irritation if I weren't reviewing it. The only thing I can suggest is to rent and check it out first. I'm sure some gamers will appreciate the path taken by Indie Built, or maybe you absolutely have to have a boarding game for your 360, but don't so I didn't warn you about the deranged lunacy.
IGN (Nov 18, 2005)
The Amped series has always managed to differentiate itself from the rest of the snowboarding games out there by simply being very difficult. For instance, Amped 2 was a hard game, but with good reason. It forced players to be patient and learn precisely how to perform jumps, tricks, and grinds in order to be successful. As a result, Amped earned the reputation as a series that took snowboarding in an extremely realistic direction, which is something that absolutely cannot be said about the arcade-like SSX games.
Gamer Within (Mar 31, 2006)
With snowboarding games, it can often feel like one is just the same as the next. While Amped 3 might pull away from the pack a little with its wild and thoroughly enjoyable cut scenes, the rest of the game seems to sag in quite a few places, making it hard to really enjoy in the long run. Still, it is worth a rental if only for the colorful humor present throughout the game.
Amped 3 crashed into an awkward place, somewhere where game designers try and figure out what direction they want their franchise to go. It's ended up in two extremes, one experience left solely for the hardcore, and the other for, well, we'll never be sure exactly who Amped 3 was targeting, but it's different enough to become overlooked and under-appreciated. It's worth a shot if you know you're getting, have an acquired taste, and you don't mind the rather startling absence of acceptable multi-player.
GamePro (US) (Nov 18, 2005)
I have to give it to Amped 3; it certainly tries hard to impress. The premise is simple: create a male or female boarder, deck them out in fly snowboarding gear, and then travel around the world taking part in small events to raise cash and reputation as you play through a hackneyed and tired story-based campaign that throws every single winter sports stereotype in the book straight in your face. It's am ambitious direction, and while some aspects of it work perfectly, others merely end up with a face full of snow.
60 (UK) (Dec 15, 2005)
Amped 3 certainly isn't awful, and will keep you entertained for a long time if you can get past the hideous presentation and get used to its stop-starty nature, but the most recent SSX was enormous too, and treated the sorts of tasks that Amped considers its core as a second string to its traditional racing and tricking. It felt more developed. While this turns out to be quite approachable after a slow start, it lacks the cohesion of EA's efforts - which feel like they're running out of ideas anyway - and the range and challenge of previous Amped games. And for all its girth, I felt stifled by the structure - at least when it wasn't burying me in an avalanche of forced cool. If Jackass was a religion, this could be its bible, but it's not, which makes it much harder to defend Amped 3's lack of focus and all the little contradictions.
55 (Dec 07, 2005)
Alors qu'il avait une bonne carte à jouer dans le domaine de la simulation, Amped 3 se débarrasse de tout ce qui aurait pu le démarquer pour venir concurrencer SSX On Tour sur son propre terrain. Mais on ne devient pas le roi de l'arcade en claquant des doigts, et ce troisième volet ne fait que rompre le charme des précédents opus au profit d'une orientation qui lui fait perdre toute son identité. Ses fans risquent de ne pas lui pardonner cette trahison qui ne fait que le desservir.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 25, 2007)
The graphics are perfectly decent but they don't try to push the envelope. Amped 3 incorporates a lot of wacky, psychedelic visuals (reminiscent of Yellow Submarine) and imaginative but often juvenile animated cinematics. A few poke fun at classic video games, and these are undeniably hilarious. The game's alternative music soundtrack has a nice edgy quality, and I especially dig that "Call Me A Crazy Monkey" song. Amped 3 comes off as disorganized and sloppy, but if you're the laid-back, earthy-type who enjoys games designed by people on drugs, this isn't a bad way to waste a few hours.
Video Game Talk (Jan 21, 2006)
The single player game can be blown through in about eight hours by focusing only on the challenges needed to advance to the next mountain. The rest of the challenges can be completed to earn the last two achievements, but there is no other incentive to finish them. I would like to mention the final musical number is perhaps the funniest ending I've ever seen. It pays homage to the nature of video games in a cute way, so it's worth seeing at least once if you can download it.
Gaming Age (2005)
I went into the Amped 3 expecting to not really like it, and surprisingly I've come away feeling mostly the opposite. I believe that the completely over-the-top sense of style and the lack of obvious next generation attributes will work against the success of the game, but it's worth at least a rental for anyone into the series, snowboarding, or the extreme sports genre.