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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.3
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.3
Overall User Score (7 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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@Gamer (Nov, 2011)
Ubisoft keeps evolving the Assassin's Creed series - not broad leaps, but lots of little things to improve the gameplay.
Calm Down Tom (Nov 14, 2011)
As it stands, Revelations represents the best mission design, gameplay balance and storyline progression in any of the games so far. There are times throughout the campaign where you want a friend around just to come and witness the story twists and turns, the funny little moments of character dialogue or the newest insanely cool assassination you have managed to engineer with your repertoire of deadly skills and abilities. If you are thoroughly satiated on the basic Assassins Creed formula, feel free to knock a couple of points off the score. However, if you think to yourself “Man, I sure could go for more Assassins Creed right now!”, then you are in for a treat. This is more Assassins Creed. Ezio may now be old, but he still has what it takes for this one last contract.
XboxAchievements (Nov 14, 2011)
For a game with the suffix 'Revelations', there are surprisingly few to be found here. Still a solid and immensely enjoyable game, Assassin's Creed: Revelations nonetheless fails to instil the same level of excitement that previous games in the series managed to muster, reheating many of Brotherhood's mechanics and throwing in a few half-hearted features for good measure. It's the end of an era for sure, and well worth playing to see through Ezio and Altair's respective stories, but don't expect to enjoy it quite as much as AC II and Brotherhood. Perhaps the only real revelation to be found here, is the possibility that Assassin's Creed is in imminent danger of passing its sell by date. Your move, Assassin's Creed III.
Fragland.net (Dec 17, 2011)
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is more of the same. An ingenious story combined with a more than appealing gameplay and a very immersive game overall. Revelations ties up the current storyline with Altair, Ezio and Desmond, making room for a completely new saga, but I'll miss these blokes. And until Ubisoft arrives with a new title I'll keep lurking around as a true assassin on the rooftop of Constantinople, while enjoying the view and taking care of the downfall of the Templars.
4Players.de (Nov 15, 2011)
Muss sich ein Spiel immer wieder neu erfinden, um Spaß zu machen? Nein, denn auch spĂŒrbare Tradition kann sehr gut unterhalten. Revelations zeigt, dass nicht nur große Innovationen, sondern auch kleine Änderungen vollkommen ausreichen können, um zu fesseln. NatĂŒrlich kann man dem Ende der Ezio-Trilogie vorwerfen, dass es mit Ausnahme der zu selten erforderlichen Bomben oder der Den Defense inhaltlich zu wenig Neues geboten wird - vor allem wenn man den Fortschritt vom zweiten Teil zu Brotherhood als Maßstab nimmt. Doch das Abenteuer wirkt spielerisch noch runder und hinsichtlicher der Story reifer, weshalb ich Ubisoft diese Stagnation nicht ĂŒbel nehme. Zum einen ist die Reise ins alte Konstantinopel abseits der geklonten Figuren immer noch ein architektonischer Augenschmaus. Zum anderen ist Revelations das erzĂ€hlerisch bislang stĂ€rkste Assassin’s Creed.
IGN (Nov 14, 2011)
This is the best Assassin's Creed yet, even if that victory is claimed by an inch and not a mile. If you've been following the lives of Altair and Ezio this long, you owe it to yourself to see their last adventure.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 14, 2011)
Alors qu'on Ă©tait en droit d'attendre un Ă©pisode rendant un magnifique hommage Ă  Ezio et AltaĂŻr, Assassin's Creed Revelations déçoit clairement de ce point de vue-lĂ . NĂ©anmoins, si le synopsis aurait gagnĂ© Ă  ĂȘtre plus consistant, l'ambiance de la sĂ©rie couplĂ©e Ă  quelques bonnes idĂ©es suffisent Ă  nous hypnotiser une fois de plus. En effet, entre un multijoueur bien mieux pensĂ© et intĂ©grĂ©, de nouveaux Ă©lĂ©ments de gameplay intĂ©ressants et une aura plus lumineuse que jamais, il sera difficile de ne pas succomber une fois encore. Toutefois, si la sĂ©rie veut perdurer dans le coeur des fans, elle devra coĂ»te que coĂ»te rĂ©gler quantitĂ© de petites problĂšmes liĂ©s Ă  la jouabilitĂ© tout en consolidant l'aspect scĂ©naristique afin d'Ă©galer les premier et deuxiĂšme opus.
