AstroPop Deluxe Credits


ProducerSukhbir Sidhu
Creative DirectorJason Kapalka
Programmer / ROBOTJeff Weinstein (Architekt)
Art / AWESOMETysen L. Henderson (Skull)
Assistant ProducerBen Lyon
Sound FXSt├ęphane Brault
MusicPhillipe Charron
The VoiceLani Minella
QAEric J. Harman, Shawn Conrad, Brenna Flood, Chad Zoellner
PopCap FrameworkBrian Fiete
Biz DevDon Walters
Xbox 360 Release ManagerEthan Clark
Special Thanks ToDavid Haas (The Dr.), Ian Greenhoe (greenman), Brian Rothstein (Ace), Katrina Webb, Andrea Weinstein, Justin Rickles, Tommy Woo, Walter Wilson, Nicholas Newhard, Kathy Bacon, Kay2


Project ManagerAnatoly Ropotov
ProgrammerMaxim Veretilny (Un4getor), Alexey Volkov (Cryp)
ArtVictor Chuguyev (J)
Release ManagerIlya Guschin (GUGA)
Biz DevNikita Vladimirov

Xbox Live Arcade Team

Program ManagementMark Coates, Jon David
Microsoft Test ManagerTony Harlich
Microsoft Test DeveloperMichael Jones
VMC Test ManagerNoriko Fritschle
VMC Test LeadsEric Snyder, Chad Dylan Long, Ty Roberts
Release ManagerJuliet Pitt (Volt)
DevelopmentBrian Ostergren, Eric Heutchy, Eric Fleegal
Group ManagerGreg Canessa
Product PlanningRoss Erickson, Cherie Lutz
Content CreationJack Turk, Brent Metcalfe
UsabilityThomas Fuller, Chuck Harrison
Special ThanksJ. Allard, Shane Kim, Don Ryan, Chris Early, Oliver Miyashita, Mike Minahan, VMC Consulting

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ben K (23927)