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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (9 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Blend Games (Jul 18, 2009)
Each individual part of Battlefield 1943 has the polish and quality of a full retail game. It definitely doesn't have a ton of maps or options, but it's a $15 online FPS. This game raises the bar for what downloadable games can be, and opens the door for a future that I'm excited for. It sets itself apart by not trying to be the biggest, hottest FPS of the year. Instead, it carves out a small niche for itself and excels in what it sets out to do. There's really nothing more that you could ask for when this game is priced so fairly and offers so much pure fun gameplay. Battlefield 1943 is worth it, clean and simple.
90 (Jul 10, 2009)
„Nur“ drei beziehungsweise vier Karten und „nur“ drei Klassen mögen zwar anfangs etwas wenig erscheinen, allerdings kommt aufgrund der Dynamik der Gefechte und des einwandfreien Balancings kaum Langeweile auf. Ähnliches gilt für die Regeneration von Gesundheit und Munition. Die Auswirkungen sind geringer als befürchtet, dem Teamplay schadet es kaum. Man sollte sich außerdem vor Augen halten, dass Battlefield 1943 gerade mal 1.200 Microsoft Punkte, also umgerechnet knapp 14 Euro kostet. Für diesen Preis werdet ihr wochen-, monatelang unterhalten. Wer Multiplayer-Shootern nicht abgeneigt ist, MUSS Battlefield 1943 haben.
games xtreme (Jul 24, 2009)
All in all I found this game very enjoyable and good value for money and it is an excellent title for purchase if you're looking for something to kill the summertime blues or waste away the hours of your school holidays. It well deserves the 9/10 mark that I award it and it is only let down by a few graphical glitches. I played over 40 matches and only discovered them 3 times. The game could also have done with one of two more maps taking advantage of the Air Superiority mode but apart from that this is a very solid addition to the marketplace that was a very enjoyable experience to play and one I will be returning to again and again.
AusGamers (Jul 17, 2009)
Although it's difficult to comment on whether the changes and omissions will keep the game still feeling fresh in the months to come, one thing is certainly clear, as of now, Battlefield 1943 is brilliant fun.
Console Monster (Jul 15, 2009)
Fans of Battlefield or fans of multiplayer online shooters (you know who you are, Halo and COD addicts) will no doubt be right at home in BF 1943. Take one fantastic engine, add pick up and play gameplay, top it off with a fantastic price and you have a hit - to the point of which EA struggle to handle the demand for. That’s a good sign that you should jump on in.
Gameplanet (Jul 13, 2009)
1943 is so immersive with its beautiful visual display and frighteningly realistic sound that you can often forget you’re playing a video game. The content is a little scarce, but that doesn’t even come close to stripping the game of all its glory. You don’t even need to leave the house to buy 1943, so no excuses! Get it and discover what a real Battlefield game is like. Semper Fi!
Edge (Jul 08, 2009)
Three levels provide for the conquest gametype familiar to the series, while another, Coral Sea, is pure air combat. Variety has always been Battlefield’s defining feature, and drawing out a single facet of play will not be to everyone’s taste – but its place on the matchmaking rota is optional. Even with only four levels, the game is a more than generous serving: for less than a quarter of Bad Company’s release price, this is the choice cut of its better half – multiplayer. And this is a yet more pacy, extravagant affair, tapping directly into the whims of the player who just wants to cover a plane in det-packs and plough it into an aircraft carrier. Strategy is subordinate to a sense of fun – and you wonder if that’s what the series needed all along. A perfectly sized, expertly crafted romp, Pacific gives other download games their marching orders.
GameSpy (Jul 09, 2009)
Battlefield 1943 is a great game and, in my mind, a fantastic value. It may not have a single-player campaign or a host of levels, but the content that it does provide is carefully made and really showcases the talent of DICE as a studio that knows how to create addictive multiplayer shooters. The formula it's created may be multiple years old, but DICE isn't just cashing in here; it's distilling its concept down to the core of what's important: fun.
