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Arkadian Warriors Reviews (Xbox 360)

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TeamXbox (Dec 10, 2007)
If you have no personal beefs with the action/RPG genre, then you’ll surely consider Arkadian Warriors as a delightful way to pad that Gamerscore. Finishing the game will give you an instant 50-point hit, but other, more menial tasks will also deliver big point totals (into the 20s) per pop. Here’s a complete breakdown:
TalkXbox (Jan 03, 2008)
As with any game, “I wish” and “I hate” are abundant. Arkadian Warriors is no exception. Story line is nil. I found myself becoming “stuck” with the camera angles more than once. The last boss was too easy. But, with the amount of fun to be had, both solo and multi-player co-op and length of game, I cannot recommend this title enough. It is definitely worth the 800 Microsoft Points.
Arkadian Warriors is a game that holds itself back from greatness with self-inflicted limitations. The limits to the number of quests to take on and number of players in a co-op game really hold the game back from being one of the best Arcade offerings around. As it stands, Arkadian Warriors is a good time while it lasts, but thanks to a lack of quests, falls a little short of earning the 800 MS Point price tag for most gamers.
You’re given 19 different quests in the game, and all of them, when you go right down to the core, are the same thing. Each quest will have you killing a number of different enemies, picking up a number of items, and from time to time, fighting a generic and easy boss. It’s odd that the game ended up so compelling, because there’s not a whole lot of good to point to. Perhaps it’s the mindless, simplistic nature of running around and killing goblins, spiders and wolves and generally having a good time doing it. Given the very simplistic design, it’s hard to fully recommend Arkadian Warriors to anybody. Yet, there’s something oddly compelling about the title that you might want to check out, so long as you come into the game with tempered expectations.
Weapons and monsters have varied strengths and weaknesses, but none are pronounced enough to elevate the play past pinballing between baddies in pursuit of experience bonuses for quick kills. The frenzied pace makes for a pleasant enough co-op diversion, but it's also one that's devoid of meaning or longevity.
Extreme Gamer (Jan 23, 2008)
Arkadian Warriors follows in the dungeon crawl experience that allows you to turn off your brain and hack n’ slash your way through the adventure. Falling in the middle of good and mediocre, Arkadian Warriors stacks up as an adequate action game for the Xbox Live Arcade. If you have a friend that wants to share the duty of slaying Gorgon, then put your 800 Microsoft Points through the pipeline and download Arkadian Warriors.
Totally Gaming Network (Dec 26, 2007)
Overall if you are a fan of role playing games I definitely suggest trying out the demo and if you like it, then purchase the game. It is a pretty generic game so be sure to try out the demo first. The game can be a bit repetitive, but then again, a lot of these dungeon crawlers back in the day were repetitive as well. The game is 800 Microsoft points which is the equivalent of $10. It’s not a bad price considering what you are getting and I can definitely see this being the type of game where downloadable content can add new quests or things of that nature in the future.
GameZone (Dec 20, 2007)
When all is said and done, the fun factor suffers from the repetition, and the game – while it fits the download concept well, and is a good arcade idea – stumbles in places that should have been shining moments. Arkadian Warriors is too much like Gauntlet, without the cleverness of the levels.
For a dungeon crawler to work, it needs to provide enough variety, story, and atmosphere to cover over the more repetitive aspects of the game. Unfortunately in this case those elements are missing and all that remains is a mindless exercise in repetition. It will keep you interested for a quest or two, but after that you probably won't feel too motivated to keep doing the same thing over and over again.
GamesRadar (Dec 10, 2007)
If you’re looking for a cheap, easy game that’s cute and fast, Arkadian Warriors is an okay way to kill a few hours. Having a friend co-op with you makes it even more fun (if a bit shorter). But to really enjoy this game without feeling stupid for paying for it, you have to forget all about Champions of Norrath or any downloadable RPG you can go get on the internet for free.
IGN (Dec 11, 2007)
We can handle repetitious gameplay in our dungeon crawlers -- it’s generally mindless fun. When you add in a total lack of variety in dungeon and mission design and toss a bunch of generic monsters our way, it just becomes mindless. Though there aren’t any other games like Arkadian Warriors on the Xbox Live Arcade, there certainly are a lot better ways to spend your time and money.
Defunct Games (Jan 06, 2008)
Arkadian Warrior isn't a bad game by any means; it's just a boring game that doesn't stand out in any way. If all you're looking for is a cheap Gauntlet-style dungeon crawler you can play with your friends, then you might find a certain amount of fun in Arkadian Warrior. But don't expect much more than that. At the end of the day this is just an average action RPG that doesn't try to do anything new or exciting.
GameSpot (Dec 19, 2007)
For just 800 Live points, at least Arkadian Warriors isn't overpriced. And it does bring a Diablo vibe to the 360 that wasn't really there before. Still, you're not exactly getting much bang for your buck, as this action RPG relies too heavily on unimaginative production-line design to offer much entertainment.
Video Game Talk (Dec 12, 2007)
The entire single player campaign is absolutely short; as in a handful of hours. It's possible to blow through the entire game in five to six hours and a couple more for the last few achievements, perhaps faster in co-op. The difficulty is far too easy (no slider included) and there is no reason to replay the game with another character as the pitiful story remains exactly the same. I love seeing great original titles, like the recently released Undertow, hit Xbox Live Arcade, but this just isn't one of them. It's overpriced at 800 points and should be half that for the limited amount of playtime that it offers. The only possible use I could see this game having is to introduce little children to the basics of an RPG. Other than that, stick with Puzzle Quest for all your arcade role playing needs.
What is funny is how there are 3 classes in the game, but you can only play with two players at a time...kind of ironic. But you should not expect Oblivion out of an arcade title. Arkadian Warriors might be a decent pickup for those who like dungeon crawlers, but there are plenty of better games out in the arcade that are more worth your time.
Game Chronicles (Dec 24, 2007)
The main idea I want you all to take away from this review is that Arkadian Warriors is not really an RPG. A more accurate genre description would be “Almost-2D side-scrolling hack and slash.” If that sounds like fun to you, knock yourself out. I think I will use my $10 to help pay for another month of WoW.
40 (UK) (Jan 26, 2008)
There should be no shame in sticking to a formula, but Arkadian Warriors reproduces it with so little ambition it plays like an ABC of what the genre needs to avoid to move forwards; appearing content to wallow in a stereotype because action role-playing games are under-represented on Live Arcade. Its charm is being accessible and cute, but it soon fades into an adventure more monotonous than entertaining. Apologists may carve an afternoon of fun for themselves with a friend, but most should be looking elsewhere. Titan Quest is a good place to start.
Gaming Nexus (Jan 21, 2008)
Arkadian Warrior could have been the Xbox Live Arcade's Diablo, but due to lazy programming, a boring story, repetitive level designs and crummy graphics, it just ends up being another average action RPG.