Games TM (Nov 24, 2011)
Assassin's Creed: Revelations, then, is a pick-and-mix of successes and failures. At its core, though, it's just as accomplished a game as Brotherhood before it. All that's required is to dig below the surface layer of frivolous pseudo-innovations to discover yet another classic Creed and a top-quality conclusion to an excellent story arc.
CD-Action (Nov 22, 2011)
Revelations to zdecydowanie najlepsza częƛć caƂego cyklu. NajƂadniejsza, najbardziej zrĂłĆŒnicowana, oferująca wiele ciekawych przeĆŒyć. Jednoczeƛnie na kaĆŒdym kroku widać, ĆŒe produkcje naokoƂo dokonaƂy duĆŒo większego postępu, a to, co zachwycaƂo w 2007 roku, dziƛ juĆŒ co najwyĆŒej moĆŒe się podobać. Tym niemniej plus za to, ĆŒe historia zostaƂa poprowadzona w sposĂłb wartki i sensowny, misje nie raĆŒÄ… bƂędami w skryptach, a walka jest przyjemniejsza niĆŒ dotychczas.
Giant Bomb (Nov 15, 2011)
The laws of diminishing returns have started to affect Assassin’s Creed, and while Revelations doesn’t quite live up to the promise of its subtitle, there’s still plenty to like about what may be Ezio Auditore’s final adventure.
TrueAchievements (Nov 19, 2011)
Revelations is not without its flaws. The addition of a defence mini game acts as an unwelcome distraction from the compelling storyline, and whilst the series is well known for its improvements with each game, Revelations certainly feels the least innovative title yet. That being said, it’s a brilliant finale to not one, but two of this generations best loved characters in Ezio and Altair. The new gameplay additions work well in the main, and the improvement in graphics, story, and multiplayer could make this arguably the best game in the franchise so far.
GamesCollection (Nov 21, 2011)
AC Revelations si rivela, tutto sommato, un gioco discreto ma che non riesce ad intrattenere ed entusiasmare quanto i predecessori. A livello tecnico, appare sempre piĂč concreta e quasi fastidiosa la discrepanza tra l'eccezionale livello qualitativo raggiunto dai filmati pre-renderizzati e la grafica in-game, meravigliosa per quanto riguarda le ambientazioni ma spesso deludente nelle animazioni e nella ricchezza di dettagli di personaggi e ambienti. A questo si somma una colonna sonora curata e adeguata ma forse meno ispirata rispetto ai meravigliosi temi musicali di Assassin's Creed II, ed il gameplay del gioco principale, molto piĂč scialbo rispetto al passato, fa sĂŹ che l'interesse verso il titolo duri molto di meno del solito, facendo sĂŹ che l'ultima speranza del disco di restare a lungo all'interno della console sia affidata al pur sempre ricco e vario comparto multiplayer online, interessante ma in grado di piacere davvero solo ai veri appassionati.
Assassin’s Creed Revelations earns high marks for its original and inventive story. Revelations mixes in a number of elements to keep the game play fresh throughout. It never really sticks to one genre. This isn’t a pure stealth, combat or platforming game. The visuals could use a freshening but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a deep and engaging narrative. Unfortunately there’s no bonus game like there is along with the PS3 version but this is definitely a universe that I’m interested in exploring more. Fans are going to love this entry into the Assassin’s Creed series.
newbreview.com (Nov 14, 2011)
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is a thrilling cinematic adventure that features a dense single player experience and a lengthy involving multiplayer mode. While not being a massive departure from previous entries in the series, there are plenty of great additions to the game that make this a worthwhile purchase.