Totally Gaming Network (Jul 13, 2009)
Battlefield 1943 should be on everyone’s list once the server issues are sorted out, and the game’s back end infrastructure expands enough to incorporate more players. As a test of the sort of action you’ll find in other Battlefield games, newcomers to the series will find this a great springboard whereas veteran Battlefield players will not be disappointed in the least. It promises great things for DICE’s next game, Battlefield Bad Company 2 - and let’s hope that when the inevitable next PC version of Battlefield arrives, it takes a lot of design and gameplay cues from games like Battlefield 1943.
TeamXbox (Jul 08, 2009)
Those issues aside (and the odd control-scheme defaults for vehicles, such as having the accelerator on the Left Trigger and the brake/reverse on the Left Bumper, which goes against some of the seemingly established standards that have evolved and been refined throughout the years), Battlefield 1943 is truly a blast. Its stripped-down nature (though definitely not a no-frills release) means its easy to get into, and the high potential player count should have the servers filled with players for quite some time. And even if EA and DICE opt to supplement the $15 premier bundle with more maps (for more $$), this might be one of the best reasons in recent months to put some Microsoft Points back onto your account.
Battlefield 1943 is a prime example of why online gaming is so addictive. The concept is simple, the content is limited, but the fun is nearly endless. The idea that you can achieve such an enjoyable experience if you focus on what is important is the problem I find with most games today. More is not always better, and at $15 this game is an absolute steal. Once the server problems are ironed out, this game will go alongside Red Faction as my new favorite online addiction. If you have ever loved the Battlefield series, or just FPS games in general, then you owe it to yourself to check out DICE's latest, and find out why this series is one of the most respected in the genre.
Despite a lack of depth found in other full-fledged FPS offerings (even from what's found in the Battlefield franchise itself) and a number of initial coding missteps, Battlefield 1943 is an arcade offering you really shouldn't miss. The $15 price tag and the overall quality make this a great purchase for anyone interested in shooters.
Planet Xbox 360 (Jul 10, 2009)
With an online ranking system, which was similarly found in Bad Company, players will level up and have stats to show for their high level of play. Experiencing the dead end summer months of gaming, Battlefield 1943 is a surefire hit that is deserving of its $15 price tag. Players who lean towards multiplayer shooter affairs will rejoice as they now have their next title to hold them over until the holiday season. There’s no higher recommendation currently – especially for the price point – than Battlefield 1943. Let’s cross our fingers that EA and Digital Illusions are already hard at work with new maps, vehicles and classes for downloadable content. We can’t tell you a reason not to pick up Battlefield 1943 via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the ultra-low value of 1200 Microsoft Points; it’s available now.
GameFocus (Jul 20, 2009)
What BF:1943 lacks in depth compared to earlier Battlefield games, it makes up for in a simplistic and challenging multiplayer game. Twenty-four person matches feel fantastic and except for the odd laggy match, it’s a seamless and fun experience. If you can get together a squad, there isn’t a more fun FPS online experience for your money.
Game Arena (Jul 24, 2009)
Battlefield 1943 definitely has something for all shooter fans. Old school BF1943 will appreciate the map choices and the new ability to destroy what was once cover. New players will come to appreciate some of the best map designs ever all while immediately finding themselves able to compete against veterans. BF1943 is definitely worth a purchase by anyone - once they fix the fairly iffy matchmaking the game will be awesome. Also - I know it's not Pacific Theatre, but I want to see BF1942's Berlin!
Overall, though, the game is a lot of fun to play and dynamic enough that a frustrating game can easily be followed by one that's an absolute blast. It provides a good multiplayer shooter experience and is well worth its $15 asking price.
85 (Jul 15, 2009)
It's difficult to know what to compare this game to, but considering the low price and awesome fun factor, this game has got to be a contender for the best download-only game ever.
