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Written by  :  John H. (59)
Written on  :  Sep 10, 2019
Platform  :  Xbox 360
Rating  :  3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars

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Enjoyable prequel to the Arkham Saga.

The Good

Batman's always been an impossibly cool character for me; he's easily one of my all-time favorites in pop-culture and easily the greatest superhero ever (at least for me). The gameplay in Arkham Origins is still nice and crunchy, smooth and versatile even if it doesn't have the same sense of awe that we felt in Arkham City.

The game's environment of Gotham is absolutely gorgeous and there's hardly been such a gloomy city that's looked pretty when smothered in a Snowy White Christmas.

The Bad

Even though the gameplay is still nice, it hasn't changed all too much since Arkham City and it feels like it's just extending a pre-existing build of programming and line of move-sets, making the combat feel less exciting at times. Also, the open-world environment, while still greatly appreciated, does feel undermined when you explore Gotham City and see that the only inhabitants are criminals and the occasional gang of corrupt police officers.

The Bottom Line

It's Batman, and this is how his crime-fighting career really started. This is an enjoyable extension of Batman: Arkham City, but not much of a progression of that game's greatness. Still it's rather fun to play in spite of its noticeable flaws.