GamingLives (Nov 23, 2011)
I know a lot of people found the original dull and samey, particularly collecting the 600 flags, but despite that it had been my favourite of the series. I say ‘had’ because it’s just been usurped by its youngest sibling. By no shadow of a doubt, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is the strongest of the series to date. With plenty of pace and enough side activities to keep explorers happy, this game should appeal to any who’ve enjoyed a previous Assassin’s title. In fact, anyone who needs to play catchup could just jump back in with this game thanks to the introduction sequence and converging stories.
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is the end of two epic journeys and the beginning of another. Where exactly that tale will lead is still anyone’s guess, though I’d bet money on feudal Japan. It makes sense from a number of perspectives, and a producer at Ubisoft told me earlier this year that Japan is an internal favorite. But whatever the next game is, it needs to boldly go where no Assassin’s Creed has gone before, not just in terms of setting, but in all the ways that Revelations doesn’t. Otherwise, like any annual sports or rhythm music title, this series is dangerously close to wearing out its welcome.
Jeuxvideo.fr (Dec 01, 2011)
Il faut bien le reconnaitre, Assassin's Creed Revelations n'est pas un épisode étourdissant de nouveauté ; on le lui pardonne cependant, devant ses vertus ludiques toujours solides. Servi par un level-design de haute volée, le gameplay s'associe cette fois-ci à un effort de narration encore inédit pour la série, occasionnant quelques unes de ses meilleures séquences. Fort de son contenu secondaire trÚs conséquent et des divers équilibrages et ajouts du mode multijoueur, reste un titre qui brille encore de nombreuses facettes, fussent-elles les (beaux) restes de Brotherhood. Note pour Ubisoft : le coup ne marchera qu'une fois.
GamersHell.com (Nov 17, 2011)
Coming across as more of an Assassin's Creed 2.2 than true sequel, Revelations provides for the same kind of experience as a yearly released sports title. On one hand, it's a fairly shallow approach when what's playable isn't really all that new, misses a few steps, and retains some of its technical quirks; on the other, when the story is portrayed well enough and ends things appropriately, and at the core of everything is the same thing you've appreciated in the past, it's hard to get too down on the re-play.
Gamekult (Nov 14, 2011)
Tant va la cruche à l'eau, qu'à la fin, elle se brise... Le vieil adage populaire pourrait malheureusement trÚs bien seoir à ce quatriÚme épisode de la saga Assassin's Creed. Avec trois jeux en trois ans, Ubisoft a voulu tirer le maximum de sa petite poule aux oeufs d'or, quitte à revenir cette année avec de simples ajustements et des nouveautés bien moins marquantes et capitales que Brotherhood. Plus qu'aucun autre épisode de la série, Revelations montre les limites d'un gameplay qu'il est grand-temps de remanier. Pourtant, Constantinople est un terrain de jeu magnifique, regorgeant de choses à faire. L'histoire saura réserver quelques surprises et nous entraßne dans une aventure plaisante dans les grandes lignes. Tout cela est en plus parfaitement épaulé par un multijoueur étoffé et encore plus enthousiasmant.
Splitkick (Dec 08, 2011)
My main gripe is that it’s the same as last year and I wasn’t ready for it. Even though I kept telling myself that I wanted to continue playing Assassin’s Creed, I had more fun playing with the box than the product. Though the developers took the time to polish some loose ends, give me more stores and landmarks to purchase, and other quests to do, it wasn’t enough to keep my attention like Brotherhood had. If you haven’t taken the plunge, ask yourself if you can live without knowing more about Ezio. Because if you can, you might want to wait until AC:R goes on sale to make a definite purchase.
Factornews (Nov 15, 2011)
Assassin's Creed Revelations n'est pas un mauvais jeu, loin s'en faut, mais c'est probablement le premier Ă©pisode dispensable d'une sĂ©rie qui avait par ailleurs rĂ©ussi Ă  constamment nous surprendre en rĂ©volutionnant sa formule Ă  chaque nouvelle itĂ©ration. Ubisoft est-il en train de tuer sa poule aux Ɠufs d'or ?