Armchair Empire, The (Jul 21, 2009)
The basic interface of Battlefield 1943 is also a double-edged sword (or katana, as the Japanese soldiers wield). With only a handful of maps, two ways to join a game (quick join, or a friends-only campaign), and only one game-type, Battlefield 1943’s features may feel like slim pickings (and the promise of additional DLC will only enrage people forced to throw additional money, although there are promises of free content as well), but considering the ease of play, the powerful aesthetics, and the arcade-like addictive gameplay, there’s more going on underneath the hood than an unpolished game with more bells and whistles. This is one war worth repeating.
While the game lacks the feature depth of other Battlefield titles, 1943 is a fairly priced, solid core to build around with more downloadable content. If EA introduces weapon packs and additional maps from the franchise’s storied past, I’ll be playing right up to the release of Bad Company 2.
IGN (Jul 07, 2009)
I love that we can download great looking first-person shooters that support 24 players online these days. Battlefield 1943 is an impressive package that sets a new standard for digital titles. You won't find anything new in terms of gameplay, but the seven-year old Battlefield formula remains a lot of fun today. This is a streamlined game that does one thing and does it well: online multiplayer battles. If that's your thing this is one of the best times you'll have on Xbox Live this summer.
Whether you bleed for all things Battlefield or are just a gamer after a moderately priced casual shooter that is fun to pick up and play, you can't go past the entertaining gameplay of Battlefield 1943.
Gamervision (Jul 16, 2009)
When it was released, the massive influx of Battlefield players who purchased 1943 crippled the servers. Luckily, most of the problems have been fixed, making the game much easier to get into. Battlefield 1943 is in no way a replacement for a normal Battlefield game. The lack of maps, limited player classes, low multiplayer cap, and lack of bot support keeps it from becoming the console Battlefield some hoped it would be. It’s a miniature version, a smaller, quicker Battlefield, and one that is better suited for a downloadable title. Even with its faults, 1943 is absolutely worthy of a purchase. You’d be hard pressed to find a better downloadable game thus far in 2009.
MS Xbox World (Jul 16, 2009)
Although I had difficulty connecting to a few servers, in all of the games I played, only one game had lag, which is very impressive (and necessary) for a game played strictly online. All in all, Battlefield 1943 is one of the highest quality multiplayer games you’ll find on Xbox Live Arcade, and for the asking price, it’s one of the best deals, as well.
Vandal Online (Jul 09, 2009)
Habrá quien busque un paquete de contenidos con más enjundia, pero es que en ese caso éste no es el producto que debe buscarse, y en el mercado hay docenas de títulos bélicos llenos de acción en primera persona con una extensa campaña para un jugador y un componente multijugador importante. Battlefield 1943 se centra en un modo muy concreto, y lo logra con una calidad que está fuera de toda duda. Clásico, bien formado, y divertido en cuanto se suman unos amigos es una apuesta segura siempre que vayamos a tener compañeros de guerra.
1UP (Jul 13, 2009)
The new wave of Battlefield recruits will also learn to live with its idiosyncrasies, while PC gamers will have a chuckle and then commiserate over the fact that there isn't anything that addresses the game's Achilles' heel: its susceptibility to being disrupted by its own players. Already, people can be seen waiting around to get a plane the next time it spawns, or racing off in a jeep without waiting a second for a teammate to hop in with them. Proof-positive that, for better and occasionally worse, this bite-sized Battlefield "gets" the whole experience. New for some and familiar for others, 1943 will once again keep players up well into the night for just one more round. Before long, the greenhorns will be wily vets, experts on the ins and outs of all three maps, and eager for more.
Game Revolution (Jul 20, 2009)
Battlefield 1943 is an impressive feat - it's a fun and gorgeous-looking downloadable game. If its rigid online structure can somehow be made more user-friendly in future patches, it'll be even more of a sure-bet that many of us will be playing for a long, long time, especially if this type of co-operative unlocking of features becomes a standard in future content. World War II is far from over, so will you honor your empire or die for your country? Recruitment offices are open 24/7!
NZGamer (Jul 21, 2009)
Battlefield is one of the greater multiplayer shooters around, and 1943 continues that trend. It’s an interesting, stripped down version that still has a lot of fun packed in. This comes with the proviso of playing alongside decent players, of course. If you’re after some no-nonsense team-based action on your console, Battlefield 1943 comes recommended.
Games TM (Aug 06, 2009)
At just over a tenner, 1943 effectively makes a mockery of full-price releases such as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Sure, it's a streamlined version o the usual Battlefield fare, but even in this shrunken form it retains the same kind of tension, scale and grace in the battles it depicts. And familiar as it may be even tho those with a history in team-based shooters rather than the franchise itself, between this and Battlefield Heroes, we're seeing Electronic Arts try out some pretty radical new business models. (...) A superb Battlefield game, then, and an unmistakable sign that downloadable games are ready to give retail a run for its money.
Giant Bomb (Jul 13, 2009)
But anyone buying the game now will simply find an intense, replayable multiplayer shooter that's fully worthy of both the Battlefield name and the price of entry.
80 (Jul 10, 2009)
Mit gerade mal drei recycelten Karten im Frostbite-Gewand sowie drei Kämpfer-Klassen erscheint der Preis von 1200 MS-Punkten bzw. knapp 15 Euro gemessen am Umfang zwar enorm happig, aber verdammt: Battlefield 1943 macht auch in dieser abgespeckten Version enorm viel Spaß! Vor allem, wenn man gemeinsam als Team oder im Squad mit Freunden zur Checkpunkt-Eroberung loszieht, dabei zwischendurch im Flieger oder Panzer Platz nimmt und die unterhaltsame Zerstörungsorgie ringsum genießt. Dieses „Battlefield light“ ist ideal für alle, die schon immer mal in die Serie reinschnuppern wollten, keinen Wert auf große Kampagnen legen und sich einfach nur ab und zu auf den wenigen, aber dafür toll designten Karten austoben wollen. Sollte DICE die bestehenden Verbindungsprobleme, die den Zugang zu den Online-Matches bisher zum reinen Glücksspiel werden lassen, nicht in naher Zukunft lösen, halten wir uns die Möglichkeit offen, die Wertung gegebenenfalls anzupassen.
That Gaming Site (Jul 13, 2009)
Battlefield 1943 sets the benchmark that all future arcade shooters must strive for. With its surprisingly extensive features and fantastic quality, one would be hard-pressed to find a better value for their money.
DLC at its very worst can be a prime example of money grubbing tactics that deliver little content with a not-so-little price tag. However, at its best, it’s the perfect example of a quick burst of gaming with a fair price. Battlefield 1943, sequel to the Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 PC series, is a near-perfect blend of functional price and substantial content -- whether you decide to play a few quick matches or devote your time mastering the different classes. Battlefield 1943 offers enough content for any type of gamer.
Good Game (Jul 27, 2009)
You can set up your own sqaud with friends, and join maps together which mostly works great. I just wanted more you know – more maps, more weapons, maybe some unlocks but for a small download, it’s still a blast...from the past, 8/10 from me.
Good Game (Jul 27, 2009)
It’s a small download, so don’t expect the full 1942 experience and it almost feels like the developer is testing the water to see if a full remake would be worth it the new additions is enough reason to re-inlist. 8/10.
Resolution Magazine (Sep 07, 2009)
Indeed, it’s easy to forget that Battlefield 1943 is a XBLA title - despite the lack of content, it feels more like a full retail product. We played on the 360, where it costs a mere 1200 points (£10.20), and provides some of the best online shooter playability yet seen on the console. As far as bang for your buck goes, Battlefield 1943 is explosive.