The A.V. Club (Nov 21, 2011)
The beefed-up multiplayer mode is a breath of simplicity. Capture the flag and round-robin-style targeting missions—including a more-covert version called “Deathmatch”—couple with character leveling and custom profiles, rewarding stealth and cunning way more than story mode ever does. Revelations’ least noisy moments are its purest, and in the hot and crowded Constantinople, they feel few and far between.
Gamer.no (Nov 14, 2011)
Legger man til at minispillet og jakten pÄ gÄter er erstattet med et helt idiotisk og svulstig minispill hvor man trasker hjernedÞdt i gigantiske korridorer, er det vanskelig Ä anbefale det til noen andre enn de som rett og slett vil vite hvor historien leder hen. Eller elsket Brotherhood sÄpass at 40 timer med krÞplinglillebroren fÞles verdt det. Ubisoft Montreal har mye Ä gjÞre godt igjen neste Är.
Gaming since 198x (Aug 29, 2012)
Si Brotherhood représentait l'ultime raffinement de la série avec de réels apports et un systÚme de jeu toujours plus complet, ce Révélations sent furieusement le réchauffé et déçoit un brin. D'abord parce qu'il n'apporte pas réellement la révélation que tout joueur était en droit d'attendre. Ensuite parce que ses nouveautés, si sympathiques soient-elles, se révÚlent plus proches de l'anecdotique que de la vraie évolution. Enfin parce que ces effroyables passages à la premiÚre personne sont si pénibles à explorer qu'ils font regretter les parfois crispantes énigmes du précédent épisode. Ubi Soft a fort à faire avec l'épisode III pour renouveller une série qui, en quatre épisodes sur une seule génération, se retrouve à bout de souffle. Ce n'est pas que le jeu soit totalement mauvais, non. Mais qu'il n'apporte pas grand'chose à l'édifice.
Gaming Age (Dec 29, 2011)
I kept wanting to love Assassin's Creed Revelations. I also kept expecting the game to "click" like previous installments in the series, but it just never happened. In the end, Revelations mostly feels like a step backwards that was probably rushed to market just to satisfy the need for a yearly installment. I wouldn't be surprised if other fans of the series might feel the same after spending some time with the game. The good thing is, just by the very nature of the series' virtual time-shifting storyline of sorts, there's no way this is the end of Assassin's Creed. With a new character and a new setting, Ubisoft has an opportunity to reinvent the franchise again, and I'm guessing we'll be hearing about their plans sometime in the near future.
Game Critics (Dec 24, 2011)
Like the Templars the Assassins struggle against, Ubisoft has let the thirst for money and power overtake whatever nobler intentions they may once have had. Assassin's Creed Revelations is not an outright bad game, but neither is it a good one. In a series that has seen this many interesting ideas, such mediocrity amounts to a disaster. Thanks to slipshod implementation, none of the new features in Revelations improve the Assassin's Creed experience, and some make it noticeably worse. As such, the only thing that Revelations really adds to the series is the feeling of being cheated.
It all comes down to Ubisoft doubling down on the nonsense instead of making a real sequel. The real revelation here is that the various studios pressed into service for this quick-and-dirty follow-up seem oblivious to what makes the Assassin's Creed games good. It's certainly not hooey about magic apples and ancient CD-ROMs, finicky grenade crafting, awkward assassin team management, flashback missions to three games ago, stealth sequences with hard fail states, excruciatingly bad tower defense sequences, or Inception wanna-be hubs. Assassin's Creed is a game about climbing around a crowded ancient city as a playground. It's about geography, architecture, history, and stabbing. It is about what you'll get if you just replay Brotherhood instead of getting suckered into this exercise in misguided byzantine Madden-ization.

atari gravitar