Cynamite (Aug 14, 2009)
Ob per pedes, am Steuer eines Panzers oder auf dem Schleudersitz eines Flugzeugs: Wer den Erstling Battlefield 1942 geliebt hat, wird hier in Nostalgie baden. Sind aber ein paar Spielstunden vergangen, fällt auf, dass es ruhig noch zwei, drei Karten mehr hätten sein können. Die Action passt aber!
Valhalla (Jul 21, 2009)
Możemy najnowszą grę określić jako okrojoną, ale tylko z tych rzeczy, które niepotrzebnie spowalniały rozgrywkę. Jest bajecznie kolorowo, z należytą dawką dynamizmu i trzeba mieć tylko nadzieję, że Electronic Arts, zanim uraczy nas płatnymi dodatkami typu DLC, rozwinie jeszcze podstawową grę o kilka elementów. Tymczasem BF1943 to jedne z najlepiej ulokowanych 15 dolarów, jakie wydałem w swoim życiu. Bez wahania polecam tak miłośnikom serii, jak i nowym graczom, szukającym dobrej strzelanki.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 13, 2009)
It’s easy to argue that the only reason Battlefield 1943 is receiving such attention is by being the shining light for gamers during the predictably dull summer, yet it provides a solid and refreshing online shooter for the hardcore and casual alike. Whether it has the staying power to survive the releases of Halo 3: ODST and Modern Warfare 2 this winter is ultimately in the developer’s decisions on how far to expand from the core game. For 1200 points though, the majority should feel content with their purchase by the time summer’s twilight comes around. So much for blasting through the backlog through the drought, Xbox Live just came alive again.
80 (Jul 15, 2009)
Despite the lack of game modes and a bare bones class system, Battlefield 1943 differs enough from the competition to make it a worthwhile alternative to the likes of CoD, Halo, Gears of War, Killzone 2, Resistance and the rest. Presumably EA will extend the game with premium map packs, but to keep gamers away from rival games it'll need to expand the backbone too. As it stands Battlefield 1943 is like an FPS starter kit, designed to get people playing without too many barriers to entry. With a new character class system, extra game modes and a heap of new maps, 1943 could end up being the true sequel fans have been waiting for.
Teletext (2009)
A triumphant back-to-basics return to WWII, for the original vehicle-based multiplayer shooter.
Meristation (Jul 10, 2009)
Battlefield 1943 es una excelente propuesta multijugador, que por su calidad y su capacidad de diversión se convierte en una de las alternativas más atractivas del catálogo de XBLA y PSN. Con un acabado técnico de mucha calidad, 1943 nos ofrece toda la intensidad de los combates de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, con partidas para hasta 24 jugadores, cargadas de intensidad y emoción. Una sublime recreación del conflicto bélico que adolece, principalmente, de una carencia importante de modos de juegos y personalización, aunque consigue sobrellevar con mucho estilo y acierto dichas ausencias. Estable por lo general, con algunos problemas puntuales de lag en los que EA ya está trabajando para eliminarlos, se convierte en una apuesta segura para los amantes de los multijugador online, aunque no ofrezca nada para los que no sean amantes de este tipo de títulos.
GameZone (Jul 08, 2009)
Battlefield 1943 comes in on the pricey side for an Xbox LIVE Arcade title at 15 bucks (12 Microsoft Points), and doesn’t offer much in the way of gameplay improvements or any new content for the series. Still, the basic mechanics are still very well done and the online play is solid.
It may only have three maps (with an extra one appearing when players total 43 million kills), but they are among the best in the entire series. If you're looking for a great multiplayer shooter with all the flab trimmed away, Battlefield 1943 is going to have you gripped this summer.
80 (Jul 15, 2009)
Dice heeft de kern van de Battlefield-franchise gepakt en deze voorzien van een flinke dosis actie. Veel elementen hebben moeten wijken om Battlefield 1943 hapklaar te maken als downloadbare game, maar wat overblijft is een zeer smakelijke game die ongetwijfeld weer vele uurtjes multiplayerplezier oplevert.
Stick Skills (Jul 16, 2009)
For the most part, Battlefield 1943 is the game many long time Battlefield fans have been waiting for, and it comes at a good price. For being an Arcade title, it plays and almost looks like a full retail release. The game has its faults and limitations, and whether people like or dislike it is dependent on personal preference, but there’s no denying that it is quality fun. There’s a strong level of variety with different vehicles to drive, many buildings to blow up, and many faces to shoot. Just don’t be a prick with the planes and you’ll be able to experience the game’s full entertainment value.
GameSpot (Jul 13, 2009)
The three maps are well designed and offer a number of ways to attack or defend a given position. A fourth map will be unlocked for each console when players of that console's version reach 43 million total kills, delivering a new plane-heavy mode called Air Superiority. In addition to the voice chat problems, there are still some lingering issues from the game's problematic launch, such as team-balancing problems on the PS3 and occasional graphical oddities on the Xbox 360. Despite these issues and regardless of the promise of future content, this is still a great game. The balanced classes, diverse vehicles, and dynamic maps provide the kind of variety and replayability that is the hallmark of the most engaging online shooters, making Battlefield 1943 well worth the $15 asking price.
80 (UK) (Jul 10, 2009)
These minor irritations come and go as you battle through lengthy sessions, and while the gameplay benefits from the no-frills approach, rendering the action accessible to all in concept if not always in practice, there is a lingering danger that the game's undeniable appeal will dim pretty quickly with so few variables to play with. In the first flushes of infatuation it's an easy game to love, and one that will easily provide hours of ferocious enjoyment. In a few months' time the spell may well have worn off, but for this price that's really not something to worry about right now.
GameTrailers (Jul 08, 2009)
While Battlefield 1943 doesn't feature much in the way of options, there's still a lot of room to experiment with the different tools and strategies it puts at your disposal. Players looking for variety won't find it here, but for $15, it does a great job of keeping you hooked for hours on end.
Official XBox Magazine (Jul 08, 2009)
Since it was created as a focused, $15 slice of classic Battlefield heaven, though, 1943 has one inherent flaw: it features no offline play whatsoever. It lacks single-player (aside from the tutorial), split-screen, bots, and even System Link. It’s Xbox Live or bust. And given the size of the levels, the game suffers mightily with fewer than eight players per side, so you’d better hope enough people are always online. Also, are four maps sufficient? One or two more would’ve gone a long way. Here’s hoping EA prices the inevitable downloadable maps at a reasonable rate.
75 (Jul 10, 2009)
Ce petit remake de Battlefield 1942 fait exactement tout ce qu'on attendait de lui. Il nous offre en effet la possibilité de participer à des batailles endiablées, qui se situent à mi-chemin entre bourrinisme primaire et approche tactique. Profitant de surcroît d'une ambiance réussie ainsi que d'une réalisation plus qu'honorable pour un titre téléchargeable, le soft nous promet de longues heures de combats acharnés, pour peu que l'on trouve un serveur...
Worth Playing (Jul 16, 2009)
This is definitely a good-looking $15 game, but there's just not enough meat here to sustain it for a long period of time. Hardcore shooter players will quickly tire of the unremarkable maps and fairly pat gameplay, while friends looking for something to jump into together will be turned off by the weak squad mechanics. The game does achieve in presenting itself as a bite-sized chunk of Battlefield, and franchise fans will likely be absolutely giddy over that, but honestly, the genre has moved on from what this game has to offer, and anyone who's been playing Call of Duty: World at War will quickly migrate back to it simply because it can do most everything Battlefield 1943 does, but better. Hardcore Battlefield fans should feel free to plunk down the small deposit required to enlist, but everyone else should keep looking for another branch of the service to join. (Jul 29, 2009)
In spite of the minor issues found with the game, Battlefield 1943 is a total steal at $15. It offers the same deep, rewarding multiplayer experience of prior entries in the series at an affordable price. It is also one of the best multiplayer experiences on the system to date. Thumbs way up for Battlefield 1943.

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